Sexual fantasies to avoid!

8th November, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Sexual fantasies you should never try in real life!

Putting into practice your sexual fantasies in real life is the utmost desire for each and one of us. More than that, even sexologists state that ‘For a healthy sexual life, every hidden thought…

…should be shared with your life partner.’

Erotic fantasy


However, there are several sexual fantasies you should avoid doing in real life, due to the risks they imply! These ones can easily go wrong and consequently you may hurt yourself or you might get into trouble with the law!

Therefore you should better leave these sexual fantasies into your imagination!

If you have never thought about the weirdest sexual fantasies people may have, well let us discover them together! For sure, you will be amazed by the results.

It is true that by thinking in advance of the possible consequences of your actions you can ruin the passion inside your couple; however, this is sometimes the best thing to do!

‘Sex is like air; it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any.’ – John Callahan

You fancy a high rhythm of life, the adrenaline rushing through your veins and narrow situations? Then probably you should think twice about the following ones because not only that you might put at risk your own life, but you can also damage your personal reputation. It is up to you to choose or not the best thing for you! The decision lies in your own hands!

Fantasizing about sex is probably one of the most common human habits! Having in mind all sorts of different scenarios may help you keep your intimate relationship fresh and lively. However, most of them remain dormant… This should be the case of the following examples too. The best advice would be not to get them to the next level!

Fantasies have a great role in any of our relationships, they help us avoid monotony and if they are done correctly they can make sex even hotter! Being able to make the difference between what is appropriate and what is not should be part of your spirit of decision making! Good luck!

Thinking outside the box might arouse your partner but might also get you both into serious trouble! As privacy is a matter of discussion nowadays let us discover together the fantasies you should be careful with!

Top 5 fantasies that should not be put into practice!

Sexual fantasies are definitely one of the most controversial topics out there today! However, making your dreams come true might actually spice your intimate life. On the other hand, being aware of the possible endings of experiencing such fantasies might be a smart thing to do!

Studies show that our sexual fantasies and fetishes are all inspired from our daily life, by the things we hear or see. There is something out there that simply catches our attention and our view, but most importantly appeals to us! Pay attention and learn from the mistakes others did!

  • Have an affair


‘Be careful with what you wish; you might regret it!’

Choosing to have sex with one single person in a lifetime turns out to be a hard thing to do for more and more people nowadays. Even though the idea is obviously not shared with the life partner, it does not mean that it does not actually exist. Avoiding the thought does not make it disappear! On the contrary, it lies there and always overwhelms that particular persons’ mind.

This is one of those examples of fantasies you should definitely not put into practice if you do not want to risk your own relationship! The damages such a fantasy does to a relationship are for the majority of the cases beyond repair! The contrast feeling between the fear of being caught and the huge temptation definitely means an inevitable struggle inside for some of the already married persons! This is all about that forbidden fruit, you simply have to avoid! Just say NO!

  • Oral sex while driving

‘Hot, intense, but extremely dangerous!’

The probability of having an accident, the bad driving, the uncomfortable position and the poor satisfaction should be enough evidence for you not to experiment this one! Pay attention because this is definitely one of those situations that put your life at risk! In case of an accident imagine yourself justifying your mistake, not to mention your naked body! As hilarious as this might sound it is definitely embarrassing! The best advice would be to wait until you get to the destination! Is it that difficult?

  • Have sex in public

‘Choose your location wisely and you might get lucky!’

As hot as this might sound, it is definitely a challenge that might just turn bad for you and your partner. Studies show that the idea of getting caught seems to attract more and more people nowadays in comparison to past preferences! Balance the probabilities and make your best call!

However, from another point of view if you choose wisely your place for your sexual intercourse you might get it right! Why? Well, avoid places with higher probabilities where you can get caught and think more about secluded places! It might be your lucky card!

  • At the work place

‘It can involve risks you are not ready to take!’

Guess what, this is one of those certain and fast methods to be jobless! Want to do it? Think twice or include your boss as well in an awesome threesome probably! Apart from the fact that this is one of those particular gossips that easily spread among coworkers, it can have serious consequences on your career as well. From another point of view, if you have fantasies with your boss, you must also think that you will probably have to change your job afterwards! Is this worth it?



  • Sex on the train tracks

‘You might not have the chance to react in due time!’

Well, this is a serious ‘no-no’ fantasy! For sure, it is hot and gets you horny just by thinking about it; however you only put at risk your own life. You need more reasons: penis fracture, bruises, trauma and stress; they can all happen! For sure, you should not even attempt to do it!

A fantasy has its roots in a dream or in an idea you have. As thrilling as it might sound to you, think about the dangers you expose yourself and your partner. Trouble exists in such situations!

The excitement, the emotion and the furor these naughty fantasies might awake in your mind should be wisely balanced.

Safe fantasies

But do you think what most men really dream of? An article skillfully written by Aimee Plesa clearly clarifies the mystery. Among fantasies such as sex with a stranger, voyeurism and role playing, she also points out the importance of putting in practice fantasies such as ‘The virgin’ and the ‘Threesome fantasy’! Watch closely these suggestions and you can find out the safe way to spice your life!

All in all, there are various ways to make your sexual life intriguing and hot! Being careful with the fantasies you choose to convert into reality and which not, may actually mean to make the difference between good and bad actions.

Always being aware of the consequences turns out to be vital!

How far would you go to turn your fantasies into reality? Have you tried any of the above mentioned fantasies so far? If yes, how was it?

‘Some things are better than sex, some things are worse, but there’s nothing exactly like it.’ – W. C. Fields

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