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Body language is a useful tool through which people can read minds

Body language is not only one of the oldest means of communication, but also a useful tool through which people can read minds. Whenever we communicate with somebody, our interlocutors send us more or less subtle signals, which reflect their personality, sexuality, hidden thoughts and inner desires. We also do it in our turn. This is how our anger or impatience is so obvious, even if we don’t reveal our real feelings and state of mind.

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The truth is that not all people are capable of using and understanding the mysteries of body language. This makes the differences between craftsmen and artists! However, this guide will help you become a successful body language artist and pick up the most important sex signals people send you.

Did you ever ask yourself how to flirt through body language? Most people use their body language unknowingly, through gestures, body position, way of looking and much more! The more we know about body language, the more we understand other people’s thoughts and, in the same time, we learn how to make use of them in our favor. How can we guess women’s and men’s sexuality through body language? Here are the most common body language gestures, used by men and women.

Women’s body language

Stop looking at her huge breasts and firm ass for a minute, and start guessing what’s on her mind. Even if you think you know her, you will be surprised to find out what is behind unspoken words. Women are not the same, but use the same body language to express their feelings and their thoughts. Why waiting desperately for a message, for her answer or for an opinion about you, when you can simply learn an easy code?

  • EYES are the window to her mind!

Just met her and you’re curious about how she is in bed? Nothing easier!According to experts in the field of body language, eyes are the first thing men should pay attention to when they want to understand body language. Men can easily guess a woman’s intentions and sexuality from her way of looking.

When a woman maintains visual contact, she usually wants to let you know that she likes you. This unless you did not knock your plate from the table, and she was staring at you saying in her mind that ‘this is another fuckin clumsy retarded’. Believe me; you will know how to make the difference between these two kinds of looks.Eye contact can tell you many things about her self-confidence and consequently about her sexuality. If she is afraid of maintaining eye contact, do not expect to sleep with a horny wild beast who loves to dominate. She will rather let you be in control and dominate her.



When a woman blinks too much (more than 15 times a minute), it means she is whether impatient or nervous. Women usually blink more when they find themselves in uncomfortable or unexpected situations. You began talking about your future intentions, about changes in relationship, worries and expectations? This could be the reason why she suddenly began blinking so much. Whenever excessive blinking is accompanied by putting her hair behind the ears or obsessively fixing her hair, she definitely feels uncomfortable.

When a woman gazes and smiles steady, you have to do with a playful personality. She is the kind of woman who loves speaking about sexuality and sending you obvious signals, that she likes you. When this gesture is accompanied by large smiles and giggles, she announces you know that she wants to sleep with you. So, eyes are not only the window to the soul but also to the mind!

  • Keep your FEET on the ground
Crossed legs


I am sure you never knew how many things feet can transmit! Be aware that women unconsciously move their feet accordingly to their feelings for you.

When a woman keeps her leg crossed over the other, it means more than just hiding her little ‘something’ in the tiny skirt. This, along with hands crossing, is usually a sign of a defensive attitude.

When a woman’s foot points at you or her knee touches yours, she certainly likes you. These gestures are made unknowingly and reflect a high sexual desire.

  • My hair says LET’S HAVE SEX!

Her hair is one of your best friends when you want to guess her sexual intentions.

When a woman runs her fingers through her hair and twirls a strand around her finger while talking to you, she is clearly into you. This is one of their favorite flirting gestures, using it intentionally. Don’t hesitate and show her what you feel for her too!

When a woman scratches her head several times on your first date, don’t blame the dandruff or the lice! This might mean your mate feels tense or agitated. Try finding a relaxing topic or come up with something to help her relax.

  • Can I invade your private space?

Your date goes great if your companion approaches you. Sitting very close to someone and invading his/her private space of at least 0.5m is always a way of showing interest. Paired with a gentle touch on your knee when you say a joke, or putting her arm on your shoulder, this meeting will definitely end with rough sex! Her body screams for it!

  • Can’t stop touching myself!

Whenever you see a woman touching herself excessively, on possible erogenous spots like neck, lips or breasts, be aware that she wants you in her bed! A woman might also show you that she likes you if she touches the rim of her glass or her jewelries.

  • My lips want to be sucked…

Every part of her body says something; keep this in mind on your next date. Closely observe how she keeps her lips because this will tell you a lot about her inner desires at that moment. If she keeps her lips slightly opened, this is a good sign. It means that she likes you and she is dying to be kissed. If she goes even further and bites her lips, she’s yours tiger!

  • Sex breathing rhythm

A woman’s breathing rhythm says a lot about her state of mind. Of course,it’s not so hard to guess how she feels when she sighs! But what can you say about a woman whose breathing suddenly goes jerky? Does she feel all right? Is she happy or nervous? The truth is that when women breathe abruptly, they are usually bothered by something.When women breathe heavy, it usually means they enjoy spending time with you or phantasy about you. The reasoning is that they feel so good that they forget breathing.



Moreover, you can pay attention to many other details, such as if she walks seductively, if she deepens her cleavage, if she finds excuses to be touched by you or if she laughs at your jokes even if she does not understand them. All these are obvious signs that tonight, my friend, you are getting laid!

Men’s body language

Whether you see him for the first time and you have no idea of what he is thinking about, or you already have a two years relationship and you want to guess his unspoken intentions, you can always rely on body language. His body will speak his mind!

Did you think men use body language less than women? You were wrong! All you have to do is start understanding his male signals that he sends you. Even men would be impressed to find out how their body language functions unknowingly around a woman.

  • Oh dear, how do I look?

So, he invited you out for dinner. The moment you enter the restaurant, he stands up and begins preening. If so, look behind you! If there is no other beautiful woman there, he definitely likes you and tries to impress you. Otherwise, would he struggle so much to look good? Keep in mind that men want to impress at a first date as much as women do, unless they are not so interested in her.

  • Nodding his head at you

Whenever your partner is deeply engaged in the conversation, it could be more than his interest in the topic. Closely observe each of his gestures while you speak and if he pays attention to what you say, and nodes his head at you while you share your beliefs and opinions, this is a good sign. If on the contrary, he is distracted, looks at the clock occasionally and fakes smiles, you’d better end the meeting immediately. This is their way of saying: ‘You’re boring!’

  • Stealing touches

On a first or a blind date, it is very hard to guess if the other person really likes you or he is just trying to be polite. Besides nodding at you, if your partner likes you, he will also touch your hands or your arms occasionally. If you smile, it means you accept his gesture and you like him too. If he really likes you, he might even touch your back or your legs, depending on his personality.

  • Cleavage, the hidden eyes

You have probably already met guys who were more interested in your cleavage than in what you were saying. Of course, all women want to be listened, but a deep beautiful cleavage can be a big temptation for men. If he manages to forget about your ‘treasure’ and looks into your eyes, he is a keeper!

  • Sex and after sex gestures

    Red lips


There is no better way to find out if a guy really likes you than by having sex. Unless he is shy, a guy who likes you will always look at you during sex. However, only the after sex gestures will tell you if he is truly into you or not. If he still touches you and caresses you, maintains visual contact and smiles, be prepared for a serious relationship! If on the contrary, he does not want to be touched by you and says he is tired, don’t even bother to ask him about future plans or expectations!

Once you learn how to pick up flirting signals and understand the mysteries of body language, you will never misinterpret or be misinterpreted again!

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