Sex workers rights are human rights!

6th November, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Scot-Pep – a Scottish charity which fights for social justice and inclusion!

Sex workers have legal rights that must be accepted and followed! Oppression, discrimination and stereotyping should be abolished! A fair treatment, the constant improvement of the UK laws…

…and the permanent collaboration with the official institutions are inevitably required!

Hear out the dramatic story of sex workers around the globe who face all sorts of fears and injustices for choosing this particular job! Data, evidences and confessions will speak out for themselves! Sex work should be seen as a common type of work!

Where to seek help as a Scottish sex worker?

ScotPep Logo


Scot-Pep, headquartered in Scotland, is a charity organization, world-wide famous for its actions and events who promote sex workers’ rights and values.

‘We believe that sex work can be a choice, and a positive choice, and that sex workers have the right to work without fear of stigma or oppression.‘ (Scot-Pep)

Sex work should be seen as any other job, not more or less moral than others. It implies adult consent; therefore it should be seen as a personal career option.

Among other purposes, Scot-Pep lobbies for the global decriminalization of sex work, having as a main goal the protection of sex workers through official laws.

Moreover, it also aims to help create a positive image of this type of job in UK, and not only! The discrimination, the stigmatization and the marginalization of sex workers must stop!

The constant communication with the national organizations focuses on promoting the idea that the act of selling and buying sexual services must be protected by efficient laws.

Scot-Pep – ‘Stand up for your rights!’

Members of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe and of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, the Scot-Pep Organization fights for the protection of the sex workers for more than 20 years and does not intend to stop their actions until sex workers are equally respected!

Where does the name come from? It is easy – Scottish Prostitutes Education Project!

‘SCOT-PEP works with all sex workers in Scotland, including female and transgender sex workers.’ (Scot-Pep)

Sex workers must be helped and integrated into society, and for this to happen it requires all our help! Full decriminalization of sex work and defending the sex workers’ rights stand as the backbone of this organization!

Scot-Pep promotes values such as:

  • Respect sex workers!
  • Stop discrimination and oppression against sex workers!
  • Sex workers should speak their mind and also be heard!
  • Sex work is another type of work and should be protected by laws!

Promote Health and Human Rights!

‘We believe in the right of sex workers to self determination, to organize, unionize, speak out and be heard. We believe that all involved in sex work deserve the right to speak and be listened to, and that denying a voice to sex workers is damaging to sex workers and society in general.’ (Scot-Pep)

Human rights


The violation of the sex workers’ rights must stop! As any other jobs this one too requires useful legislation; and the purpose can only be achieved through valid laws. People must understand that sex workers have the same rights as any other workers from other fields. So, why all this opposition?

Sex worker activists around the globe fight to create a world safe for sex workers! Offer your support and help them too!

Put an end to the sex work stigma and help reduce sex trafficking! This is the only solution!

Keeping contact with the press and the permanent communication with politicians, unions and other such organizations help achieve the main goal: NO discrimination!

Unfortunately, the probabilities that sex workers become victims of sexual oppression and criticism are still high. However, by uniting our forces and principles we can defeat all of them!

Together we are stronger!

Stop the silence and fight for what it is right! Let our voices have echo and be heard globally!

Sex workers do not require more than it is legal and moral – respect, equality and dignity! They are not criminals that must be punished for their job choice or fingerprinted! They are the victims of our society and something has to change! They must be protected!

Sex workers’ organizations have spread all around the globe so as to be at the service of those in need! What is their main purpose? Speak out for all the injustices and the violence that is made against sex workers!

International sex workers’ rights day

3rd March is officially acknowledged as ‘The international sex workers’ rights day’! It all started in 2001 in India where 25,000 sex workers gathered to celebrate this day despite the oppression and the violent actions of the prohibition groups. Since then it has been internationally adopted as Sex workers’ rights day!

Public support is required!

Only rights


All in all, it is a fact that we can only protect sex workers’ though legal rights! Therefore, people who stand up for their personal dignity and who fight to raise awareness should not be blamed! On the contrary, they should have society’s support and understanding.

Not only that they face social exclusion, but also sex workers even have to endure severe forms of violence! Consequently, sex activists have gathered together to capture evidence of abuse and discrimination! All workers, irrespective of their domain, should have full access to legal protection!

To continue, ‘The right to choose’ is one of the Official Human Rights list, therefore sex workers have the right to make their own choices, which must be respected! Here, we are not debating Human rights; we are attempting to make them obvious to the public eye! The freedom to choose and the respect for the choice should be crystal clear for all those who criticize! Do not be afraid to fight for what you believe it is right, honorable and correct!

Support Scot-Pep!

All those who believe in sex workers’ rights, equality and in the freedom of speech can get involved in Scot-Pep Organization! Everyone is welcomed!

Since 2009 Scot-Pep has no funding, therefore they mainly rely on goodwill and on your support. Become a Supporter and help them continue this fight for sex workers’ rights, against discrimination and oppression! (More information HERE)

You can give your support through your volunteering, but also through a small annual fee of £5! Anyone can join! For additional information feel free to contact Scot-Pep!

All the experienced volunteers, professional advisers and even sex workers are there to help you. Moreover, on their website you can find useful readings, information about events and sex workers’ confessions!

‘We continue to try to identify new and innovative sources of funding for our work – however to date this has not proved possible (…) By joining you are helping to secure a future where sex workers can work safely without fear of being criminalized.’ (Scot-Pep)

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