My stranger

6th March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

A warm day, a lazy morning between the clean and perfumed sheets, with sleepy eyes, still dreaming about the last night dream

I decided to get off bed around ten o’clock and to go to the beach. I took a seat at my terrace listening to Tracy Chapman and Goran Bregovic, one of my favourites.

My stranger


The terrace was at some distance to the beach, when I saw the most beautiful man that I have ever seen in my entire life … I remained like a statue, I was absorbed to him in an unatural way. He took a seat to the near table and ordered an english coffee. I was looking at him and the book that was catching my attention ten minutes ago, I let it abandoned on the table , he was with his back at me. I first studied his hair, he had his hair long at his shoulders, it was black like a raven’s feather and it was naturally curled, his skin was shining and his back muscles were looking like they were dancing in an erotic way everytime he was making a move. I believe he felt he was being watched be cause he let the book off his hand and he turned with his face towards me. It was just a moment when our eyes met. When he looked me straight in my eyes I was aware of my every fiber in the body, I was having butterflies in my stomach. He was so perfect and he was looking at me, I was very intimidated, especially when he got near my table and he said with a splendid English that we have two things in common. I asked what he means and he said that we are the only ones who can`t drink your coffee here, listening and humming the same lovely songs. My heart was beating fast, almost visible… I excused myself politely, drinking the last sip of coffee and smoking a last cigarette and then I got up subtle from my table and I said “bye, have a nice day!” My mornings thoughts got very dizzy. I was profoundly thinking abou him, he charmed me, I was only seeing him in every man I was seeing on the beach. I was looking at the waves which were smashing on the shore and I was listening to the seagulls which were hunting for food… I stayed like that for a half an hour, or maybe more, the sun was my only clock, when I felt a presence behind me, seeing the shadow of a body on my skin, I hear a lovely voice talking in English which was saying me: “it looks like we have something else in common!” It was him, the one who herrased my mind all day. We stayed together until sunset and we talked, he listened to me for hours talking about my failed relationship, which made me hurt. We were back in back and at some point he asks me if it is ok and he touches me. I was adoring the feeling. I turned in a normal position, I streched my legs and I put his head on my legs with my knees a little bit up. He said to go to his room for another coffee. We stayed a little bit in the yard, a beautiful yard, with a rustic table made of logs painted in varnish and and covered completely with a winery . I told him that I had to arrive eventually to my host, to make a shower and sleep for a few hours, and smiling he said that there are showers also and the bed it was enough for us , but not only to fit, but also to ignore each other for the rest of the night. I accepted to do the shower together. He takes off my dress and sandals, then he caresses me on my panties trying to get them down, he undresses me completely and looks at me fascinated. He came behind me turning on the hot water, the drops of water were coming in the right amount… our hot naked bodies were under the hot water. He started to touch me, I felt him naked behind me and still I wasn’t having the force to turn myself with my face to him. His wet hair became all curly and I began to shampoo them, at the same time he was doing the same gentle treatment to my hair. We were looking at each other and we were not talking. I was feeling divine, then he put his hand on my breasts beginning to caress them. My nipples were hard at maximum, while he was touching me and he leaned to my ear and whispered that I am gorgeous and he began to kiss my ear. His manhood was hard and beautiful, I was feeling it on my tummy, it was melting me. Then with his mouth started to tease my lips. He was so close I could feel his perfumed breath, he kissed me passionately, long and sweet, I was having goosebumps, each of my senses was alive, a great excitation covered me. He stopped kissing me and with his hand full of shower gel he caressed my abdomen, tenederly , he was washing me, I was incapable of moving a muscle, then he went to my pussy and when he touched me I felt a spasm in his body, he moaned slowly, he was whispering how much he adored to do that then he went to the lega doing the same thing, then he turned me again with my back at his doing the same to my ass. His hard penis was meeting my eyes. It was the best penis in the world, long and thick, I started to shake from the emotions. The streams was emanating sexuality and sensuality. He stopped the water and he thanked me with a passionate kiss then he covered me in a towel and so himself. He whispered that we need to go to the room I lay on bed with my wet hair , naked, he got near me, put the blanket on me, he kissed my forehead and said “good night my beautiful” his fingers caressing my hair. I feel asleep and after 5 hours I opened my eyes, I didn’t move, I was in the same position. “Good morning sunshine” he lay me on my back and began to kiss me in such a sexy manner, our bodies were shaking, he got up in an animalic way, and he started to kiss my breasts. My nipples were hard and he was kissing them and bite them easy. With a hand he was touching my pussy, my hand was looking for his erect penis. I took it in my hand and I began to rub it slowly, we were both touching each other in a frantic way and he put me on top of him. I let him penetrate me, I was feeling divine, he was grabbing my ass and he was fucking me deeply, he wanted to feel me , my body was feeling new sensations. He was careful and so, very sensual. I believe that was the most wonderful experience that I had with a man, it was clear that we were very good for each other and we enjoyed every minute of our love making.

Everything ended with us having a powerful orgasm, and we remained like that, looking at each other, feeling a tremendous happiness throughout our bodies …

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