The battle: remember and forget!

20th November, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Sometimes love can hurt!

There are moments when you feel like a relationship is damaging your soul too much, and then you think about certain possibilities that will help you not suffer anymore. Sometimes, love does hurt!

You can neither live with that person, nor without her/him. And then what is to be done? Continue this love or not?

Love is hard to obtain, hard to conserve and hard to maintain! Undoubtedly it can cause you pain, but it must be there, it gives sense to your life and magic to your heart!

One day a couple was sharing their thoughts about the day that had just past!

Sensual couple


‘So, how was your day my darling?’

‘OK, I guess! You know honey… I’ve read something interesting about the life as a couple!’

‘And? Tell me, I want to know! Was it something important that I need to know?’

‘Yes, we have to talk… So, I’ve an idea, if you want it too, of course!’

‘OK! What?’

‘Well, I’ve read an article about how a relationship can be improved! And the article was saying that…’

‘But, honey wait… Do we need to improve it? Isn’t it perfect just the way it is?’

‘It is perfect, but there is always a place for improvements…’

‘If you say so…’ (Being a little bit disappointed by the idea!)

‘So, as I was saying, we have to take a day or two to think about things that we would like to change to our partner and write them down on a piece of paper!’


The impulse of the moment!



Sometimes the beating of the two hearts may apparently be similar; however they might mean sacrificing as well, in order to follow the same path in life! Fill up your souls with the magic of the moment! True love never dies!

Love can sometimes be perceived as a gamble, you either have luck or not! You can never know what life has prepared for you! And what is sadder – most of the times it does not depend only on you!

The turning point in your relationship might have to deal with your ability to get over the feeling of resentment! Sometimes, even the most delicious words cannot compensate a damage you have done!

Apparently a smile, a sweet kiss is unimportant… Wrong! They all have a special spot in our souls that act as a cure for bad moments… Give permission for them to gather in the same place!

Break the chains between mind and soul, and only then you will be able to get a solution for your problems! Love is not about acting as strangers, it is about sharing everything including your deepest thoughts!

One day has passed and the woman was already filling her second page!

As the man was watching her, he was becoming more and more sad…

‘Is it something wrong baby?’

‘No! Continue your work!’

‘Well, I’m writing my thoughts because tomorrow is the second day and we have to talk about our game! How is this going for you?’

‘OK! We’ll talk tomorrow!’

‘I can’t wait!’

Maybe I was expecting too much! A genuine battle…

Wash away all your past disappointments and open up your heart and mind! Do not behave like friendly strangers! However, always keep in mind that sometimes words hurt much more than facts!

‘Come out Passion, wherever you are!’ Forgive mistakes and guard your soul for what it is to come! Love can really make you shine!

Happy people


We all have the real potential to change everything around us so as to be perfect and enough! Some search for perfection, while others make it look like perfection!

Do not waste your luck on useless things, enjoy your best moments and get over your worst ones! But what is most important, learn how to value what you have, before it is too late and you’ll say – ‘I didn’t learn what I had!’

Love is like an arrow; it might break your soul into millions of pieces and shatter them all over the place, if you are not careful enough! Trust your lover with your whole heart and make your faith be bigger than your fears!

And the second day comes…

‘Oh, my baby, the day has come… Let’s talk! You first!’ says the woman

No, my darling, you should start!

‘Perfect!’ and she starts reading the four pages she has written with all the things he has to change!

After some minutes…

‘So what do you say? Can you do all these things for me?’

‘Of course I can do anything for you my love!’

‘Wonderful! Now, it’s your turn!’

‘We’ll here’s what I’ve written!’

‘But, it’s blank!’

‘Yes, because you are perfect just the way you are! I am in love with your soul and I do not wish anything to change! For me our relationship is perfect!’

My heart is silent, while my inner voice is too loud!

Words hurt and there is nothing to do about it! Pay attention to what you wish, because it might be too much! Find out the limits and cherish the one who is forever beside you!

Hear the music from your heart! Be the sorcerer of your own life, because you can achieve everything, including happiness!

Do not lose the true meaning of a couple’s life, it means acceptance and understanding! Wanting to change too much on your partner might mean a different reality hidden somewhere in your subconscious! Accept him/her as an entire entity with both pros and cons. Remember you have fallen in love with them the way they are today, so do not change exactly that thing that has attracted you, or you might lose it all!

Love couple


Try not to remember the things you are supposed to forget! They are not worth your attention! Love can give you enough strength to get over your issues! It does not matter what mistakes your lover has done, if he/she can still bring a smile on your face, then you just do not have to lose him!

Think carefully about your feelings! Patience and time might be your best solutions! The trivial side of love can always be part of your perception and a result of your own acts. Let us avoid the drama and sadness from our lives! It should be more than that!

Have the courage to find out what the other is honestly thinking about you so that you can have a clear view on what is really happening! Love can sometimes hurt, but there is always a cure for any type of pain!

The scar will forever remain there, but you can overcome it. You cried, you suffered, but now it is the time to get over it! And if your love is strong enough, then it will resist in time! There is no doubt about this…

Why people are not always pleased with what they have, and always in a search for a better version? Why are we on a constant search to improve the one who stands beside us?

‘Why is it that we don’t always recognize the moment love begins, but we always recognize the moment it ends?’ (Unknown author)

Always think about the consequence of your own acts! You can be sure that the marks will forever remain there, and that whatever you do can never be entirely deleted from a person’s mind!

As you feel the end coming, you can be sure that a near beginning is due to start as well! There should be no traces of regrets or resentments! It all happens with a reason – to make you stronger!

The ultimate dream – to love and be loved exactly the way we are!

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