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27th January, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Inverness

A sexy bomb ready to explode!

Today’s escort is more than just a lady of pleasure, she is a genuine intellectual woman, highly educated and with a lot of personal goals. She has studied Economics and Law, but she…

likes her current job. As she says ‘ Nothing can stop me, I’m too strong for this world!’ Pay attention to the way she answers our questions and for sure, you will want to meet her.

She loves to have smart conversations, but she also loves to explore the kinkier side of things! Thanks Angelina for all your attention and time, and we are definitely glad that we had the chance to meet a different type of escort! Enjoy this unique interview!

Q: What should we know about you?

Firstly, you should know that I am the best at what I do for a living, this was my initial goal and I am proud to say that I have achieved it!

Secondly, you should know that I am hot-bomb working in Inverness. I am 27 years old and I intend to spend my life to the fullest! I am what I have always wanted to be: a successful woman, a breathtaking beauty and an open-minded girl.

Q: What is your main advantage?

The best thing about me is my logical thinking! I can solve no matter what problem with diplomacy and intelligence. No problem can be too hard to deal with. I can find a solution to everything, and I can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can also adapt to any type of situation and this is why some of my clients are really impressed. I tend not to judge people, and guess what? This is also the product of the mind!

Q: Have you had any problems with any official lover of your client?

Ha-ha!! I had once. One of my clients’ wife called me and she was very intrigued. She wanted to find out more about me and even chased me down the street! It was funny as hell! She did not know about her husband’s affair, or how should I call it!? She did not know about the fact that he enjoyed the services of a professional escort!

Q: How can you attain success?

I believe that currently I am a successful woman. I am very well both professionally speaking, but also in what concerns my private life. I earn enough money to be happy, and I get to have close relationships with my friends. I am very happy just the way I am today. I don’t know how things will  be in the future, but for the time being I can be called ‘a successful woman’.

Q: How do you think an escort should look?

Appetizing would be the perfect word. An escort needs to be attractive, beautiful and charismatic. She needs to be fit all the time and to take care of her appearance. She needs to have a high level of hygiene, in short, she needs to be immaculate. We are ‘perfect women’, aren’t we?

Q: Do you think the physical appearance counts?

It definitely counts. If a client is not impressed by your photos he will probably not call you, and therefore you will lose money. The appearance needs to be, as I’ve said exquisite! Firstly, a man is attracted by your appearance and then by what you say! In this industry, it is a priority to look great!

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Q: Did you have any problems with your clients?

Well, I didn’t have major problems. However, I’ve met drunk people, high people, verbally aggressive or physically violent persons, if this is what bothers you. Yes, you come across all sorts of people, even though you take all necessary precautions. This does not depend on you and if you don’t like it you are free to get your stuff and go! Nobody can retain you! I did not have any issues with the police either!

Q: Do you think reinventing yourself works?

Most of the time it works. Any woman when she is depressive she must do something to freshen her looks. A major change is what most of us need when they are sad. Reinventing yourself brings into light another part of your personality and clients usually search this! It’s a good advice!

Q: When do you think is best to work: weekends or working days?

Any day is fine with me. I really don’t have any set day off and I usually work when my clients call me. When I have a date I work, when I don’t I stay at home and that is my day off! However, weekends are usually busier because people usually call you when they have spare time and weekends are those particular days.

Q: Do you accept role play? How about a ‘rape role play?

I accept role play only if the client notices me in advance. I like getting naughty role plays as long as they are safe with me. In what concerns a ‘rape role play’ I don’t like it. I know that some of my clients love it, but not with me because I don’t accept that kind of services. It might harm my body so it is definitely a ‘no-no’ for me!

Q: Do you have any security tips for newbies?

Well, they must be careful with their first clients. When you get involved in a new industry, you need to take security precautions. For instance, let someone know where you are and how is everything going. Until you make your first regulars, as a newbie, you definitely have to be careful! Have your phone always by your side and a pepper spray would be also great!

Q: Are you into domination?

Yessss… I love dominating my clients! And I love revealing another side of pure pleasure. They love it when you do it right! They want to be your slave as long as you bring them satisfaction! It’s the kinkier side of escorting!

Q: Bust an escorting myth

I was ready to give this answer in the above answer, but I’ll tell you now: ‘Not any date implies sex!’ So in other words a date does not equal sex! Things are not that way around here. As an escort, you most likely get a job only for companionship and fun. It happened to me many times. Clients called me to be their date in an official business meeting, or something like that! So the date happened around a table and that was all!

Q: How do you advertise yourself?

Well, I put a lot of value on my public appearance, so I advertise on the best escort directories out there, including As an escort is good to have a personal blog, but also to be socially active! It helps you a lot and brings you appointments! I advertise only in places where people exclusively search for this kind of services. As we all say ‘If people don’t see you, you don’t exist!’

Q: Tell us three advantages of working as an escort.

  1. You have the chance to earn easy money
  2. You have the chance to meet good quality people
  3. You have the chance to see exotic places

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