The most popular sexual fantasies and fetishes

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Fantasies and fetishes – Find out if you have any!

When thinking about sexual fantasies both men and women have a generous imagination. Studies show that sexual fantasies are generated by individuals’ personal desires and hidden thoughts. Even though some might say that having sexual fantasies is an awkward behavior, this was certified not to be true. It stands in the human nature to think dirty or to create different scenarios that will satisfy your inner cravings.

The difference between fantasies and fetishes

As you can imagine having fantasies and fetishes is not the same thing. It is commonly admitted that having fantasies is closely linked to imagining things you would wish to happen, while fetishes are that habits from which you gain sexual pleasure. In other words, fantasy is synonym for the idea of you doing something, while fetish is synonymous with a more concrete aspect, something you are obsessed with, and which turns you on each time you think of it.

Female sex fantasies



Researchers have proven that 60-90% of humans have fantasies with their partners and not only. However, this subject is considered to be taboo in the nowadays society. That is the reason why most of people do not discuss about this topic openly. Unfortunately, some do not discuss it at all, not even with their partners, for fear to be harshly judged.

Moreover, due to people’s tendency to judge, more and more persons tend to feel certain guilt about having fantasies. Nevertheless, recent studies show that among the younger individuals the percentage of guilt is less prominent.

Accepting someone’s fetishes or fantasies generates certain closeness between the two. Therefore, whether you put them into practice or not, it is advisable to be aware of your companion’s fantasies. However, always bear in mind that satisfying ones’ necessity will only improve your relationship.

What are the most common fetish objects?

Latex Girl


Obviously, there is a great variety of fetish objects, but the most common ones include leather, latex or even rubber and silk. From women wearing high boots when having sex, to dressing up in all sorts of costumes, people can be aroused by a great series of things.
Moreover, using stiletto heels, fishnets tights or sexy lingerie corsets are also part of this erotic scenario. People can turn anything into fetishes; a general statement says that it all depends on the social class of the individual.

Types of fetishes

Depending on the object, that triggers off the fetish there are three major fetish categories. For instance, we can talk about media, form and animate fetishes.

Media fetishes include the use of objects such as rubber, leather or latex, while the animate fetishes relate to the sexual stimulation arisen by human parts of the body, like huge breasts, firm butts, or nicely shaped legs and so on and so forth. The form fetishes consist in turning on by every sexy form and figure. So what types of fetishes do you have?

Top 10 fetishes

Now let us see the most important sexy fetishes people have. You might experience it too, so take a look at the list below.

1. Voyeurism

A large number of persons admitted that when seeing a porn movie, or some erotic scenes their sex desire arises. Whether that they want to experience the same sexual positions as the actors, or just want to get laid, it is a fact these scenes turn them on.

2. The Golden Showers

Having someone relieving on his/her sex partner may sexually stimulate some individuals. The feeling of submission may be the initiation of a hot sex episode.

Shower sex


3. Water

Imagine yourself having sex in a bath, in a pool, in the ocean or even in the rain. Psychology specialists state that a large number of persons enjoy sex while hearing the running water, thunders and lightening. There is no scientific explanation for this type of fetish; however, some say that it is the feeling of freedom and full relaxation that supports this fetish.

4. Hair or no hair?

Sexy girl


The forth-sexual fetish is the one related to how someone wears his/her hair, its color or the feeling of touching the hair during the sexual act. Being a blond hot woman, or a redheaded one, curly, long or short hair may appeal to some. On the other hand, bald men or longhaired rockers sexually stimulate some women. It only depends on their personal preferences. What turns you on a blond voluptuous woman, or a curly long redheaded woman?

5. Lipstick and fingernails

Sexy fingernailsHave you ever thought about how intense would be the sensation when kissing a woman with red lipstick? I am sure, many of you thought.

But, what about that aggressive woman who runs her nails down your back, scratching, pulling or making you a hickey? Is it not a shivering feeling?

6. Licking or sucking someone’s fingers

Another category of people can even have an orgasm while licking, sucking or biting someone’s fingers. Some women imagine a dick when sucking his partner’s fingers, so it all turns out to be hotter for them.

7. Domination

Moreover, dominating or submitting oneself in the bedroom thrills both men and women. While men love playing the role of slaves in the bedroom, women enjoy dominating their partners. Studies show that this is probably caused by the contradiction with the everyday life, where women are perceived to be the weaker sex while the men are the symbol of power.

Domination in bed


8. Leather or latex suits

Men run mad after this type of suits. It is not necessarily the material, but the shape women get after dressing herself in this type of garment. Along with some high heels, a mask or a whip, the perfect erotic scenario comes true.

9. Body piercing

Imagine a girl sucking your dick while having a tongue ring, or a man who sticks deep down your cunt his skilled tongue. How does that sound? I bet, exciting!

10. Well shaped stomachs

After hours and hours at the gym, your belly might seem the perfect triggering device someone needs to get horny. The tummies, which hung loosely is not something, anyone desires to see.

What are the most common fantasies?

The combination between a wild imagination and many dreams cannot result but into hot fantasies. As we have previously talked about fetishes, let us analyze some of the most common fantasies individuals have.

1. Threesome

Having two sexual partners is a kinky dream both men and women have. The thought of being twice as satisfied as you were with your usual partner, can drive you crazy and can make your dream finally come true.



2. Make use of physical force

The idea of struggling to get away from someone when he fucks you is a very stimulating one. Even though she might fake despair, she is probably enjoying each moment. The idea of a strong and powerful man dominating her in bed gives a thrilling sensation.

3. Teacher/student

The whole idea of having a sex episode with one of your teachers probably troubled you for a long time. Do not worry it is a common fantasy that crosses every student’s mind.

4. Sex with a stranger

Be honest, have you never thought about getting laid with someone you just saw. Have you ever turned your head after a stunning man/woman? I am pretty sure you did. So why fake it? It is one of the best fantasies.

5. Dirty dancer

You little devil! Do you fancy a hot stripper performing just for you? Have you thought about giving your partner the best dance lap ever? Genuinely this common fantasy strikes most women’s mind.

Dirty Dancer


6. Group sex

Swinger or not, you probably want to have more than one sex partner in this life. Do you turn on when thinking about having sex with several individuals? Then you should probably sometimes try sex group.

7. Role-playing

Role Play


If getting dressed up in different costumes like a hot nurse, a dirty police woman/man or a strong firefighter catches your attention then you are likely to enjoy role-playing.

To sum up, it is a common knowledge that both men and women have fantasies and fetishes. It is something completely normal and should not be restrained because of society’s standard norms and regulations. Try to be an opened book for your partner and you will see your sex life improving.

‘There is no more unhappy being under the sun than a fetishist who pines for a boot and has to content himself with an entire woman.’ (Karl Krauss)

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