The books have their role too

22nd March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

I am a big lover of great books and I know where you can find good books

which you can savour them directly in that place in the company of a good flavoured tea.

The books have their role too


In the place that reproduces exactly the atmosphere from home, which invades all of your senses. Good music and a book as good. I needed a thriller so I decided to read “Trauma” by Ken McClure. I read a good part of it without seeing or hearing something around me. Suddenly I saw a young lady who was stretching herself for a book. I didn’t pay much attention and I returned to my book, but a noise followed by a broken glass distracted my attention from the book. The young lady dropped off the book after she was streching and the book smashed her glasses, breaking them. I went quickly next to her to see if she was injured. She was a simple girl, but cute and mysterious, completing my desire of that day for thriller. Her hair was brown with blonde highlights, and a pony tail. She was not thin, nor fat and her lip gloss were making her face radiate with beauty. She was red in het cheeks, maybe because of her little accident. Ashamed she told me she is okay and she lean on for the glasses. She stays on her knees for a moment looking at the broken glass and I lean to grab her book. I read the title and I see it was “A walk to remember” by Nicholas Sparks”. I read that book twice. I give her the book and I say to her “ Enjoy! I’m sure you’re gonna like it!” She got up in a clumay way trying to put her glasses. “Why you put them on, they are broken!” “I guess I ‘m used with them, or I don’t like how I look without them!” “How much do you have?” I asked. “1,50!” “Here, take mine!” She was surprised and said no but I showed her another pair. She took them and said that she was seeing better than with her own and I told her she can keep them if she lets me buy her a tea. I bought her a cinammon tea, telling her that was the tea that I like, she being surprised replying that is also her most favourite tea. She saw my book and she said that she read it and she liked the suspense in it a lot, a thing that made me shocked also because as I was reading further I realized that the book was beginning to grow on me. We didn’t realize that 5 hours passed and it was about to close. We left together for a walk , heading to the University Market. A little bit disappointed I said goodbye and I wait for her to step in the subway, but before she got in she kissed me quickly on the lips and ran in. I waved her with a dumb face due to that naughty kiss. All the way I thought about this. When I arrived to my station I looked for my phone to realize that I was having a piece of paper in my pocket. It was a businnes card of that young girl, her name was Ana. So before I went to sleep I texted her good night. The next morning a text message awoke me “Good morning!” I called her and she answered. It was strange to hear her voice at the phone, I can’t remember a girl with whom I talked at the phone the next day after I met her. She was happy and I could know from her voice that she was smiling. I asked her what she was doing that day because it was Saturday. She told me she was working and she was free at 5 o’clock , maybe we were going to have a coffee. When I took her from her job I asked her if she wanted home and we went to eat and I proposed her to watch a movie. She said yes and we both decided to search a movie on the internet. The only movie that crossed my mind was “A walk to remember” to complete the menu, to put it like that. We took a seat on the sofa to watch it, both of us being a little clumsy. At the half of the movie we were very close to each other, Ana was looking at me. “It is going to be sad from now on, I want to build our own story!” And she reaches to kiss me. Her lips were soft and warm. I put my hand around her neck gently and I continued what she started. After a session of passionate kisses she climbed on me and took the lead. She grabbed one of my hands and put it on her left boob, and the other one on her leg. Her breasts were amazing, soft but not too big and the ass was terrific. I took off her blouse to see those soft and playful tits but as soon as I took it off I saw that she was without a bra and I began to lick her nipples until they got bigger. Being fully excited she got up and removed her pants, a moment in which I also remained without my boxers. She put on top of me and I searchef her panties with my hand to feel that she was wet. I caress the spot and I remove slightly the panties, touching her labia that were soaked in that juice. As soon as she felt my fingers on her clitoris she took of my boxers and began to blow me. She was doing it so nicely and with such a passion that I was about to explode. She took my hand and put it on her head making me understand that she wanted me to control her. I began to push her and to raise her gentile but with force at the same time. I was feeling like I could not take it anymore so I took off her panties and I put her on the sofa. I began to lick her like never before, I was tasting her every drop of excitation that was flowing from her when I was touching her clitoris. I was feeling her trembling under me, how she was moving and moaning. When I penetrates her slowly with my tongue she did not resist it anymore, she took me from my ears and pulled me on top of her. Without caring that I knew her only from a day I took my penis and I was trying to put it where it should when she told me that she was a virgin. I was shocked and we decided to talk about it later and I promised her that I was going to be careful. I put it there and I got in just a little bit not to hurt her, but Ana, without waiting, pushed herself directly into my penis and she screamed with pleasure while she was pulling me to move inside her. We started to make love so beautifully, I was licking her breasts and I was kissing her a lot, I was moving inside her as the rhythm was imposing, slow, fast, and so on, to prolong it, a moment when she did not resist it much and she began to tremble. She told me that she was about to have an orgasm, a thing that excited me and me motivated to pump in harder. In the next second after she finished I came next, I pulled my penis out and I ejaculated on her abdomen which was trembling. When I saw how much sperm was there I realized that it was some time since I did not perform. We showered together, an ideal opportunity for an erotic petting. We fell asleep embraced in the dark. We were enjoying the silence to listen to our naked bodies, which were laying next to each other.

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