The confessions of a nymphomaniac – Chapter 2

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The confessions of a nymphomaniac – Chapter 2 – Heal me, Doctor Dick!

Sickness kills the passion! Nobody looks forward to going to the hospital and being seen by a doctor. When the doctor is a gynecologist, things get even more complicated.

‘How is he/she going to see my pussy? What if she/he sticks something inside and is gonna hurt?’ Even if you have already visited the gynecologist several times, the idea of having someone between your legs is quite shiver giving and horror-drama. But not for a nympho.



For a nymphomaniac, visiting the gynecologist is one of the most arousing experiences. They say the forbidden fruit is the sweetest, but what do you do when you simply can’t have the forbidden fruit, and you lose control over your senses? Having someone’s head between your wide spread legs, who does something else but performing oral sex, is as painful as leaving your starving dog with the food next to him, where it cannot reach it. Don’t even ask: ‘what if your gynecologist is a same-sex person’. For a nympho, gender is the least important thing.

The last time I visited the gynecologist was about two years ago. The lady was so old, that she confused my clit with my left labia. No wonder why I never came back. This day is very important for me. I got off from work and I scheduled a visit to the gynecologist. One of my friends, Lolita, recommended me this guy. She says he is the best in town. I am however skeptical. I just hope he is not old, bold and toothless.

‘Good afternoon, miss! I have an appointment at the doctor today’ I tell to the secretary.

‘Ok, tell me your name, fill in this form and go pee. Dr. Dick will see you in 15 minutes.’

‘Dr…DICK?’ I turn around and ask.

‘Yes, this is his name’ she replies smiling.

Why am I here, anyway? Well, last time I had unprotected sex with my boss, so I must check if everything is ok with my sweet little pussy. I fill in the form, wondering if my gynecologist’s name has something to do with his sexuality. The ‘pee’ step is harder than filling the form. As an incurable nympho, I always have a weird sensation when I pee, like I am about to cum. Whenever something touches my vulva, whether we talk about piss or a dead bug, I get horny.

I am afraid of seating on the toilet lid because I might catch an infection, so I cover it with lots of toilet-paper. I feel a burning sensation when the piss comes out from my cunt. I can feel it flowing strongly from my vagina and trickling on my clit. Mm…this makes me think about sex again. I try to clean myself with toilet-paper, but all I do by touching that cautious zone of mine, is getting even more aroused.

‘The doctor is ready to see you, miss’ yells the secretary.

I have no time for a quick handjob, so I pick up my panties and go see the doctor.

‘Good afternoon, miss’


I am speechless. ‘Wow’ is the only thing I can say when I see a pretty young doctor, with the face of Tom Cruise and the body of Brad Pitt. I almost get shy when I see him smiling,surprised by my reaction.

‘It’s something wrong?’ he asks me.

No…Everything is just fine’ I reply with the smile of a bitch.

Dr. Dick introduces himself and takes a look over my medical history.

‘Have you ever had a pelvic exam before, Joanna?’

‘No doctor…’ I reply softly. ‘Does it hurt?’



‘No. You will probably feel a little discomfort but everything is gonna be alright. Should we have a breast examination first?’ he asks, looking at my boobs.

‘Yes, of course. I want to see if everything is ok with my boobies’ I reply confident.

The doctor steps away and gives me some privacy, until I take my shirt off. I don’t really understand this procedure, because he is going to see me naked anyway…but I suppose for other girls, this is very important.

The doctor begins touching my boobs slowly…one by one.

‘Do you ever have breast pain?’ he asks me while kneading my round boobs.

‘No, never’ I reply, almost moaning.

The touch of his hands makes my small nipples harden. He notices, smiles and goes on. He’s already finished examining my boobs but he does not stop. Mm…This makes me think he likes it the same as I do, so I unleash the beast!

‘Doctor, I think I felt something…Could you check my left breast again?’

‘Sure…’ he says with a professional pitch.

He starts kneading my left booby slowly, then faster.

‘Everything seems to be perfect’ he says, taking both of my boobies in his hands.

‘Are you sure?’ I continue acting, so to be touched longer.

‘Let me check again, to be sure’.

I look straight into his eyes as he touches my boobs with his strong hands. I get wet by the second…

‘I suppose we are ready for the pelvic examination. Your breast is perfectly healthy’

Sexy woman



The doctor wants to leave the room once again.

‘It’s okay, you can stay. I don’t mind getting my skirt off in front of you.’

The doctor smiles and watches me as I take off my skirt.

‘Hop up to the examination table’

I spread my legs wide and prepare to be examined. I just hope he will not notice my vagina muscles contracting strongly. His white coat makes me think about uniforms. I have always had a fetish related to uniforms. I have never had sex with a doctor before, and this idea arouses me so much, that I can barely resist my wild instincts, which are almost uncontrollable.

Don’t be stupid, jump on him, naked and fuck him really hard!

No, what if he is married or he does not want to have sex with me, he will think I am a crazy bitch!

You’ll just tell him you are sick and you are not in control of your body…you’re a nympho, for God’s sake! Nymphomaniacs or kleptomaniacs don’t go to jail for listening to their instincts!

I fight with myself in my head, while the doctor prepares the lamp to illuminate my pussy properly. I would have preferred an old, bold and toothless man than this one, because the temptation is too big for a nympho.

‘Miss, are you ok?’ he asks me.

‘Yes, why? I mumble.

‘I saw you looking into empty and not saying anything,so I was starting to worry’

‘No, everything is…perfect’.

I look at the ceiling and create an instant porn movie in my mind. I wonder if Dr. Dick sees my arousal signs, my wet pussy and my contracting vagina muscles screaming to be fucked. I also wonder how his dick looks like.

‘I am going to insert something called speculum into your vagina, to see if everything is ok on the inside’

I lie quietly on my back and try not to think about sex; this is however, impossible. I imagine that the cold speculum is an ardent big cock. As soon as I feel something entering my pussy, a short moan betrays me. I am getting so horny!

How can you be aroused by a metal?!I say again in my head.

I try to remain calm. Meanwhile, Dr. Dick is doing his job, in the most professionally way possible. My reactions become a little too obvious, but I am out of control. Dr. Dick removes the speculum and comes closer to my pussy. I can feel his hard breathing applying a slight pressure on my pussy. I’m beginning to think he is doing it intentionally.

‘I am going to stick a finger inside, to see how your body responds to stimulation’

I don’t know if this is the standard procedure or not, but listen to his indications and wait to be fingered.

Oh my God…his touch is irresistible…



Other two fingers precede the first one. I begin shifting and moaning quietly. He moves the three middle fingers back and forth, until he literally finger fucks me! The pleasure is so intense it makes me want more…I continue looking in the ceiling because I don’t know if he only wants to see how my body responds to stimulation, or if he is responding to his own stimulation system. Soon, I understand.

Dr. Dick pulls me down to the end of the table, and unzips his pants.

Oh my God, what is he going to do?!I say to myself.

‘Your body did not respond to finger stimulation the way I was expecting Joanna, so I see myself forced to take a closer look. Try to relax’

‘Okay, Dr. Dick’ I reply enthusiastic.

He adjusts the examination level and he penetrates me slowly. I am so wet that his penis is slipping like soap inside my vagina.

‘Do you like my big medical tool, Joanna? Is it too big?’

Don’t flatter yourself doc’, I’ve seen bigger! I say in my head.

Hm…Yes, I like it, don’t stop!’ I reply.

In and out, slowly and faster, this is how the doctor fucks me! I feel his blood pressure running fast through his veins, and I become even more aroused. I raise my head a little and I sit on my elbows, with my legs still spread, to have a greater view on what is happening. Seeing his horny face and his delicious penis going in and outta my pussy is one of the most arousing images for me.

He is now pinching my nipples. I can’t believe what is happening, but I thank God for this sexual miracle! He begins penetrating me in slow circular movements, and I can barely resist not yelling from pleasure. I take my shirt from the bed and I bite it, so nobody can hear my moans. My clit is almost dancing from pleasure.

He takes one of my legs and puts it on his shoulder, so he can penetrate me better. Right now, I feel like a nympho queen, so horny and…

‘We are already there Joanna, I need to check you a little more on the inside!’ he tells me while biting his lower lip and fucking me hard.

‘Heal me, Dr. Dick!!! Heal me now!’

‘Oh yeahhh…’

I wet my right hand and I start rubbing my clit, to increase the pleasure even more! I feel like I can’t resist anymore. I feel a burning sensation inside of me, which stops me from thinking logically. I‘m like an active volcano ready to erupt.

I’m cumming, oh God, oh God! What a relief! I feel hypnotized…I forget where I am and whom I am with and I surrender myself to the great spirit of pleasure.

My pussy gets even wetter than before. I can see doctor’s cock getting out with a transparent liquid, coming off from my pussy like an ocean of pleasure.

My vagina muscles are contracting; they want more! What?!I‘m a nympho, forgot? I can never have enough!

Dr. Dick is still proceeding with his special treatment and lies a little over me, holding my leg up by my head. Luckily, I had ballet classes when I was younger, so this is not painful. I can see him extremely aroused by my leg extension.

One, two, three fast penetration in this sexual position, and there he comes too! He takes his penis out of my pussy and comes on my belly.

‘Oh my God, Joanna…’

‘Finger me doc, I’m cumming again!’

Dr. Dick listens to my orders and sticks three fingers inside of me. He moves his fingers really fast and helps me reach a second fabulous orgasm.

I touch my belly and spread his man milk all over my belly and my tits. I like the smell of fresh sperm, so I stick one of my fingers full of sperm in my mouth, and lick it slowly…The doctor is watching me with his mouth opened, and his cock risen up…again! Wow…who would have guessed an average-sized dick can be so playful?!

The secretary calls Dr. Dick, saying that the other patient is ready for the examination. There is no time for a second sexual intercourse, so I hurry up cleaning myself and dressing up. Dr. Dick zips his pants and tries to hide his bulge.

‘I am afraid you might have some problems down there, and I might have to check you again, Miss. Please schedule a new meeting with my secretary’ he says with an aroused pitch.

‘Okay Dr. Dick, I really want you to heal me’ I reply touching his hard penis through his pants.



We kiss of good-bye, and then I leave the examination room. I can see the next patient, a fat read-head, waiting to be seen, and I wonder if Dr. Dick will heal her, the same way he did with me.

Suddenly, my phone rings. It is Lolita, my friend, the girl who told me about this doctor.

‘Hi, girl! Hope you haven’t forgotten about my party! Most of the guests are already here, where are you?’

‘Oh…yes, I did not forget. I will be there in a second!’

Fuck! I completely forgot about Lolita’s party and I did not buy her any present. I leave the consulting room in a hurry and I head straight to the nearest shop, where I try to find something nice for her. I think a bottle of champagne and sexy lingerie is enough. If I remember well, last week she told me something about bringing a stripper…

Mm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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