Something unforgettable

26th March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

On a rainy day I was staying on messenger.

I was upset and home alone.

Something unforgettable


I wanted to watch a movie that I wanted to see from a long time. Suddenly a good friend of mine wrote me on chat. She realized that I was upset and she asked me what was wrong. I have to say that I love talking with her, I am a different person when we speak. I replyed that I just got home, I am very upset and I want to watch a movie. After I said that I don’t know what happened but she didn’t write back. I thought that she had to leave somewhere and she didn’t have the time to respond. I turned on the movie when my phone begun to ring, it was her. She was sorry for not having the time to talk but she was in a hurry to take her dad from the airport because he was coming back in the country, but she said that if I wanted to see her the next day to talk, to share stories about what we did the last period of time. In the morning at 10 o’clock my phone was ringing again. I was sleeping and being tired I answered, it was Laura, she asked if we could meet. I said that I was sleeping and if she wanted to come at my place, because it was cole outside after that rainy evening, I was not in the mood for going out. She agreed. It didn’t take long and I heard the doorbell and I went to open the door. I was wearing a pair of shorts. I invited her in, I was trying to make the bed, as sleepy as I was. She was wearing a jacket, a tight blouse and a pair of jeans. Her gorgeous breasts could be seen through that blouse. She was not wearing a bra. She took a seat on a chair and I was sitting on the bed. Suddenly she got up and came to hug me. While we were embracing, I was feeling her boobs next to my body, I was already having an erection, I was trying my bad not to show it, but it was impossible because she was smelling so good and I was a big, incontrollable errection. While she was staying next to me she touched my penis by mistake and I pretented I didn’t notice. I asked her if she wants something but she said that for the moment no. I calmed down in her arms but I was still excited and from where I could tell she was too. I was feeling her nipples very hard. I was starting to desire her, I was feeling so good in her arms. I began to hold her tight in my arms too to feel her close to me. She saw that I was holding her she turned with her back at me. I had no idea what to do to hide my erection, but it didn’t take long and she begun pushing on me. She was rubbing slightly to my penis, I was feeling the warmth of her body. Her nipples were getting harder and harder. I begun to kiss her slowly on her neck, the back of her head, her ear. While I was kissing her slowly I was also touching her breasts, I was massaging her nipples with my finger. She was making me wanting mermore. I put my hand slowly under her blouse and I felt her boobs. They were so excited. I got up her blouse and finally I felt her body sticked to mine. I was kissing her neck and with a hand I was pressing her chest and down to her abdomen. I got under her jeans… I was feeling her pussy that was so wet! She put me on my back and put herself on top of me. Then she begun tu kiss my neck, my ear, my chest, then my abdomen, she was going lower and lower. She took off my shorts, looked at my penis and she started rubbing it with her soft hands. I was exploding inside. After she touched it a little she got up and took off her jeans remaining only in bikini. She was gorgeous, with a killer body. Then she looked again towards my penis. She took it slowly into her mouth. I was feeling her tongue touching my penis. I was so fucking horny. She sucked it a little bit more and then she began rubbing her pussy to my penis. Then I knew it was my turn. I lay her on her back and we began to kiss each other. I lowered my tongue on her neck and tits. I was squeezing her breasts, I was licking them, I was biting them. She grabbed my hair and pushed me lower. I reached the bikini area. I started to lick her pussy through her panties, up and down, slow, very slow. I felt her how she wanted to control herself but she was pretty horny , she began to tremble, I was teasing her by kissing her pussy and her legs. She was very wet and she was pushing my mouth into her pussy. I was still licking her slowly through her panties. It didn’t take long and I took her bikini off. She was having such a beautiful pussy. I begun to kiss her very slowly. It was tasting divine, I wanted her so badly. I grabbed her legs up and I put my penis on her pussy. It was so good! I squeezed her boob and I carressed it. I penetrated her deeper, she wanted it all, she was pushing me into her. I was moving faster. I took it out for a little bit and in that moment she pushed me inside her telling me that she wanted me badly. I began to move quicky and she was trembling, I was feeling like I was going to cum inside her, but she was near also. I told her I was going to ejaculate and then I lay on my back and she got on top of me in the sixty nine position. She sucked my penis in a fantastic way. I was licking her pussy also, we were about to melt. Finally I finished into her mouth and she swallowed everything. She turned with her face to me telling me that she wished that to happen from a very long time. I kissed her forehead and I smiled. It was spectacular and unbelivable that I did that with her. I have always considered her just a friend. And I was thinking now that I wasn’t going to let her go, she was going to be mine forever. I took her in my arms and we closed our eyes, and we fell asleep together, smelling of love.

So, to put it in a nutshell, life once again beats the movie. Everything can happen unexpectedly, when you do not even think about it, life can surprise you still. I mean to realize that love was beneath my nose, so close to me and not being aware of it. I felt so thankful that my destiny brought her into my life, because she is the love of my life and I guess that God gave me such a gift, a wonderful person to have as my partner, I hope that forever. I love the perfume that our bodies were spreading after each time when we were making love!

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