Sex or love

7th November, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Good to Know, Sex tips

The chemistry between two persons when they get to feel a big, trembling pleasure when they talk, when they touch one another, when they sleep together.

This thing leads to the act of making love and feel wonderful things, absolute pleasure in all your body. When people just want to feel good, without emotionally involving, they can just talk about sex. This is the main difference between love and sex, from far.
The time offers us the necessary rest to know each other and find out if we can talk about sex or love, when to persons are together from some time.

Love isn’t the same like in the old times. Now we live in a modern love, women often compete with men, they except less, they can bring what they need by their own.

Sex or love


Often the simple things make the difference between love and sex. It is wonderful to make love. To feel goosebumps on your back, to feel also when she has a real orgasm, and she is not faking it, to know when she or he wants you just by their way off looking at you, to find out every corner of her body. It is unmeasured better the sex with love than the one without it. You feel good also because you know that you made her happy, that she felt pleasure all over her body, until she got wet just because you kissed her, because you licked her where she likes it, when you know that she felt good besides you. You can’t let go of someone who makes you feel love when you sleep with him. Women know best how to drive a man crazy, they know hot to make love to them if they want that. It is more difficult for men, because they are a few regarding this. The majority wants to make just sex without obligations or feelings, without stress.

When you make love you don’t think about how to finish faster, you don’t want to skip the prelude, on the contrary you want to enjoy more of it. Love it is sex with feelings, you make sex with your soul, and when you just make sex, you refer just to the act itself , a necessity and that’s all. The desire for sex it is a mixture of feelings and sensations at the sensitive and intellectual level. Each of us feel the need to love, but the lose it is sensed differently by each of us and that is counting a lot.

Sex can be bought and sell. It is a physiological activity with normal reactions, it can be done simple like you pack or unpack a present, you saw it, you liked it and you pass it forward. It is somehow ugly said, but it happens things like this in the daily life. There are a lot of reasons why people have sex , but very few why people make love.

It is said that the majority of men make sex not love. It is true, unfortunately , but women can also have just sex. You can make sex when you are in a relationship , to feel the need not to be romantic, to do animal things, wild and pervert sex, new positions that you thought you won’t try them never ever. Love can fade away with time in relationship, but sex will be permanent. When two people meet, at first there is physical attraction and if it is desire they want to have sex. Until they feel love must be a time. The teenagers learn this kind of things too soon nowadays, some of them are glib and others find these things awkward. The best sexual experiences you live them in a long term relationship, not in adventures.

When you make sex some think that you must think at your own pleasure, what makes you feel good, but this is wrong. It is good to think about your partner too, because only when you do this and you offer him or her pleasure too, you can reach also maximum pleasure. The most women consider necessary to make love, more than sex. These women are married and in a relationship. Some women have feelings even after just one night of sex. Love and sex don’t have to be separated , because it won’t longer be such a pleasant experience.

Sometimes we just watch movies scenes or we watch some sites where we suppose that we will find out what sex is, and when we will come to experience it we will say that we know everything. It is not like that in reality, there some things that happen in our brain. Some men want to experience some positions, to make a portofolio , to praise with what they know.
Men must be learned about what enjoys a woman in bed. They are different, like men also. Some might like something, some might not. To reach a common opinion they need to know each other better. You need to abandon yourself when you make sex, not to think about what you are feeling, at how will be, if you are ready, if it will be ok, you just need to close your eyes and float. Love is an addiction like sex. They’ve bees some research where both women and men participated and they saw some images with sex scenes in order to discover in what brain area it was a change. For some people who got recently broke up with their partners, they were shown images with their exes and it was activated a brain area associated with addiction.

Sometimes people make love from wrong reasons: because they are afraid not to loose their loved ones, if they don’t do it the partner will get upset. Sex it is viewed sometimes as a medicine who heals a lot more things that are not good in our mind, in our lives and here we talk about sex with some stranger or not a stable partner.

In a relationship partners need sometime a break. Maybe not because they don’t get along anymore, but maybe they think that they will be different when they will make up, and in that so called break, one of the partners or both of them will make sex with somebody else. This might help some people, or it can do much more worse. It might find there what he or she didn’t find at the partner and this is how the idea of the sex counts, not love in most of the cases is born.

We never should make sex with ex partners, because some feelings will be awaken again that doesn’t have anything to do with the real life, the sex will not solve the problems between the ex partners.

Sometimes sex can solve some hormonal problems and it is good to practice it with someone if you don’t have a stable partner. They are persons who accept to do just that, without involving sentimentally. Sex it is considered also a sport , which practiced often, has benefits for health.

Love it is too short to not enjoys what it offers: sex, love, menage a trois and everything that can be found .

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