Silence and wind

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It is snowing heavily outside, the snow covered our country shoulders like a bear skin.

The bitter cold bites out face and nose, I watch the wild wind that carries away the snowflakes in a fast wals, and I seat next to the chimney with a goblet of wine.

Silence and wind


The warm fire spoils me, I sit on a brownish fur and a camel blanket caresses my body with its soft touch. You sit by my side and we share stories about our lives. But at some point I stopped because my eyes were lost at the sight of the snow outside and on the ice flowers from the window. So, from story to story we began to kiss sweet. I didn’t realize how things led to one another. Slowly, you first, on my neck, then on my wark cheeks from the heat of the chimney or due to the emotion of the sensation that was crossing my entire body. First you touched my sensual lips like they were a rose petal , with your lips eager to taste the nectar of mine. We started to spoil each other with hot caresses on our bodies. Your hand slipped slowly on my breasts and you began to massage them slow. After that you took an ice cube from the frappier where the bottle the wine was. The cold ice cube first touched my lips, then it melted a little bit on my red cheeks, then slowly it got down on my neck , my hot body began to absorb it quickly and a drop was loosen from the ice cube. It was nice and cold, like a breeze in the summer heat. It went down. I melted the whole ice cube. The air was not enough. The clothes were bothering me, they were like a claw which was leaving me without air. I looked into your eyes and their look was so delicate, they were spreading profound love and an insatiable thirst to touch me and feel me close. I wanted to feel you with my skin that was hungry for your lovely caresses. I was dizzy, I don’t know if it was because of the wine or because of your flavour or the sensations that I was feeling. I was totally relaxed and I was trusting you completely and I knew that you could offer me just the best stuff. After, it was my turn to walk the ice cube. I put it carefully into my mouth. I opened the buttons of your shirt as if I was running my fingers on a piano. Your chest was moving up and down. I kissed your forehead first, then your lips and slowly I got on your neck. After a hot kiss I touched you with the cold ice cube. I didn’t know what you were feeling in those moments, but I wanted you to feel good. I was kissing you slowly and after that I was touching you with the ice cube. At every movement your body was getting tensed as if it was full of goosebumps. After my ice cube vanished also, I leaned on you, I looked you in your eyes and I understood that I wanted to belong just to you. From a very long time I have not seen something like that. You were a dream, something that you can’t find every day. I kissed you and it made us hotter. You took me in your arms and you got me closer to you and you began to kiss my sensual lips. The rhythm of our breaths united, it was like a blues music. You were making me wanting you more. My body was burning with desire and my lips were dry, they were craving for your kiss. On the wall, our shadows projected by the fire light became just one. They were moving slowly like they didn’t want to disturb anything. I was feeling you now with all my being, you were a part of me, I couldn’t believe that finally I belong to you. You were holding me from my hips and I was with my hands on your shoulders. I was closing my eyes with pleasure, I couldn’t believe my eyes that everything was really happening. After the fire between us calmed a little bit down, I put my head on your chest to listen to your heart beating. That cold night that made the passion fire burning remained on our minds for a very long time. And it will be still even if today we are not together anymore. I adore your green eyes like the sea. The black hair like pain, long like suffering, perfumed and soft like silk. Teeth white like forgetness. Lips rose pale. Your laugh is an obsessive symphony, and your smile is un unreal picture. Your hands move like a breeze and your feet step with a flowing delicacy. You were not perfect though. Who finds perfection? Who looks for it? The darkness comes quickly. The air is cold and it shudders you. You get up and you try to find your balance, feeling drunk in love because of what happened between us. You go at the window and watch. The roads are empty, it is just snow. We are spending our evenings like that, more or less. You have a special way to smile. You are arching your lips in a very sweet way that makes you lose your mind. He takes away his look from the window and takes a seat on a chair. You look in the chimney room where is warm and good, where I am. You look at me satisfied with your eyes filled with love. You open another bottle of wine. Your naked body tempts me to jump on it again. You look so good! I didn’t believe that I will have such a good looking man! We make a toast in our health! The wood sounds in the chimney and the flames are dancing in the rythm of our voices. You touch my breasts, looking at me hungry for my body, like an animal looks at its prey before it devours it. It makes me horny and I spread my legs to let you see my pussy craving for you. I put my fingers in the wine and I put them in the vagina then I get them out and I savour their taste. You touch your penis and we both satisfy ourselves by looking at each other. We love to do that although it is the first time. It makes me horny to see you touching your penis. When I couldn’t say enough I came next to you and I took your penis into my mouth, licking it and making it so wet to get easy into my pussy. You then took me on you and penetrated me with your hard cock, holding me from my buttocks and moving me up and down, slowly, to enjoy more the good sensation. The landscape is magical, it is snowing, the fire is burning in the chimney, and we are one and the same, uniting next to the glasses of wine, witnessing our union. I lean on my back and I moan sharp, a sigh that I had a powerful orgasm. You kiss one of my breasts, then you continue to fuck me. When I felt you were going to ejaculate I received the sperm with joy feeling in ecstasy. You touched me and I trembled excited still, you offered me a sip of wine and we continued to tell beautiful stories.

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