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Mother accused of operating a brothel

11th June, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Scottish mother accused of operating a brothel

A 44-year-old mother from Scotland was accused of operating a brothel in Manhattan. Apparently, the woman owned an apartment where she was arranging sexual meetings, sometimes even with underage girls.
In many European countries, brothels are illegal. Almost everywhere in USA, brothels are illegal. This however, does not stop people who own a brothel to run special establishment (spas, saunas, massage parlors) for sexual services, in order to avoid a prostitution conviction.

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13,000 abortions each year in Scotland !

7th June, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

About 13,000 abortions take place each year and more than 38 abortions a day, in Scotland!

Statistics show that abortion rates increased significantly over time, more and more Scottish women choosing to make abortions instead of using contraception or giving birth.
Apparently, the majority of the unplanned pregnancies result in abortions, many women who make this step being even under 16 years of age. However, the situation is not as serious as in Pakistan, where almost 900, 000 abortions are made very year.
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Equal rights for LGBT in Scotland

30th May, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

LGBT – Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual community enjoy same rights as heterosexuals

In the last 5 years, the distinct groups from the gay community in Scotland (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual/transgender) gained more rights and a freer lifestyle.
A couple of years ago, gay people were afraid of confessing their true sexual orientation because of the fear of social isolation, judgment and hate. Nowadays, Scottish gay people not only that they do not hide their sexual orientation anymore but they enjoy same rights as heterosexuals.
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Scottish people between myth and reality

29th April, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

When we think about Scottish people, probably the first thing that crosses our minds is a man wearing a skirt!

Are the Scottish people so different from the rest? Do they have the same habits as other cultures? Many books and articles have been written on this topic, and many people said their opinion after getting in contact with Scottish people.
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