Secrets of an Inverness call girl

16th December, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Inverness

What you see is what you get!

Do you need a hot playmate? Do you need someone to spoil you and to satisfy your sexy needs? Do you require professional services? Then, take a look at this interview and your…

…appetite will certainly grow!

With a spontaneous character, a body to die for and an overwhelming mood, this sex bomb will keep you company at any hour of the day or of the night! For sure you will not forget this date that easily; Rose will make sure you don’t!

‘Let’s enjoy some special moments together! Let me be your dream girl!‘ (Rose)

Q: Tell us five adjectives that best describe you! Why?

I would say ambition because when I set my goals I do everything I can to attain them; beauty because I have charm and elegance. Moreover, I also consider myself to be a seductive woman – no man can stand in front of me and not feel attracted. I have also a fun personality and I am very adaptable to any type of temper and situation!

Q: Do you like what you do?

Yes, I enjoy what I do for a living. When I am at work, I don’t realize that I’m actually working. It’s like I have a date with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time. I chat a lot and I enjoy my time out. It’s a lot of fun… I simply love this job!

I can do everything I want and travel a lot. So, what can I wish more? I meet nice gentlemen who respect me and value me for what I am!

Q: Why do you think escorting suits you?

I love that I don’t have a boss. I’m on my own and there’s no one to ruin my days. I don’t feel stressed and therefore this is why I feel it is my dream job!

The amount of money that I receive, together with all the facilities I enjoy and all the places I get to see are just some additional advantages!

Q: What are the main things a girl must know before getting into this industry?

Mainly they have to know that this is a job like any other job. It has advantages and disadvantages and there is nothing to do about it. Either they accept them or not. These two choices are their only solution as an escort.

They must be careful with the clients they accept and they should not do things they don’t want to do! If you know how to settle things down and make your point in front of a client, well then probably you will have no worries!

Q: What qualities an escort must have to be perfect?

They definitely must know how to talk and be open-minded. There are all kinds of clients out there and you, as an escort, need to know how to handle them all. You need to be highly adaptable and entertaining. I believe there is no point in me stating the same things that you probably already know; of course, they need to be attractive, alluring and provocative.

Q: What made you decide you want to be an escort?

I was broke and I needed to earn some money in my spare time. I tried different jobs but neither suited me. At the beginning I said: ‘Let me try this out too and see if it works!’. So, it was just an attempt, but turned out to be perfect for me!

Q: For how long do you think you will continue to be an escort?

I honestly don’t know! It depends on many things. If everything works smoothly and nothing bad happens to me or scares me, I will probably continue working for several years, or months from now on. I haven’t actually thought about this issue, but hopefully nothing will change, because I like what I do!

Q: What could make you quit this job?

Probably, a bad experience! I don’t know… But, it certainly has to be something important, because otherwise I don’t see any particular reason to quit! I like it and it definitely suits me!

Q: Tell us about a tough situation you had to deal with!

One day I met a client who turned out to be very aggressive. He talked very dirty and indecent to me. I don’t know who that guy was or what his problems were, but I simply got astonished by his frustrations. What did I do? I left!

Q: Any fear as an escort?

The biggest fear I have is to get hurt. There are tons of lunatics and you never know how they will react. The easiest way is with your regular clients. In one way or another you know how they are, so you know how you should act! I usually try to be neutral with the topics they raise, so that they don’t get offended by my opinions. You cannot know what it is about to happen, so safety is primordial to me!

Q: What is your main motivation as an independent escort?

To be honest: money! I love my job, but most of all I love the result, that is to say I love to earn easy money! It turns out to be very practical for me to work ten hours per week and have the possibility to buy everything I want. There is nothing that I desire and that I cannot afford to buy! It’s wonderful!

Q: How many hours do you usually spend with a client?

From one hour to a whole night. It depends on what my client requires. It depends on how much time he wants to spend with me! Most of my clients prefer a three-hour date! That’s how we have plenty of time for everything!

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Q: Do you have any regrets?

No! I don’t have any regrets! I do what I love! I have enough money to have a decent life and I get to travel to places I have never dreamt about! I believe this is the kind of life I have ever wanted for me! I believe God loves me!

Q: What is life as an escort really-like?

It’s hard! You have to make certain sacrifices to be a high-class escort! For instance, you will probably don’t have so many friends and not that social life everyone around you has. You might sometimes be misjudged and things like that, but you can always find the advantages of this job too. It’s easy because there are numerous examples!

Q: What advice would you give to girls who want to start a career as a call girl?

To believe in their qualities. They need to know how to emphasize these qualities and make them speak for themselves! They need to know how to advertise themselves efficiently and they also need to be polite, intelligent and charismatic! Good luck girls!

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