A rich man’s escort

11th November, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Escort interviews

A rich man’s escort is a happy one because the rich people know how to treat the others and they repay them as they deserve. Sometimes rich men have less friends and less women around them.

And when I say women I don’t refer to those who only want their money, but at those who don’t stay with them because of that. Also friends are many when they have something to profit of. Real friend are few or they don’t even exist because the envy intervenes. A lot of reach people prefer to “buy” even friends, to pay them to stay with them, to spend time with them, to socialize, to go to eat together , to go in Casinos and even in holidays. We will try to find out the opinion of an escort , referring to her life among rich people.

A rich man’s escort

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Q. I would like you to be honest with me in everything that I’m gonna ask you. My curiosity and the reader’s curiosity are limitless. There are many persons who want to fin out more about what an escort does or how are they been treated, how is their life besides their “job” that they have.
How old are you? I know it isn’t a question for a woman, but I am curious because you look very good.

A. Let me smile. I don’t have a problem to share my age, I have never considered it to be a shame or something to hide. I have 38 years old and I feel like I have 20.

Q. I would’ve never guessed that you have 38, you look very good, I can see that you take care of yourself. I heard that you talked with your child by the phone. Aren’t you afraid that the parents of their colleagues will find out about your job and they will mistreat your kid? Because it happened before, and people are nosy, they revenge on children.

A. I know what you are talking about. Nobody knows about this aspect of my life, I don’t have friends in general, only 2-3 and I don’t talk with nobody.

Q. Were you at first in the company of normal men, not rich?

A. Yes, until I realized that it is not worth doing that, because there are risks, danger and less money. To be a luxurious escort I need luxurious things for me, to go to the gym, to apply a lot of cosmetic treatments to take care of myself and to look great. I met rich people helped by a colleague who gave up on that job because she was pregnant, she found a man who offered her a family and her clients she gave them to me. I will always be grateful to her because we weren’t friends and she could give that opportunity to other colleague , but she chose me. At that moment I was in a financial standstill , I really needed a house for me and my child.

Q. Were you especially helped by a rich man for that?

A. Yes, by a kind man, with whom I still meet . I met him 6 years ago. He is an older man, he has an ill wife and he looks for somebody to be at his side in holidays, at different parties to have someone next to him.

Q. May I ask you what are you doing with an older man in the bedroom? I don’t want to find my question to be unbecoming but I am curious to find out.

A. Being old doesn’t mean that you cannot anymore. You cannot offer many, but you can receive, if you understand what I mean. You can have a lot between the sheets, you can have intimate moments as you wish. I learned what they like, I learned to have patience , I learned to offer “love” and “tenderness” that they need. To be honest, if I would become rich and I would not have a man to offer me sex, love, respect, support in anything, I would prefer to pay somebody to be next to me, like these people do. I consider that women are better in finding a man to pay them some things , to sleep with them, than a man who is less good at that.

Q. What kind of sex do you practice with a rich man? Is there any preference, bigger claims?

A. There are no bigger claims or extraodinary. They are also humans after all. A lot of oral sex I practice it when I am with older men , it is obvious. With the young ones I do a lot of anal sex, what they don’t have at home. I will never understand why women, wives don’t want to try out in bedroom other things , things that after all are normal, they weren’t invented by robots, human beings practice them, and what makes you feel sex special, doesn’t make you feel anything else. Pervert things are other stuff, men who prefer them they need to to them with someone who accepts that because normal women, like wives won’t do something like that, even though they love their man a lot and they wouldn’t want to lose him. Some men prefer serious pervert things, such as sadomasochism.

Q. How are you protecting yourself when you have sex with them? Did anyone ask you to have unprotected sex?

A. I was never asked that and I protect myself with a condom and I take contraceptives too. I go to the doctor every month. I take good care at this.

Q. Do you have somebody in your life now?

A. No. I have a gentleman with whom I meet almost every day. A very rich man who wants me to live with him. During the week I am almost all the time with him, and in the weekends only during the night, after my kid falls asleep and I let hi with my mother. Probably you will ask me if my mother knows what I am doing, and my answer is yes. Maybe she is not proud of me, but we have everything we need.

Q. How are you spending a day in the company of that man? Are you doing sex everyday?

A. Yes, but it comes naturally, he doesn’t ask me this. A chemistry created between us, we feel very attracted to each other. I know it is not good to involve, but now I am talking about sexual attachment , we feel great together , I offer him everything he wants, and he offers me also quality sex , he makes me feel desired in bed, to reach the orgasm. In our job you need to think only at the pleasure of the clients, but in this case it isn’t like that, he doesn’t want to feel good just him, that makes him to feel a real man if I feel pleasure too.

Q. Thank you for your honesty and because you accepted to tell me some aspects of this life.

A. I will do that anytime you will ask and I will try to show that if a woman isn’t payed to do some things in bed with a stranger and she does them, that doesn’t mean that she is an easy woman, as we are called. And I think I told everything by that. A rich man can be rich because he stole or maybe because he worked honestly or he inherited a fortune. There are also misinterpreted things, and everyone who read that should understand what I am referring at.

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