The cancer and the scorpio

24th December, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

How difficult is it in life to find the person to fill you up at least a half of you ?

I do not really believe in the signs. Okay …

The cancer and the scorpio


maybe just a little like all women in Romania when they buy the newspaper from a shop and it’s impossible not to open that page to see what the stars say …Well, at the company I’m working on, it was done four months ago a small raise of funds to help some children in trouble! Daily , all of my colleagues and me were donating and step by step our donations were growing! At each end of the week a young lady was coming and collecting the money. What was beautiful when she was coming was the fact that as soon as she was entering the door of the building … it was like all the hall was litting up! She was all a smile and a joy! Even my mates, married women felt in a way pleasantly attracted by the optimism and joy of the 28-year-old woman! She was not the intricate beauty … I mean, sure men would have something to comment on or just would not look back! But for us … the girls at the office her coming had already become, a moment of celebration, a joyful occasion. From the beginning me and her understood each other… I am a smily person and I feel attracted to any person who emanates warmth and well-being and she has just the kindness and warmth that I feel attracted to! I did not avoid to show her that her presence always bounces me … We were joking, laughing and cheering all the time! Today … tomorrow …. One day … their campaign ended … and it was the last collection of funds. When she appeared for the last time … we were a little miserable … we got used to her smile and joy. The girls and I proposed to invite her to go out … to go out all 5 of us that we were doing the group on that floor together with the receptionist … a Friday night out! I proppossed … she accepted. Being summer, warm, they were all dressed more lightly. These colleges know about me that I am a lesbian and it is even more amusing when we come aut to go to a booze. We went with the cars of two of my colleagues …. My luck was that I got next to Marcela in the back seat! The colleague who was driving was Clementa …. My best colleague and girlfriend in the office … we were confidents because we worked for many years together and we got to know ourselves pretty well. Clementa had begun to ask Marcela about fundraising …. I stood and looked at Marcela shy! I did not understand why I was shy but I know I felt attracted to her! I was not taking a word anymore. I looked long and seemed fascinated by her smile! It made me feel like home! At one point Clementa noticed my peace and looked at me in the mirror. Marcela, had also seen Clementa shifting her gaze to me, and she turned her eyes to me too! I was still stuck looking at her. Then I woke up wonderfully and I smiled at Marcela! When I realized the moment … I turned my gaze back to the window … and put my hand on my forehead cursing the moment! We stopped! From the other car the girls were laughing in tears! They had been dulled all the way about the husband of Iolanda. We went in, we sat at the table, joined two tables to fit in and we talked and joked! We stayed st the terrace from 9am to 1pm … the waitresses praying to us to leave! Kind of dizzy, still laughing, joking … we retired! All that was worrying me was that I was breaking apart from Marcela. We Stopped at the taxi station because it was close to the terrace, we started to say “goodbye.” Two colleagues stood close to each other and split the taxi … Clementa was standing on the other side of the city, Iolanda was a little drunk but still able to cope with it and she left by foot, we were just me, Marcela and Clementa. I was not saying anything. All night, I had a tumultuous state of restlessness and agitation when I was looking at Marcela! Clementa broke the silence.
-Where are you going Marcela? In what direction?
– I’m not living that far. I’m staying close to the south of the city …. I’m walking down the boulevard or maybe I take a taxi!
Quickly Clementa, looking at me, said:
Well, Ana also lives in the south of the city, close to the train station! She can take you!
I felt like a stupid kid … but I just had to thank her someday! Without her …. I would not have gotten where I am now!
-Yes! I’ll take you! Do you want to call a taxi?
Marcela looked at me and smiled and said,
-No, it’s nice outside, summer, warm, come on we better go by foot if you do not feel it is too much!
-Too much for her? Clementa said, amused. She walks to work, walks away from work … and it is a lot to walk … she likes it! I do not know how she does it but … I do not see her ever with her car!
Marcela is also amused, like me.
– Then it was a pleasure Clementa! I had a great time tonight with you all!
-We usually get out every Friday … Rarely we do not do it! Maybe you want next week too!
Certainly, “said Marcela, and stroked her cheeks.

She left us gone … Clementakissed me and made me think we were going to talk tomorrow on the phone … and she got into the taxi.

Marcela is short: 1/60 and a bit more full, but she has a sweet face and a joy enough for a country.
A few moments of silence, then I put my hands in my pants pockets and walked beside her.
– How beautiful is it!
Something attracted me to her … maybe the smile … the noble soul! It’s simply magnificent because she loves her work and I love to see that the person next to me has the purpose in helping people around! How nice to be like this!I smiled at her then … when I saw her looking to the sky and with her hand on my arm … as if it was natural … And we kept going … At some point I started get better from the booze … we laughed all the way but we did not let go of the arms …. We stopped a few meters from my house … Somewhere from my street was her street …. she was staying there from 2 months with rent to an apartment!The next day she invited me to coffee! Time passed! We felt good together. She does not seem to believe in the zodiac: she is cancer and I am a scorpion. It’s … that we are the ideal couple, that’s what the zodiac said.
The enormous sensitivity of the cancer with the intensity of scorpio love pulls out flames! So it is …The first night together was wonderful. I can admit, we love sex, especially she loves it! And I have to deal with her … No problems! As much as she attracts me and delights me with her femininity, her sensuality in those moments it drives me insane! The first time …. Well … she likes to be kissed on her chest and her ear to be bitten! … The second one is a whim! It excites her at the maximum … and it is impossible not to attract me to continue! I took her in my arms and led her to the bedroom … kissing her around the left ear and gently squeezing her lobe … We put in bed, me being on top of her … The hands over her head as I have the style … and it seems she likes it too … and I started kissing her slightly on the body. She has tiny breasts which for me was yet another pleasure … But she is gorgeous … A white, velvety skin, a specific warm scent that makes me feel good. But what makes me crazy the most is her noises during the act. From The first time. I was just amazed by her sounds of pleasure , they were making me vibrating! And when we are together … we are one … and the same! And I do not want anything else!

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