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6th February, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Aberdeen

An intimate view from backstage

If you want to see the candid view of what escort services really mean, then you should better take a look at this catchy interview. You can escape into a world where fantasies really come true…

and where any naughty desire can be fulfilled!

This woman is a genuine sugar babe, a seductive mistress and a hot sweetheart! With this in mind, she has shared with us her way to a successful life as an independent escort! See her methods and how she has managed to get the life that she has forever dreamt about! She is a quick witted woman who can definitely meet all your desires! Call her and you will have a great surprise!

‘It was not that hard, you just have to fight for what you want in life and in the end you will have it! It took me a second to decide that I really want this life and now I am fulfilled. For me it is all about enjoying life while seeing others happy and pleased!’ (Maisy, Aberdeen)

Q: What should we know about you?

I would say that I am a positive woman, optimistic, but at the same time realistic. I know what qualities I possess and what defects I have. Therefore, I try to make really good use of this.

I do my best to be a successful woman and put career in the first place. However, I know my limits and try not to push them any further than it is necessary!

Q: Did you have any other job?

Yes, I’ve worked in the customer service department in a multinational enterprise, consequently you can be sure that I have experience in what concerns handling new clients. I have gained valuable knowledge that helps me even in this industry very much. I believe we can learn something from each and every job that we have and this is vital for our personal development.

Q: What passions do you have?

I would say that I like listening to good quality music; this is the method that helps me relax after a tiring day. I honestly don’t have any particular hobby, but I like to dance and to sing. I don’t say I have any out of the ordinary qualities, but I like doing these things in my spare time.

Q: Was your start as an escort difficult?

Well, I wouldn’t say that it was difficult, I would say that it was a normal start in a new domain that I didn’t know. I’ve tried to get accustomed and it worked for me. I didn’t need a lot of time to feel that I was OK with this job. I don’t know why, but it all came natural for me. I guess I was a lucky woman.

Q: Tell us something awkward that you did with a client.

Ha-ha, I would say that the most awkward thing I did as an escort was my holiday with a client of mine. As we were on an ordinary date he came with this crazy idea to get to see some new places together, to have a trip together. And of course I’ve accepted. And one day he booked a trip for two. I usually don’t do such crazy things with my clients but that date was awesome and I don’t regret a thing!

Q: What do you normally wear on a date?

Well, it depends on my client’s request and where the date will take place. But normally, I have a pretty top and a pair of jeans, or a sexy dress and that’s it. I am very careful with my hygiene and with my hair and make up and I’m done. I don’t need a lot of time to get ready before a date, as strange as it might seem, coming from a woman.

Q: What is your busiest night?

I would say that Friday is usually my busiest night. I don’t know why, but I have almost every Friday booked. And when this does not happen, I become a little bit worried that something is not right. To see the whole picture I have almost three out of four Fridays booked in a month.

Q: How do you tell your clients you have put your rates up?

I simply tell them, there is nothing to be ashamed of when you increase your rates. It is a normal habit taking into account the ever increasing prices for everything out there. They need to understand that we need money too to survive and to be up to date with today’s prices. If they need high-quality services, then they need to pay extra, that’s for sure!

Q: What sorts of gifts do you receive/do you like?

Everything it’s fine with me, however I don’t usually receive so many gifts. I don’t know why, ha-ha!

But when I do receive, I normally get presents such as a good perfume, some wine or some sexy lingerie, so yeah, I would say normal stuff and nothing out of the ordinary…

Q: Have you ever done something special for a client?

Yes, once I cooked dinner for a client of mine. He wanted a genuine GFE experience so he asked me if I could do this for him. And of course that I did it, but for extra cash Ha-ha! I believe there is nothing that cannot be bought out there. With a little bit of extra money even a home cooked dinner can be arranged!

Q: Do you have any regular clients? How many?

I don’t know, let’s say that I have around five or six. But they call me at least two times per month, so it’s pretty ok for me. Think about it…

Q: Tell us three qualities and three defects

I am astonishingly beautiful, I am a good counselor and I have a great sense of humor. And in what concerns the defects: I get into panic rapidly, I am very afraid of dogs and I am very stubborn sometimes. But this is me and people actually tend to love me just the way I am.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Well, I see myself in a bed and watching TV. That was a joke of course… I really don’t know guys, I can only tell you what I wish: I wish to have a great mansion, to move to a tropical country and have a child. These are my long-term goals, but I objectively don’t think they will happen in five years time.

Q: How many new clients do you have per month?

I usually have at least two new clients every month. If I manage to get at least one to be my regular, then I’m a lucky woman what can I say! But, until now this did not happen.

Q: Tell us your life motto

My life motto is the following one. My mother told me this quote the day I was born and told me the story later on when I grew up. It is a personal motto that I will never forget. I intend to do the same with my daughter.

‘Live with passion today and everyday!’

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