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I’m in a bar, as usual, a little sad about being alone.

I do not mind it too much, but sometimes it gets to matter. Contrary to my way of being, never to disturb the others,



I start to shamelessly look around at the others . And to my astonishment I see that I’m not the only one who does that. At a table a little farther from me, a pretty blonde does exactly the same thing. I get up and head to the toilet, actually the toilet is on the other side and her table is not in the way, so I’m going straight to her with a very serious expression.
“Hi,” I say, “I look at you for a few good minutes and I notice you seem to be looking for a conversation with someone?”
“Hello,” she says, “it’s true, but I see no one else but you who wants to talk to me.”
So I sit down at the table, and I smile like a moron, so I imagine.
“I’ve seen you around here, it’s not the first time you’re here, and every time I noticed you alone.
“My name is Stefan,” I say, and stretch my hand as at a business meeting,
“Mariana, 27, designer, currently free and available”, she smiles and looks forward to my reaction.
“Stefan Marin, freelancer, free from all points of view” and we shake our hands, and I appreciated the firm grip of her hand.
“You have very beautiful and pleasant hands that have their own independent life.”
“Yes, she says, and I like yours too, I’ve noticed them from a long time, and to tell you a secret, I imagined themholding my hands and feeling the warmth of your hands on me.
The attraction between us is obvious, I would make a direct proposal, but I’m afraid I will be refused, but ultimately why not.
– What would you say to continue talking at home, or at your place, in a more relaxed setting?
– That’s the spirit, my gentleman, I was waiting that from you, come on, let’s do not waste time, in five minutes we’re at my home, I am living here over the road.
I’m a bit disturbed by the situation, usually I am not hanging anyone in the bars, and I do not even let myself being approached, but Mariana seems to be different and in the end I’m free and unbound.
– Let’s get something to drink from the store and relax, I hope you’re just as perverse as me, Stefan dear.
I discreetly pick up the eyebrows of appreciation, and smile with pleasure reminding me of the fun I sometimes have.
-Depend what you perceive by perversion, do not expect me to whip or ride you , but I like to look at beautiful, naked women who feel good exposing themself.
– Perfect, it’s just what I want, to expose me enough to warm me up and not jump to me in the first three seconds after you see me naked.
So, I demand the bill, she gestures her way back to the waiter and gets up taking her purse down the door.
„Looks like you have a special relationship with these waiters, it is like they are knowing your thoughts.”
„It’s my bar,dear, I’m its owner, although I do not like to look like I am, and of course they’re all like the bunnies when I am here, and you’re one of my favorite clients, let me treat you from time to time. My face falls once again and I smile like the fool, receiving a more pleasant smile back.
-I love your reaction, I hope I did not scare you and do not think you are used?
She takes my arm and she guided me, “Let’s do it, do not you think I’m obsessed, but I like your style.”
-That’s my crazy nest, how do you like it? And she puts her coat on the hanger, giving me a nice image of her body in the dress she wore. Make yourself comfortable, take off your shoes and if you don’t have anything against it you can stay for the night and leave tomorror. I mean, it’s about six o’clock in the evening, and it starts to get dark. If you want to call your mother to tell her you do not come this evening, to not make herself worry.
-I’m amazed, how do you know I’m staying with my parents?
-I like you and I asked some persons who you are and where you came from, so I know a little about you.
I call my mom to tell her that I’m not coming tonight, and I’m take off my shoes, throwing my socks as usual, remaining bare foot.
-Ooooooo you already have a like from me. I love when men stay barefoot in front of me.
-And many men remain barefoot ?? I ask maliciously.
– Well, how do I tell you, she says open, I was married and it did not work out.
-May I kiss you? She asks me and she approaches me standing straight, with her chin up, defiant and questioning.
We kissed lightly on our lips, feeling our sweetness and the fine pleasure of kissing each other.
– Yes, I like it, I go get the shower.
And she disappears, shouting over her shoulder, to feel like I am home, and that the glasses are through the kitchen.
I hear the water showering in the bathroom and I tell myself that Mariana is already under the shower, so I’m jumping out of my clothes and aiming totally naked towards the bathroom. And the surprise, Mariana is not yet in the shower, but she lighting the candles. She looks at me and stares at me, me being completely naked, looking so different than dressed. With her mouth open without words, she stays locked on my penis half erect. The shower is large and spacious, with the glass door already steamed, it smells nice because is clean, and the candles give a great atmosphere. Mariana is naked next to the shower door, a little shy, with her breasts covered with a hand, stares hypnotized at my penis, “let me do that,” she says, “and without waiting for my consent sticks to me and takes my penis in her hand, this time being perfectly erect. I penetrate her with pleasure, she is perfectly wet, she is excited and hot, she is the best. And I stop feeling the pleasure of her vagina pulsating on me, tugging around my penis. She’s already trembling and squealing in me, she is shaken by an orgasm, at least I think so.
Ahhh how much I like it all week, I’ve imagined this scene, and she is kissing me wild on my mouth, and she moves like crazy in my penis. I like how she drives the game, it’s so tight is like I’m rubbing my penis with a towel, it’s a delicious feeling, and I feel my penis getting bigger.
I slowly take the lead.
-Yes Yes!
Mariana puts both of her hands on my penis. I’m in ecstasy, I’m all a penis, I do not think anymore, I get up on my peaks stretching my legs and back muscles. Mariana’s hands rub my penis fiercely, and I feel every rubbing directly in my brain. A wave of sperm splashes her breasts, dropping hard on a nipple, the second, fresh jet of fresh sperm strikes her lips. She’s still rubbing me, and she looks with pleasure as every drop drips out of me until she leaves me without energy and breathlessness. She licks on the translucent sperm lips and gets up kissing me. I feel my sperm, the little salty taste and the aroma of musk rising to our nostrils.
Looks like we will have abeautiful night!

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