Tequila and roses

30th November, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

The sounds of the steps were mingling with laughter and good will.

I had a bottle of tequila, my wife was hanging by my arm, alongside us was Irina with a generous bouquet of roses together with Andrei – her husband.

Tequila and roses

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We were not so drunk, but we spent enough money – it was Irina’s birthday and that meant inevitably a lot of dancing, glasses “all the way” and Irina’s own way to make you feel at ease at any party you attended.
“We’ll have 2 more rows of drinks and we’ll leave,” we said, melting in the immense mattresses in their apartment. But everything was already spinning … I did not even know why I was laughing, how many were followed over the “two rows”, it was nice and worry-free. The red, difuse light of the lamp, the smell of roses and the state of freedom were making you not aware of the time.
I opened my eyes in a moment of silence … we probably all fell asleep without realizing it … all of us next to each other … the girls in the middle, my wife Katya was with her face at me, sleeping with a deep smile on her face. I got her in my arms and the inevitable happened … I touched Irina .. I do not know how … I think that my arm accidentally touached her breasts. I felt a slight energy in the chest and I forced myself to do it again … this time, willingly … I stretched my hand to her.
In fact what could happen … they are simple reactions … in sleep, naturally … I did not realize it. With my eyes opened slightly, I stumbled over my wife’s shoulder as Irinacame closer to my hand. I was thinking if she was sleeping or she was doing it intentionally. My heart began to beat as hard as possible, I was trying to remain calm, but everything was slow but still fast. My hand covered her whole breast. Irina was sleeping in a thin shirt and I tried to feel her breast without pressing it, so that I would not wake her. It was no longer needed because a thrill instantly crossed me when I felt her hand over my hand … which was urging me to continue … There were a few moments of explosive sensations … those interdected touches in that context were almost as intense as sex. After I felt one of my fingers between her lips, it was clear that I could not stop … And I decided to risk.
I got up first …. Easy … and I signaled her to follow me in the hall. We went up in the bathroom at the end of the hall away from the living room where our partners were sleeping. She was stuck to the wall, wet lips on her throat, the hair that smelled mercilessly, hands exploring the whole body, and she, with a simple move, pulled off her shirt to show me the beginning temptation. They were white and slender, slightly sharper than my wife. Now Irina was almost naked, trembling with excitement and aware that time was not in our favor, I approached the shorts she had and I opened the zipper. Staying in her lace panties, we could not stop ourselves from touching and caressing. In a few seconds we were both naked, she was glued to the wall, and I behind her, I was going to start the final exploration … I was feeling every millimeter of my penis coming in and out, the excitement was maximum, the blurred breath and the movements were synchronized as possible. It was a maddening feeling … the sight of a bulging bottom, the hands that still gnawed the breasts, the quiet atmosphere of a foreign house, a foreign woman, the idea that we could be caught, the idea that our partners were in another room. We have not resisted much … we both were at a maximum of excitement … and anyway we could not do it for a long time … it was quite risky. It ended in a long sigh … while the bodies were gathering as much as possible to each other. It was like a story that ended but whose perfume remains.

I do not know how I got out of there, I dressed fast … dizzy … and I went back to the living room. I went next to Katya. In a few moments, Irina returned. Meanwhile, the places were changed, in the middle were now Andrei and Katya and we were next to our partners in the side. Luckily, none of them realized what happened… and we were resting as we were sometimes looking at each other.
Irina was smiling naughty, but she seemed slightly shameful for what she done … He took Andrew in her arms. The silence in the walls of the room was placed under pressure over our senses … it was somewhat unreal but palpable. Thrilling because in my blood was still a lust. I couldn’t take my eyes off Irina … I could see her quiet caresses on Andrew’s arm … and her leg stuck to his body, she was nearly crouched on him … They were looking so great together, I thought after seeing them kissing slightly, even though I was also remembering those lips … I lowered my hand between my wife’s legs and began to slowly massage her while I was looking at them as they were unleashing easily – Irina climbed on Andrei and began to open his shirt, then she pulled it off … a move that along with my caresses awakened Katya … She was already excited and Andrei’s half-naked image and Irina’s kissing him gave her a deep sigh and an accomplished smile. She approached me and began to kiss me long … it was clear that she liked what was going on … It was 3 in the morning and from the red lamp it could be seen on the walls the shadows of bodies that were rolling and humping. In a few seconds we were near them … Irina had already stripped Andrei completely, and she was in the panties I had seen earlier in. And we were almost … I do not know how that movement was, but without realizing it , Irina, after she kissed Andrei approached Katya and touched her lips … I saw her hesitating but she responded to her kiss … then she took off her T-shirt and the breasts touched themselves … Everything was happening with a strange naturality … we were close to each other and the atmosphere seemed to be from an art film … in no way porn or vulgarity. I do not know how she went from Andrei’s kiss to Katya’s kiss and then to me … I woke up with her on me as inevitably Katya approached Andrei … The blood was pumping me vertiginously … I felt excited, jealous … Andrew was the only one who was total naked … he was looking very good … athletic, with strong jaws and a golden skin, with well-contoured legs and strong arms. Irina smiled at me … she opened my belt again and in a few seconds I was naked and she descended with overwhelming confidence to my penis … Katya looked excited just like me , as my penis was touched by the lips of another woman … easy at first, a small tongue, over its head, then her lips, caressing it patiently. When that happened, I was shaken by a thrill that came from the fact that Andrei had approached Katya and caressed her on her shoulders, neck, breasts … His wife was sucking me with a soothing appetite and I was looking to see what was happening with them . Helped by the difuse light that gave her courage, Katya approached him more and touched hischest. As they were embraced, he was caressing her butt as she was caressing his arms, his chest and their tongues met. Then she lowered her hands over his buttocks, touching his muscular legs and turning back on his back ,and Andrew turned back showing his penis. Among the moans that Irina’s lips caused me, I watched the thin fingers of my wife who had reached Andrew’s erected penis and she was caressing it as she was kissing his chest … The next few seconds were so intense, as never before … Then Katya, in a gesture of consciousness / unconscious, stood up completely naked and approached me, removing Irina with a very erotic gesture… a kind of caress … and kissing her briefly … .she put herself on top of me and we made love like crazy. At one point I turned her with her face to Andrei and Irina and we made love watching them having sex and they were looking at us …
That’s how that night was consumed, among the smell of roses and the red light of the lamp…

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