My cousin

13th January, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

My cousin Codrut and his twin sister, Codruta, came to visit on a summer vacation and stayed for almost two months.

Those two months when the two of them stayed with me were perhaps the most wonderful two months of my life, and now after ten years

My cousin


I still cannot help wondering what wonderful holiday I had then. As it started, I remember as it happened yesterday. I was at a meeting and it was just late when I returned home. I was sitting in the room in my bra and panties, taking off my make-up with some warm cream. While I was wiping my face with some napkins, I was thinking of Alex, the one I met. Alex is kind of a jerk who wanted to sleep with me, but he did not have enough courage to do that. I have been in college for two years now, and because I was on vacation I wanted a bit of fun. While I was there, I noticed how different are the men in the small town where I lived and I was comparing them to those in the city I live in now. When they wanted to sleep with a girl they just told you up front. Here in this small town, they are talking in riddles. Alex was cute and I decided to let him touch me soon, but in the meantime I was enjoying our meetings and the touches and snaps and everything that happened in the dark. As I was staying there, wiping up the last traces of makeup, I saw my cousin Codrut quietly sneaking by the door and he was staying there . Watching him standing there in the shade (through the mirror) I saw he was dressed only in his pijamas and his penis was outside. It excited me to know he was spyingme, especially because his penis was long and thick as I have not seen in my entire life, so I decided to pretend I did not care that he dropped off his pants . I heard his breath and I knew he was very excited. I felt my pussy getting wet. As I entered the game, I pushed myl ittle chair (on wheels) closer to the mirror, and then suddenly I turned it over and quickly I headed it to him. My face was on his penis when I put my leg to stop the chair from slipping. I could smell his sexual flavor as he was staying there. I asked him what he wanted. He said he came to spy on me. I felt like my pussy trembled quickly at the way he said it. Stretching me on the back, I loosened my bra and let it fall, showing him my breasts to his hot gaze. I rubbed mynipples and said, “I feel so much better now that I put that thing down. Now, let’s see what bothers you, my dear cousin. “I looked at his penis which was în his hand. Then I did what I wanted. I did my lips with red lipstick, making my mouth look like the one of a whore that just sucks cocks. I opened my mouth as hard as I could for that monstrosity, I licked my lips and made them shine with my saliva, they were so wet after I licked them and he pushed his monstrosity into my mouth. It was like putting hot iron in cold water. After a while he asked me to take off my panties and when I did that, he pulled them out of my hands. I knew he was very excited because he did it only a few seconds far to a super orgasm. He was making me very horny with those expert moves, almost bringing me to the threshold of a very strong orgasm when I felt his penis getting harder. It exploded like a hydrogen bomb, dropping its juices in my mouth, on my tongue, in and on my throat, on my whole face, and the feeling of seeing that member drenched with my lipstick in my mouth was more than I could endure . Then he put his penis in my hot vagina, which was just waiting for that. I felt it huge inside of me, and I could not imagine how it felt like having a big cock. I would not want to experiment with a smallone, never again. I do not even know how many times I came, from the first moment when it came in, I had a continuous orgasm, I just did not get enough of it, how good he was doing to me. What to say, nothing until him was so great, and now ten years later, he is still the best man I’ve ever had sex with.
The next afternoon, Alex was at my door with a large bouquet of flowers in his hand and a smile on his face. I was still tired after that night of pure happiness that I had. We went to the forest in his new freshly bought car and for several hours I let him relax the pussy, which was still pulsating after the night spent with Codrut. Because he was so good with me, I masturbated Alex there in his new car. A few hours later, I was back in my room wiping off my makeup and wanting Codrut to be with me one more time. But I did not have to wait for a long time, as a shadow slipped in to the room and stood by the door, with the monstrosity that I was expecting in his hand. I showed him the flowers and fixed myself to ward that monster who was waiting for me, I took it in my hands and I started to suck it like any insatiable lady would do, as he was taking my panties down. Alex’s flowers were smelling so good while my cousin was pumping me. A woman’s shadow came into my room and headed to my bed …
It was his girlfriend who joined us. I was a little bit nervous that something bad would follow, but then she undressed and began tocaress mybreasts to make me feel even better. Then she approached my lips, kissing me. I had never kissed a woman before, but I loved it. He continued to have sex with me. I did not resist too much and I had an orgasm. Everything that happened made me excited to the fullest. Then I took the courage and I started touching her, making her wet. He was caressing the both of us, making us feel great. Her fingers slowly penetrated me, as his lips were exploring her buttocks. It was all like I saw in the movies. I could not believe I was living such sensations! While she was kissing me and touching my breasts, he penetrated herfrom behind. He stopped a few seconds and pulled out a long lapse. It somehow annoyed me that he was doing her, but I was really horny also. I was feeling her above me how she was exploding with pleasure, how she was moving in his rhythm. After a few move she pulled out his cock and we both sat down on our knees, licking it. It was having her taste, mine, it tasted like sex. It was exciting to watch when she was doing that and she was staring him in the eyes, waiting for me to do the same thing.
All this madness ended with a lot of sperm on our faces and we were all very satisfied. The two stood up and walked out of the room, and I could not believe what I was about to live. It was the most wonderful sexual experience in my lifet hat I would try it again any time!

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