Morning on the beach

6th February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

We are going together at the sea.

The beautiful, amazing sea. Why there? Because we like it there. It is such a magical place, a place where we feel like home.

Morning on the beach


We enjoy to squeeze in the morning on the beach, we like the sound of water which keeps the music’s place. What cand be more appealing than to stay with you on the beach, early in the morning, on a blanket, away from curious eyes and to walk my hand on your body? On your back line, on your waist, shoulders, tighs… Sun is almost rising and announces a new , wonderfulnsummer day. His rayes are beginning to warm us, pushing away the coldness of the morning. I kiss slowly every inch of your body. At first I would stick my lips to your neck and I would put my tongue through them. I know you like to lick your lick. I know because I feel your breathing. I feel how you close your eyes and you lay your head on your back. And I also know that down there you are becoming wet. My hands are playing under your T-shirt. They are movin up and down, I grab your breasts in my hand to feel them, I play with your nipples, I feel them hardened and I hear you moaning. I lick your chin and neck, forcing you to put your head on your back. It turns me on so much to see you feel good! I feel your hand how it touches my abdomen, my chest, my pants. I feel like I am getting crazy, I want inside you , I want to feel you. You see how crazy I am for you and you smile. You push me away, you forbid me to kiss your neck. You kiss me, our tongues play, we breath fast everything happens in an infernal way until your hand pulls my hair in a brutal way an you pull my head on the back. It is your turn to play with my neck. But I see hiw horny you are and I know that soon… yes, I feel your teeth biting my flesh. I feel how you , insatiable, suck my neck, as if you wanted to drink all my blood, like a vampire. And I know that you don’t want to harm me. I know that you only want to show me how much you want me. The sea itself looks like it is aware of our passion. The waves are crashing on the shore, creating a more intense mood. Who needs music when we have such an ambient? You kiss my chest, you suck my nipples, I know what you want to do but I’m not going to let you. I put you down, now I am on top. Now I can do whatever I want. I lick your neck in a pervert way. I take off your T-shirt, I lick and kiss your shoulders, while I am pushing in you with my body. I push in you suddenly, brutally, unexpected. I hear you moaning while your bra falls down. I am craving for you, I want to taste your breasts, to lick them, to kiss them and to squeeze them in my hands. You try to kiss my neck too but you give up easily being invaded by the sensations my tongue offers you. I go on your belly and I kiss every part of your skin there. I lick your navel also. I took of your slip because I know that you want my tongue there. You are so wet. I lick you sorounding your pussy. On your tighs, belly, I tease you, I wanna make you beg me to lick your pussy, to pray to give you an oral sex. I tell you to close your eyes and to keep them like that. I kiss you everywhere, but there, until finally my tongue invades your pussy. You are shaking because you didn’t expect it. I lick you with hunger, I like to do that, I like your taste. Now you cand open your eyes. You put your hands in my hair. And I feel how you move your body. And you begin to moan loud. I am there, with my mouth on your pussy with my tongue on your clitoris, making you lose control, easy but sure. You scream not to stop, you push me deeper there, I remain without air, but you don’t care, you want to have an orgasm, you want to cum and to release yourself from that sexual tension. You want my mouth there to put you on the road to maximum pleasure, I feel your legs trembling and your moans combining with the sound of the waves. You scream that you are cumming, you want to control yourself, but it s too late, the orgasm is coming powerfully , you scream loud and you cum in my mouth, leaving me without air but smiling. You know that I enjoy offering you pleasure. The waves are sounding not so loud anymore or we are ignoring them because we are focused on what we are doing. I am full of sand, my sweaty skin gathered all of it from the beach. We got up and we ran into the warm sea, between the waves that are covering our bodies. I washed my hair which was full of sand, I kissed your salty lips and I took you in my arms. Your penis became instantly erected and I put my legs around your waist and I put myself in it. We are getting up in the rhythm of the waves, the sun is caressing our faces. The atmosphere ia very romantic, under the clear sky, among the wild wave, my body is relaxed and at the same excited. I put my hands around your neck and I began to kiss your neck and your lips. Your hand were tight around me not to lose me and you were answering to my every kiss. We were thirsty for each other. It was a great idea to spend this day start on the beach. We swam naked in the sea and we stepped on the sand, which was beginning to get warm. We dressed and we remained to look at the view, drinking out hot coffee. After a few minutes appeared the first people on ths beach, looking for a spot as near as possible to the sea. We smiled at each other and we were glad that we were alone and could have sex under the clear sky, in nature, as if it was our beach. I leaned my head to your shoulder and I listened to the beautiful words that you were saying and having goosebumps when you were playing with my wet hair. Then we got up and left the sea, satisfied with love.
You would wish to continue but first sun rayses brought the tourists and they don’t understand us and our happiness. They ruin the charm of being just the two of us … the two of us and the sea. I would just love to find a virgin beach only for the two of us, to enjoy it and to spend our time there, away from prying eyes and tourists that are only going to the beach to make it dirty, not to enjoy its magic and get advantage of the nature , if I can put it like that, to make love in the sand and in the pour water of the incredible sea. To just breath the fresh breeze and get lost in a another realm, a kingdom of magic and fantasy.

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