The beginning of a summer

17th January, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Angela came alone to pick me from the train station because my parents were at work.

When I stepped on the platform I was received with kisses and hugs from a voluptous brunnette.

The beginning of a summer


It took me a minute or two but then I recognized her in my arms. I took my luggage and I went to Angela’s car in a hurry, but since she wasn’t stopping from kissing me I had to take her up. Finally we arrived at her car and after my luggage was in I kissed her. She opend her mouth and united her tongue with mine, while my hands were touching her back and her perfect ass. I should take a break and describe Angela, who I value a lot, maybe more than my own life. She has a perfect hight, with a very long, shiny, black hair  and a pair of greeb eyes like two emeralds. Her breasts are strong and round, despite their huge measure, she usually does not wear a bra. I was not in the mood for driving, I wanted to do other things, so I let Angela drive, letting myself free to touch her and her pussy. It’s like a payment for what she did to me when she accompanied me to the train station the last time. I touched her tighs , slowly, from her knee to the edge of her dress, teasing her. I told her to stop on the side of the road. Well, someone took care of her pussy while I was gone, but he wasn’t good enough. But I waa careful with our secret, because if anyone would find out, it won’t be goid for us. Now we will have all the summer for us, and when it will end, it will follow the happiness that we have been waiting for 9 years. I found an apartment for the two of us for the next 4 years when we will be at college. Everyone else will know that we will share the rent, but just the two of us will know what else we will share. “Pull over on the side of the road, I can’t control myself anymore!” I told her being horny. “I’m looking for a hidden place, not to be seen”. What to say, she knows me better that I expected , and so I know her. “We should find a safe place, be patient, young man!” A minute later we were on a country road where we have been before. We will be alone for sure. When she finally stopped the car, I was already outside picking some stuff from my luggage. “I’m taking a blanket and some condoms.” “Why?” “Because the back seat is too small and the dirt is too strong”! “Dorine, I want you to undress me like you used to.” She told me with a naughty smile on her lovely face. It looks like she is in the mood for playing. I lay beside her and I began to suck one of her nipples, while with my hand I was touching her freshly shaved pussy. She streched to my hard penis, moaning. “Oh, Dorine, I missed your touch so much, now I have you again and I am so hot for you!” I have never figured it out, in all these years, how she was reaching the orgasm so fast! Maybe I was too good! I took my mouth out of her nipple and I licked my fingers full of her juice, sharing the flavour with Angela. I lay on my back and she put her pussy on my face, licking my penis’s head. When I tried to licke her pussy she got up from her waist, teasing me. “Get back on my mouth!” I said to her, grabbing her down from her asa and licking her wet and hot clitoris. I could feel her neck contracting around my penis as I was penetrating her perfect mouth. I felt her orgasm approaching, but I didn’t realize how close it was. She smashed her pussy on my face and had another strong orgasm , pulling me after her. She grabbed my penis with her mouth, rubbing it to maintain it hard, saying:”That was good, to deserve to fill up my pussy!” I kissed her while spreading her legs with my knee, while she was pushing into my body. I put myself between her legs and she lay down and she guided my penis to her wet and soft pussy. Slowly I pushed my penis’s head to her pussy entrance and I teased her a little bit just letting my penis’a head inside her before I pulled it back. What can I say, I love it so much to tease her, and she is the same. Angela ordered me to penetrated her in that moment, by scratching my back! I laughed and I pushed my hard penis inside her touching her uterus while I was all inside her. She arched her back and had another orgasm, she was screaming, trembling and mumbling incoerent stuff. I had just started ti fuck her in that moment, feeling her tight pussy, covering my penis in all of her happinness. Angela was delirating due to that pleasure, calling my name while I was getting deep inside her. It was my gift for her birthday. I was feeling her tightness around my dick everytime she was having a strong orgasm. After each orgasm, her heat from her pussy was increasing. When I felt my orgasm approaching, she had just had a strong one, and that motivated me also, I simply exploded in her pussy when she began to have her last orgasm, the strongest one. I put myself on top of her, she kissed my neck and she put her hands in my hair. “ I love you Dorian, I love you more than it can be described in words! From now on you will never leave me, understood?” She told me serious, between hot kisses. “I love you too, Angela! I arranged an apartment near campus when you are coming in autumn, so now you know how the next four years will be! Then we shall see, because we will do whatever we want!” Angela wasn’t aware of the apartment. It was something that I wanted to ask her and now it was the best moment. I checked my watch and I told her that I was gone from the train station for more than an hour. We gathered our things and we left to a perfect vacation. On the road I could not take my eyes off her, I was devouring her with my eyes. She liked the idea thar we were going to have a house of our own, being able to make love whenever we wanted. She was looking at me from time to time and she was smiling at me satisfied. I dreamed about this from a long time and now was the moment to break up with the woman I was. I was in love with Angela, she was attracting me even when we were just talking by the phone. I was thinking about her day and night.
The road seemed so long until we arrived at our love nest, where we were going to experience the best ever! It is such a powerful feeling to love and feel loved, to just be with someone who completes you and who is there for you body and soul. The sex is amazing when it is done with chemistry between the partners. I was lucky to have Angela in my life.

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