The accent of love 1

3rd April, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I stayed at Laura more than I have planned initially.

Why does the time has to pass so quickly when you are having fun?

The accent of love 1


It is 8 o,clock and I am not at home yet, I did not even leave the station. I cannot wait to get home and to relax by reading a great book. I know exactly what I will choose, I prepare from a long time to rwad this book and now is the perfect moment for it because … My thoughts were stopped by the arrival of the bus which I was waiting for, I got in feeling soc old , it was naturally because it was the end of December. This thought invaded my heart, Christmas was coming in just a few days. I can not say why, but since I was little, Christmas was my favorite holiday. Was it because I loved that atmosphere, or maybe that were the gifts I was receiving and I was also offering to my loved ones? I only had a few shopping to do, probably tomorrow I’ll solve this problem.
I sat down in the place that had just been released. In the bus everything was so monotonous, it felt the fatigue that has accumulated over the day and now it was pressing over everyone’s heads. I scanned the girls’ faces with a natural head movement. I turned my head to the window, trying to keep an eye on the lights running on the edge of the street, wrapping it in a pale accent. I melancholically touched the cold window and I got cold. Bored, I fixed my eyes on the other bus passengers looking for an interesting girl to study. My thoughts stopped me from slowing down the means of transport, probably arriving at the station. I turned my attention to the people who were getting down and those who were anxious to get in. A frightening cooler struck my face, reminding me what to expect when I was getting down. I was seeing the new people on the bus, they were regular people, people who most likely returned from work except for one girl who drew my attention. She was a monotonous dressed in a pair of classic jeans, a black jacket, her neck protected by a white scarf. She was having beautiful features. The eyes of a special brown and the thin lips gave her an air of superiority. I was watching her fascinated losing myself in my dream. Her eyes stared at me, and intimidated, I stared at the unobtrusive glass. I was very impatient to look at her, but I felt struck by that beauty. I stuck my window nose with the hope that my emotions will be shattered by the cold of the window.
The bus started with a deaf noise, but I could hardly be careful about this little detail. The place next to me was released, leaving a void like my heart. With a precise motion, someone sat down. I turned my stunned gaze, trying not to meet her gaze again … my heart went to the chase when I saw who was next to me, it was her. From reflex, my eyes fled to that perfect face. Maybe she noticed my sudden gesture because she looked at me, our gaze met for a few seconds. Maybe I looked like a fool, otherwise I felt like one. Her face was wearing a confused smile.
Feeling lost, I looked back at the other passengers trying to seem as natural as I could, but it was hard enough , my heart was racing in my chest. My hands began to tremble nervously, tracing the seeming calmness. Was it a dream or a reality? Was this boy, I mean me, so lost in the image of perfection that was only a few centimeters away from him? The bus slowed down again to stop at the next station, I was just a little bit and soon I could get out of this vicious circle of perfection.
The bus took the new passengers and started it again from the place. The phone call distracted me. It was her own , when I felt her trying to get something out of her pocket. In this difficult attempt, her elbow hit mine and it was as if a wave of heat warms my soul. Tending to rebuke a normal figure, I tried to focus again on the poorly lit streets that were flowing behind me.
The monotonous noise of voices became an old memory when I heard that sweet, sweet voice …
– I get here in 10 minutes, I have a little bit more and I get to the station you told me! Kiss you! Bye!
She started to move again, hitting me again with her elbow. At the next station I had to go down. I stood up feeling the bus slowing down. Throughout this movement, my eyes met hers again, and the same smile I saw on her face. She was beautiful, no doubt …The doors opened and my feet barely moved, I got down, facing the harsh air outside. It was as cold as a few minutes ago when we were waiting at the station, but I felt warm inside and sad too. I would never have dreamed of a person like her so I will not dream even now, but it’s so hard. There’s something I will never have …
My thoughts stopped because of the same sweet and unique voice :
-Hey, could you tell me where the Stefan cel Mare street is? she asked me. I was stunned, but I was pretty lucid to realize it was close to the block where I lived, so with a fainted voice, I just managed to guess that I was heading for the same street.
-Super! Can I go with you to show me where it is? She said and the enthusiasm could be read on her face.
I nodded, approving. Why was it so hard to say the word “yes”? My neck was dry, my vocal cords throbbing in an attempt to answer, but without result. We started to walk and I was feelingher on my right. She was right there and she was going with me, strange and also beautiful. I wanted a moment like this, I wanted to stay with her for a few seconds, but I did not think it could be possible.
– So, can I ask why you’re so thoughtful?
I looked confused, confronting myself again like earlier with that lack of expression.
-I’m Claudiu, this was my first reaction to hearing her voice.
She laughed. I looked at her scared trying to understand what amused her so much. I asked her from my eyes without risking to put my neck on a new torture, which was talking
– I asked you what were you thinking about, and you gave me as answer something else, but is ok. By the way, I’m Andreea. Nice to meet you! she said, and stretched out her hand. Confused I took my hand out of my pocket and grabbed hers. I had cold hands, hers were hot. I felt like every nervous end of my fingers enjoyed that touch so pleasant.
The rest of the way we were both silent, the silence was becoming embarrassing. Before I realized it, we were in front of the block where I was staying.
-It seems so far here we went together! Here I think I have to go in!
– I think I also enter here! In fact, I’m sure I live here!
She smiled at my remark, unveiling those perfect white teeth again.
I do not know how it happened, but in a few minutes I was in front of the apartment I was staying with my sister. I looked at her, waving at her to say goodbye. Instead of answering she asked me confused:
– Here you live?
I nodded, and she started to laugh.
-It looks like I have to go in here too. She smiled to me. I looked puzzled at her. Is Bianca your sister?
-Yes! I said trying to figure out what was going on, but in the next second I did. It seems like my sister had brought her friends again home and had a party. I hated this thing. The music was heard in the small apartment. To avoid further quarrels with Bianca I went to my room. I avoided watching her again.
My old room, my refuge. I took off my jacket by leaving it on the back of the chair beside the desk. I lay on the bed bored with the music coming from the next room. My sister’s parties were taking me out of my mind, always coming with her friends, and by the morning I could not sleep anymore. The thought flew to Andreea. I stretched my hand and took the mp3 from my desk and put the earphones in my ears trying to ignore what was being heard next door. It was so good to leave myself in my music. It was like floating above all, making me feel so easy, so good …

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