The cafe

16th December, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

You look over me like I’m not even here.

You do not stop on my black hair that looks like the feather of a raven.

The cafe


Not even my jade-colored eyes that scream about how much I love you. Not even on my body that is like carved by Cellini. You Overlook this being that breathes for you. But for you she did not even exist. We always meet at the café in the corner. I know you’re the computer company’s manager and the building is near the café. I also know you do not have a wife waiting for you at home. But you do not know that I am the director of HR at the company I work for. Every morning you come here and drink your coffee. I do not understand why you ignore me. I am not ugly, on the contrary I often attract the eyes of men. I’m always dressed in an office outfit, but sweetened with well-placed accessories. And it’s been almost five months since we “are meeting” here every morning. You always sit at the table at the window. You’re thinking. I sit at a table inside the café so I can admire your beautiful face, your blue eyes like the sky, your sensual lips, your narrow shoulders, the way you wear your expensive costumes. But you do not see me. What are you thinking about? I’d like to get into your mind. Nights in turn I wonder what I could do at least to sit with you at a coffee. If I notice you do not like me, maybe it would be easier for me to get over you. But then, when I know you do not know about my existence, I can not resign! I get up and leave. It’s the first time I leave before you. I’m headed to the headquarters of the company I work for. It’s Monday. A hard day is waiting for me. This day was longer than the whole week. I drive to the parking lot and then drive the car to my house. The house that awaits me empty, without nobody. I’m still sleeping alone in bed with the thought of you …
Tuesday … Today I do not want to see you. It hurts to see you. It drives me crazy. I want you. I do not have you.I leave later from home and I go straight to the office. I’m starting hard work to cover the gap that you leave in me. At 11 o’clock I’m going to get a coffee from the vending machine in the lobby. When I get back, I find an envelope on my desk. I get it up. It does not write anything on it. When I open it, I feel your perfume I’ve memorized, by just staying away from you. “I am crazy” I say to myself. I did not see you today, and that makes me have olfactory illusions. I see a small sheet with a perfect handwriting. I do not realize what it is written. I read it three times. “You did not come today. I have missed you.” I sit in the chair. It is not possible! Or is it? You know of my existence? Moreover, you know where and what I’m working. Because someone else can not be. Now I feel your perfume better. But why? Why no sign in five months? How? This is totally unsurpassed! And yet … You sent me a sign … Moreover, you tell me you missed you! YOU MISSED ME!!! An euphoria encompasses my heart. I can not wait to finish my job, get home, get up in the morning, see you! But the day is getting harder than yesterday … By 3 o’clock I’m going to get a report to my colleague from PR. When I get back, I find another envelope identical to the one I received in the morning. But how? You are following me? I open it without a blink. “I expect you at 5 at our café.” I can not believe it! The heart wants to get out of my chest! There are less than two hours left … I have no patience!
Hardly, the clock is 5 without a quarter. I prepare, I redo my makeup and put my clothes on. Uff, just today I took this sober suit! I get out of my office and head for the exit. I’m entering our “café” as you called it. I do not see you. A wave of sadness encompasses me. I sit at the table I usually sit on. I order a coffee and I am thinking. Suddenly I feel a rose perfume mixed with your perfume so well known … Behind me a perfect red rose bud. You tickled my neck with it where my pulse was racing. I turn back. At that moment your hot lips envelop my own. It’s a kiss that makes me nervous. You are divine! You stop. Not. It’s too fast. Too little. Too sweet is your taste. You get in front of me and sit down. You have a clear smile on your beautiful face.
– Hi!

Your voice is so gentle! Until now, I have not heard you speak , it was once when you gave the order to the waiter.
– Hi! I feel my voice gagged with emotion. Is it a dream?
– I took this rose for you. But I did not resist not passing over your silk skin. Because today when I did not see you in the morning I was waiting for you … I saw you did not show up, I felt desperate.
– And what’s the new feeling?
– That, my beautiful, you’ll find out tonight. We’re gonna go to cinema. I’m coming to pick you up at 7.
I get home and go straight into the bathroom. I spend half an hour in the bathtub full of water covered with foam. If until now you just noticed me, now I will make you want me. I put my make up on and fix my hair. The moment I dress, the bell is heard. I check my watch. It is Seven !! When did the time fly? I quickly pull up a dress on me as I head toward the door. Trembling. I still can not believe you are in front of my door and I wear the most sexy dress in the wardrobe. I open the door and I remain speachless. You are dressed in a black costume with a white shirt and three buttons are unlocked. I have not seen you without the tie until today.
– Get in, I say. I have to put my shoes and I’m ready. You step inside. I’m turning back, but you catch me by the waist. My breath is cut off. You get close to my face.
– I’m not sure I want to go somewhere. And you kiss me on my mouth.
You Go down to my breasts. Access is very easy thanks to the dress. The hand you hold on my waist slips on my buttocks and at the same time as your mouth gets on my nipple. I scream. I raise your head and I start kissing you with passion. At this time I take down your jacket and unbutton your shirt.You raise me in your arms. You come with me in your arms in the dorm, while you keep kissing me with a passion that amazes me. You leave me gently on the huge bed in the room. You look me deep in the eyes and start undressing me. Your hands are escorted by the look that is now blue like the ocean. With hasty gestures, but without taking your eyes off my eyes, you unclip your belt and then your pants fall. I am satisfied with what I see. You smile too. You get close to me and kiss my thighs. Easy, too easy, you take off my bikini with your teeth. I’m helping you, standing up. I can not wait. I’ve been dreaming for five months fir thi moment.
– You will never forget this night!
You are telling me with a voice thirsty about the pleasure that crosses your body also. I will not forget it anyway!
The orgasm shook me. I feel it in all the fibers. I feel in me how your seed pours hot.
– I LOVE YOU! The words I get rid of without realizing it. Your eyes are tangling my own. They bizarrely shine. But you smile. You crush on my body with the pleasure which is still pouring out of us.

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