Stefan from the office

22nd November, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

What can I do to attract the attention of this exquisite man,

cherished by each of the women who more or less temporarily populate our corridors?

Stefan from the office


Nobody knows anything about him, because he’s been retired all the time in his office … like in an iron tower. I leave my laptop on my desk and I turn it to him. I would approach him and move on to the other side of the desk, he might just feel that I changed my perfume … maybe he would understand … but he bends a little over on his huge desk, and he puts his glasses better on his nose. I bend myself, as if I want to show him better, maybe he will see the black lace of the bra, that I prepared it for a long time in the mirror and the bold cleavage of the classic jacket I took … and I dressed today especially for him …
“Nelly, he smiles at me. It seems to me that you are not paying attention at all …”How many times do I have to tell you that this column … in fact all of these columns on the left … ”
Stefan has such blue eyes. Amazing eyes …! They sometimes look like steel, sometimes like the sea … yeah, sometimes I feel like I sink into me when he looks at me carefully, calmly … and sometimes I feel like I am cold, like I’m paralyzing…
“Nelly … if you want to. You can take a seat, to listen to me … ”
He invites me with a simple, collegial and kind gesture, pointing me to the little desk at the window, to the right … where usually is the secretary … but behind the thin lenses your eyes are troubled … the expression itself is no longer the one known … it would be great if he found the letters that gave that error message … maybe I was not careful enough and the scroll came … I sit in silence at that desk.
“Because you’re always getting stuck in these excel documents …” – you continue and seem to have a weight, something … in breathing
“Yes” … Stefan, you do not remember that you took this series of laptops and you set them up everywhere, you came at each of us and you showed u show to manage those.
You are breathing hard … you close your eyes … I hope it’s a temporrary thing … you leave yourself on your back of the chair, after you put onthe song “I’m crazy” … you turn the volume louder …
“Why would I not be …?”
I get up, maybe you have something, but you raise your palm, stopping me … I do not know what to do: to ignore your gesture or to listen to you …? But I’m listening to you, maybe the emotion (if it’s that emotion !!!) is too big, if I come over you … who knows, maybe I will only make it worse, we’re still at work … well, okay, then I stay here at the window, I open the document. Yes … because I’m ashamed, I’m so ashamed that … since I’ve seen you and … I met those eyes with a bright blue, undefined and profound, I imagined how I would look being with you, such women’s torments, maybe you would understand one day and you will forgive because beyond those gentle, like steel eyes, I’m convinced that you have a good and warm soul and … Uh, God, forgive me, can somebody understand me that I’m so weak that …? Yes , that some nights … I’m crying when I think how I got Teddy out of the house because … he wanted me to do to him … that thing … and he was even smoking in the house … in the end he was good enough, he was not going to drink in town or to other women, he was bringing all the money in the house, only that …! Yeah, sometimes I want him to be next to me … I am a weak and forgiving person … like most women …
“Stefan, what is it?” –
I’m awakening due to your thoughts which are deep and prolonged. I get up. You stay for a few moments, your hands are gathered somewhere beneath the desk, on your belly maybe. You wait a few moments with your eyes closed, I want to approach you, but again your gesture decided, with your right palm.

“Are you good to bring me a glass of water?”
I look around for the water: from where can I get the water? We have … in the fridge … mineral water … but …
“What kind of water, Stefan?”
You breath deeply again , then you raise your shoulders like a baby :
“Water from the sink. Please…!”
Man with simple tastes, stylish. So I’m headed straight for the door, I would run, but that would probably increase his concern … maybe the others too, who look through the wide open doors of the offices. I’m crashing into the door with Vicky … what …? … What does she look here ?! i could almost drop the glass with water…
He looks much better now, look in a minute … max two … he’s back, so it’s clear it was an absolute temporrary state … a cramp … it’s happening … we are not so young anymore … hisforehead seem to be sweaty, yet … he arranges something … probably his belt … it is tight … then he sits down and looks at me long, as if he would not you know what I’m looking for there, in his office … Then he sighs:
“Thanks, Nelly,” he says, and drinks out of the glass.
“You are welcome …” I answer and I get closer to him.
“What’s wrong with you, Stefan?”
“Nothing.” – and he looks at me for a few moments, directly, inspiring slowly … his nostrils seem to expand a bit … does he feel the perfume …?
He continues to look at me, more precisely he stares at me … yes, that’s the word … while with your left hand you throw a napkin with which you wiped your hands … they got sweaty during the crisis that you had… or what it was … only when you look at me like this … it just makes me cold … as if you are undressing me … I start to tremble slightly, your deep, blue eyes have some wonder in them … Then suddenly you smile … your perfect teeth … But it is too much … those eyes that … just dissect me … and look, again, your gentle smile envelops me so warm.
“Just so you know, I saw it,” you say, and the smile is unimaginable … there are no words.
Like in a slow-motion movie, I’m going back to the window, to my laptop … but the angle does not allow me … I can only get up from the eyebrows, questioning … and you are smiling, gently … and close your eyes.
I have the feeling that the world is crashing over me, anyway, my feet are instantly moistening when … you leave your palm over my hand … in the office next door several voices suddenly burst into laughter …
” Dont you think it would be the time to talk about it? “- you raise your eyebrows with the cheek muscles slightly strained … it’s impossible … your look is both hard and demanding at the same time …
“Oh yes … yes yes … sure. Now, Stefan? ”
I’m coming to you irresistibly … you’re like a magnet … you do not resist me anymore, you still keep my hand in yours … I would take you in my arms, I would … oh, my God. This is your smell ?! It’s my turn to retire, I have to master myself, I’m so excited that I may be able to ruin everything (the animal in me has remembered … that smell … yes! It’s easy to be an animal. .. you feel the smell and done!), you look at me slightly frowned, inquiring, naive … like all men … you have no way of understanding what a volcano is going to explode in me … for now … and sent only that stench … of … the sperm … it was buried somewhere … i am scared of what kind of animal is in me …
“Nelly, it’s no time or place here … let’s face it! – you say with your warm voice, but decided, it gradually calms me. If somehow … ”

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