The best friend 2

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Exhausted and satisfied, we were staying next to each other in the bed in my bedroom

Where he took me there in his arms after the hottest moment, which was full of passion, who ended at the entrance.

The best friend 2


I was resting my head on his chest and he was playing with a hand in my hair, but I was sensing him as thoughtful as I was. I was scared to say anything, I had no idea what to say, or better said what to start saying, because my mind was a marathon of questions. He felt my mood for sure because he lowered the hand with which he was playing thorugh my hair and he hugged me strongly to his chest, whispering: “Do not dare to get away from me and to say that it was stupid what happened earlier, you are in my arms but I feel you drifting away, please do not do that!” I sighed and I pushed myself more into his arms with my head still on his chest. I was not ready yet to look him in the eyes; we knew each other so well so it was not surprising that we understood each other through our eyes. He told me about his last days with her that were a nightmare, how she was always jealous about our friendship and she was always accusing him that there was more between us. How I suspected she realized that I love him, I was feeling a little bit guilty, I was almost afraid to know what happened next. “Tonight she told me that I am an idiot who doesn’t realize that is why you were acting so different, in order to get my attention, to make me aware of your feelings, that you love me!” I could realize after his words that he protected me in front of her but while he was doing that he realized that she was right about what she was saying about me. “What I feel right now, not even a shrink would understand!” I said like a joke, but we both knew it was true. “I don’t know if I have to cry of joy, to enjoy my dream which became real!” “Remember when we were sharing details about our sex life?” He asked laughing. I looked at him and I bit his lower lip in play. “So you want me to start saying what did I like and not?” I asked him with my lips on his, caressing his lips with my tongue , while my hands were on his naked ass. He made a sound of pleasure, like a growling and he wanted to kiss me but I turned my head , he stared at me surprised and then he asked me with a menacing tone: “You want to play , you dare me and you run away!” He leaned his head towards me again but I did the same thing and all he could kiss was my earlobe and he squeezed it between his teeth, making me moan. “Do not be impatient, I have an idea, let’s take a shower and go out!” I said him in a naughty, daring way. I gave him the look that was saying that he wasn’t going to be sorry. He said: “Ok, I don’t know what you have in mind, but tomorrow you won’t leave the bed at all for putting me to go out at this hour!” Thank God that is July, I could put on a blouse without a bra and a thin , short, flower power skirt. “I hope it is okay that I used your shower gel, it is a little bit sweet for my taste , but I don’t mind smelling like you!” He said , embracing me. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay in bed?” “Yes, I am sure, we are not going far anyway. “ After a few moments we went out, holding hands like a couple we were walking slowly after I told him we don’t need a car. At a few blocks from my apartment there is a very beautiful park, the proud of the city, and when I heard his laughter I realized he was aware where we were heading. We were going where we met, under a lime. He held my hand tighter as if he was agreeing to my decision. When we got under the lime, he took me in his arms. I turned with my face at him, I looked in his eyes for a second, and then with a few steps I leaned on the tree, on the shadow side, and I told him: “Now, my dear, I have new methods more exciting to put you in your place although I admit, I can always return running you with a shoe in my hand!” While he was laughing hard he said, approaching me: “What methods, baby?” My heart skipped a beat when he addresses me “baby”, I put my hands around his neck, I sticked to him, letting myself slipping a little bit on him, being aware that my already hard nipples he was feeling them through his thin T-shirt. He began catching for breath but he did nothing, I put my hands on his strong chest, then I lowered them to his belt: “I could find convincing methods to make you a good boy, I was whispering to him, while my hands were getting under his belt. When he caught for his breath again, I giggled and I put my hands under his T-shirt. “ Hm, your playing with fire, don’t yoi know that it’s burning?” He asked somehow serious. I was touching his nipples when I said that I couldn’t wait to burn myself and I kissed him again. After he was calm he put his hands in my hair and responded to my kiss in his hard way, as if he wanted to impregnate his lips on mine. I felt his tongue looking for mine and I felt every inch of his body sticked to mine. Our caressings took the place of any other way of expressing ourselves, hungry again for each other,we were kissing insatiable, tasting one another. When he put his hand under my skirt he was surprised to notice I wasn’t wearing any panties and he whispered while he put a finger inside me: “Remind me not to call you “angel” again!” I moaned loud and he kissed me, reminding me that we were in a public space. He penetrated me with his finger and after he whispered “ve careful” he lifted me up and put my legs on her shoulders. I grabbed his hair panicked that 2 lovers embraced weren’t that obvious like an oral sex, but when I felt his mouth on my pussy, my mind could not process anything coherent. The orgasm didn’t take long to appear, he just had to penetrate me with his tongue while he was touching my clitoris with his finger. A last penetration brought us both on the high mountains of pleasure, with my head leaned easily on the back I could see the stars between the trees. Through hard breathing and with a satisfied voice he said :” I love you”! In those moments when I heard that I felt the most happy human being on this Earth, and I wanted to stay with him like that forever and ever! To hear him whispering something that lovely and to make love like in the movies!

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