The accent of love 2

7th April, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It looks like I fell asleep.

I woke up about ten being dizzy from the loud music.

The accent of love 2


Being angry I got off the bed and I opened the door furious. This time Bianca went beyond the limit. “Bianca, turn the music down!” I screamed with all my lungs. Everyone in the room was staring and me and they started to laugh. But her look got my attention. She looked embarrassed. I didn’t have time to observe more, because Bianca got up and came to me. I knew the smile she was having on the face. “Looks who got up with a bad mood… Oops, my beloved brother!” Her voice was irritated and ironic. I felt the blood was invading my cheeks and I looked down. Why does she has to be like that? To talk to me like that? I decided to confront her, as I was having such power suddenly. “I am proud of myself! So you can say what you want! I am what I am and I will be exactly what I want, not what other people want!” I was shouting everything that I was having inside and I did not tell my sister before. I met her gaze again. I was seeing confusion. I was distracted from my thoughts when I heard the knocking in the door. It was Andreea. “ May I come in?” She asked, shy. Without saying anything more she closed the door and came near me. She took a seat on the edge of the bed. “What do you say? You wanna go out from here?” She asked with such an enthusiasm that she transmited a part of her great mood to me also. I nodded, shy. I saw her getting up so I followed her. I took my jacket and I went outside after her. We started walking, getting further from the builduing where I was living. From the direction where we were going, it looked like we were heading to the station where Andreea spoke to me for the first time. The silence was becoming more and more oppressive with every step that we were taking. The emotions were starting to get in me again. I was starting to realize where we were and what I was doing. I was with her , walking on the street. I was happy inside, enjoying those moments that maybe were not going to happen again. The street was dark, the lights were getting pale. I smiled at her and she smiled back. It looked to me that she was having a more beautiful smile . A thing was certain: she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen, so I tried to profit from every second spent with her. I was looking at her from time to time, and she was doing the same. “Where exactly are we going, if I may ask?” “The prisoner isn’t allowed to talk!” Andreea said smiling. “You will see when we arrive”! I liked that mysterious side of her. I remained in silence for the rest of the road. We didn’t walk too much, I guess for another 5/10 minutes, the we stopped in front of the building not far from the area were Andreea was living. She walked before me and I followed her. The suspense was growing, my thoughts were crazy. Where she could take me? We entered the building , climbing the stairs behind her. We stopped in front of a door with number 11. Now that she finally was with her back at me , I could look at her without retain. I could not dare to say that I want love. I just wanted her to be with me. “Do you want me to get you something to drink?” She said and got up. Her room was a little more big than her kitchen, it was a large window in it. The artifficial light was powerful lighting the space. It was simple and nice. It was also a desk with a computer. On the opposite side was the bed. There were also a wardrobe and an armchair. It was nice to be there, the blue wall were creating a peaceful atmosphere. I sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting for her to seat on the chair in front of the desk. “Do you want to sleep? I think it’s more than 2 o’clock…” Her voice was strange, the accent of happiness was gone. “I am a little bit tired.” Actually, I was more than tired but I didn’t want to say that. “In the first closet there you have a pair of short pants and a T-shirt, you will probably want to change, to sleep more comfortable, I am ready in a minute, I go take a shower.” When I opened my eyes I was blinded by the strong light which was coming in the room. I don’t know what was the time exactly. I was trying to recover myself, it was like I fell from the third floor. My whole body was hurting me. I realized that the place next to me was empty. With a fast rapidity all the events that happened a night before rewinded in my mind. I was disturbed realizing that I was still there at her place, but where was she? I didn’t have to wait too long because the door opened and Andreea came in. She lay next to me. A thing cought my attention, her hand was on my hand, but she seemed not to give importance to that thing. She was smiling. I smiled a little bit uptight. We were not talking much but most of the time it looked like we were understanding each other from our eyes. I was full of thoughts when I felt two strong hands caught me from behind. I turned back shocked. It was her. She was holding me in her arms and then she kissed me. I was dreaming or it was reality? I was melting under that avalanche of feelings. It was something pleasant and unforgettable. It was not a dream. I was sure , but I was still afraid that I might wake up and she will not be there anymore. Her lips were on mine. They were sharing their sweetness. She was so sweet and tasty. Meanwhile her hands were keeping me more tight next to her. I put my hands around her and I pulled her closer. She began to put her hands all over my body and she carressed my face. I felt her emotion. I started to caress her also, while still kissing each other. We were both catching for breath, we were enjoying the moment at its fullest and we wanted more and more. I was holding her hand and I took her to her room. My heart was beating very fast. I felt her hand underneath my T-shirt, caressing me tenderly. Her palms were making me tremble. I touched her face and I told her I love her. She laughed slowly and did the same thing. We sat on the bed continuing kissing . We wanted each other. I took off her T-shirt. She was kissing my neck and chest. I was caressing her back with slow moves. I lay her on the bed and I put myself on top of her. I teased her like I was gonna kiss her but I did not. I went down slowly on her neck, sniffing it. Her skin was having a sweet smell. I was touching her breasts with my right hand. I went up again trying to feel her breath. She was breathing heavy. I kissed her again more powerfully. She answered in the same way. I lay in bed and she put on my chest. She started to draw lines with her hand. I kissed her hair. I couldn’t believe what was going on. “I love you!” She whispered and kissed my neck. “I love you”! I answered. She began to kiss me again. The taste of her lips was driving me mad. I held her strong in my arms and I began to caress her. It was so nice… It was a dream from which I didn’t want to wake up!

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