The best friend 1

9th May, 2019 - Posted by admin in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I have always tried to hold my strong attraction to my best friend.

The thought of putting in danger a beautiful friendship that lasted from 5 years helps me to control better.

The best friend 1


In these 5 years, each of us had his relationship. He always asked me why I was not involving in a relationship anymore, but through jokes and ways of hide the truth, I was managing to escape without saying the main reason that was the fact that I was crazy in love with him. He was already at his third serious relationship since we wet, he was together from 7 months with his actual girlfriend and everything was going on good. I started to meet rarely with them , with him lately, to avoid him not to create problems in his love life, no matter how much I love him, I could not lose him forever. He asked me what was going on, if I was upset with him or why does he feel that I am acting like I was avoiding him. I managed to excuse me that I don’t have much free time like I had before. So, as it was expected, we kinda estranged from one another and we weren’t talk so much. I was happy because my plan was a success, on the other hand I couldn’t believe that he gave up so easily. One evening I received an SMS from him, he asked me how I was and if he can call me. Although my heart began to beat faster I replied that I was in town with somebody and we talk another time if it wasn’t urgent. After a few minutes he texted a simple “ok”. I let the phone away, thinking and I tried to continue the movie I was watching, trying to send away the guilty feeling that I was having for lying him. After not even a half an hour I heard the interphone ringing, the clock was almost 11 pm, I went to the door and I asked who it was. “It’s me, open please!” I recognized his voice and I was afraid because he discovered my lie. I was opening the door, trying desperate to find an excuse for being at home in pijamas. “Hi!” I said with a big smile on my face. “Come on in, I just arrived too!” “You don’t have to lie to me, I know everything” he said. For a moment my breath stopped, I was imagining pale and with my mouth opened in front of him, he used to say to me that when I remain speechless, I get pale of all a sudden also. “What… how… I don’t understand what you mean, what are trying to say?” I muttered some words, while I was making him space to enter the house. His voice was giving me chills, it was the first time when I heard him talking so serious, at least with me. “You need to tell me if it’s true!” He said with his warm breath on my face. God, I was melting under his hands, he was so close to me and he was looking at me as if he wanted to read my most inner thoughts. Then, suddenly he took me in his arms whispering: “I missed you so damn much!” I was without words, my heart was participating at a marathon of feelings and sensations of lust and hunger. As if my fantasies were becoming real. I hugged him tight also, living that small miracle that I had always dreamed about. After a few moments he looked deep into my eyes and he asked me: “Tell me please, is it true? Don’t let this thought make me crazy like it did lately, is it true that you love me? And I believe you know about what kinf of love I am talking about. My eyes were in tears already. I tried to release myself from his embrace. “Let me go , please, what is the point of these questions, we are best friends…” “Do you love me or not? Tell me!” He said again. I didn’t get the chance to say yes, because his lips were already on my mouth, which was shaking from the crying. Surprised, I opened my mouth, I thought he would be furious, that he would ask for explanations about how I was so imprudent to fall in love, but he was there, hugging me and tasting my lips, his mouth was making love with mine, and our bodies was sticked to each other. How great he was tasting, how good was his weight feeling on mine. I responded to his kiss with all my power while caressing his hair. My lips were numb under the pressure of his, and when I felt he sucked my tongue I moaned strongly, I felt an instant heat in my abdomen which was going down, up to that spot where I wanted him to fill me. He replied with a moaning at my moan and he grabbed a hand of mine and he positioned it to his pants, while kissing me. I was all wet when I felt the erection in his pants and I began to touch it slowly there, with my palm opened. He went up to my breasts, he began to touch them through my blouse and he whispered me : “ For how many times I wanted to feel your breasts like that in my palms, to feel your nipples hard and excited, to taste them and to suck them, ah, how much I wanted you without knowing that you wanted me too!” While he was saying that, his hands got under my blouse and touched my hot skin and breasts, he took off my blouse and he leaned towards my tits. When he licked one of my nipples, I was already thankful that I was caught between him and the door, otherwise I would have fainted due from the big pleasure he was causing me. I moaned again powerfully when he took my nipple into his mouth, while with the other hand he went down to my pants, he got in there and he whispered me to spread my legs. I listened to him and I leaned on him when I felt the touch of his fingers on my intimate area, in my clitoris, I felt I was losing my mind and I said to him that I wanted him deep inside me in that moment. “Come on, please, I want you, I want you from a very long time!” While I was asking him that I was opening his pants, while he was undressing me from my pants and bikinis, then, not waiting for his pants to go down totally, he grabbed my ass and he lifted me up between him and the door and with a safe movement he penetrated me. I felt a little restraint when he realized he hurt me but I assured him I was okay and not to stop. The occasional sex from the last year and a half it was as inexistent as my boyfriend. And I squeezed his waist between my legs, motivating him to continue. He said through moanings and signs of excitement that I was so tight and hot and that he was feeling excellent inside me, and he fucked me wild. I couldn’t tell who was moaning louder but I know that I called his name when the orgasm approached. We were happy that finally we could share our feelings that we were having from a very long time!

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