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As any other fields, ‘escorts field’ also has a special lingo. If you are new in the business, you might not understand some of the terms. We provide you with a slang dictionary, containing a variety of sex terms.

AC/DC – refers to a famous hard rock band in the field of music but has a completely different connotation in this field, meaning ‘bisexual’.



ANAL RECEIVING – Having your anus/rectum penetrated by your sex partner

ANAL GIVING – Penetrating your partner’s anus/rectum

AWO or BAREBACK – refers to anal sex, also called A, A-LEVELS and BUGGERY, without using protection

ATM – stands for ‘ass to mouth’ and means to have oral sex after ass penetration.

BACKDOOR – female’s anus.

BBBJ – comes from ‘bareback blow job’ and means oral sex on a man without protection.

BLOW JOB or FELLATIO – means oral sex.

BONNER – when the penis is in erection.

BOLD – Irish term meaning naughty.

BOTTOM – has a gay connotation and points the man who receives anal penetration from another man.

BUKKAKE – when several men ejaculate on a woman’s face.

BEAVER LEAVER – refers to a male homosexual.

CALL GIRL – is a high-class escort working only out call.

CIM – mouth ejaculation (cum).

COF – face ejaculation.

CUNNILINGUS – masturbating a woman with the tongue.

COITUS – sexual intercourse.

COMPLETION – orgasm.

COUPLES – threesome for couples who want a third person in their bedroom

DEEP THROAT – giving a fellatio, and having the entire penis into the mouth, ‘deep down the throat’

DOGGIE STYLE – a sexual position where the female is penetrated from behind.

DOMINATION – the client is controlled/manipulated by the escort

DOUBLE PENETRATION – a woman being penetrated by two men.

DYKE – refers to lesbian.

ESCORT – a woman who is paid to keep company and offer other sexual services.

FEMDOM – refers to ‘female dominance’.

FBSM – an acronym standing for ‘full body sexual massage’.

FIV – stimulating the vagina with the fingers.

FJ – stimulating the penis with the feet.

FISTING – introducing the entire hand in the vagina/anus.

FRENCH KISSING -the type of kiss when both partners use their tongues and enter their partner’s mouth

FULL SERVICE – sexual intercourse to completion.

GFE – stands for a girlfriend type experience.

GF3 – girlfriend experience with all 3 holes.

GANG-BANG – a sexual intercourse where a woman has sex with several men in the same time.

(to) GO DOWN ON – to make oral sex.

GLOVE or HAT – condom.

GREEK – anal sex.

GSM – g spot massage.

HALF AND HALF – combination between fellatio and coitus.

HAND JOB – being masturbated by somebody else.

HOLE – vagina.

HOTDOGGING or ITALIAN – placing the penis between the but cheeks.

HTUMA – an acronym standing for ‘his tongue up my ass’ or analingus.

INCALL – the situation in which the clients visit the escort and not the reverse.

INDEPENDENT ESCORT – an escort who works individually, without signing any contract with an agency.

(to) JERK/JACK OFF – to masturbate.

K9 – doggy style (canine).

KISS – pressing the lips against somebody as an expression of desire, love or affection

KNOCKERS – breasts.

L/A/S – looks, attitudes, service.

LITTLE BLUE HELPER – refers to Viagra.

LOAD – refers to ejaculation’s fluid.

MAN IN A BOAT – clitoris.

MATURE – refers to an experienced older escort.

MENAGE A TROIS – sexual intercourse with 3 people engaged.

MISSIONARY POSITION – a classic sexual position where the man stand above the woman, between her legs.

MEDITERRANEAN – anal sex or analingus.

MPCFS – multiple positions covered full service.

MPOS – multiple positions oral sex.

NQNS – non-quitter, no spitter; oral sex involving swallowing.

O – Orgasm.

O-levels – oral sex.

ORAL – also known as ‘ORAL WITH CONDOM’ is the sexual activity involving the stimulation of your partner’s genitals with the lips, mouth, throat and teeth, while the man is wearing a condom

ORAL without – the sexual activity involving the stimulation of your partner’s genitals with the lips, mouth, throat and teeth with no use of condoms

OTC – oral to completion.

OUTCALL – opposed to incall, and refers to escorts who go to client’s location.

OWOTC – oral without condom to completion.


PEARL NECKLACE – ejaculating over a female’s tits.

PUSSY – vagina.

QUICKIE – a fast sex act.

RIDE – sex act.

RIMMING giving – the act of stimulating your partner’s anal rim while using your tongue and lips

RIMMING receiving – having your anal rim stimulated by your sex partner

RUB & TUG or R&T – massage and masturbation.

RED WINGS – oral sex on a girl who is menstruating.

ROLE PLAY – sexual fantasy with role playing characters.

ROMAN – orgy.

SADISM or SADOMASOCHISM – a sexual practice where one can gain pleasure from painful acts.

SCREW – sex act.

SKIING – when a girl is in the middle of two men masturbating them with her hands.

SNOWBALLIN – semen swapping, transferring the semen from one mouth to another.

SODOMY – anal sex.

SPANK THE MONKEY – male masturbation.

SQUIRT – female ejaculation.

SOIXANTE-NEUF or 69 – a sexual position which involves simultaneously oral sex.

STALLION – a man with a big penis.

STRAP ON – an artificial penis (dildo) with a harness, usually used by lesbians to penetrate their partners

SWITCH HITTER – a bisexual person.

(to) TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS – to pay for sexual services.

TEABAG – placing the testicles in girl’s mouth.

TRANSLATED FRENCH – oral sex using condom.

UNIFORMS – clothes used usually in role play.

VOYEUR – a person who enjoys watching others having sex.

WATERSPORTS – sexual intercourse in which the female urinates over her partner.

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