The Confessions of a Nymphomaniac – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Between pain and pleasure

‘It hurts so much!’
‘Try to relax’

‘I can’t. My nipples hurt too much’

‘What can I do, to release your pain?’

‘Anything. Just do it’

Sexy woman


Without having any idea about what he had in mind, I astonishingly watched him pulling down his large pants and exposing his long erect cock. His gesture left me open-mouthed.

‘Do you start feeling better?’

‘Um, I think so’ I mumbled, as I saw him jerking off in front of him.

Where was I? With whom? What happened next? You are about to find out.

Last week I was having this conversation with one of my friends. While we were mocking some TV presenters, for having small tits, she suddenly lifted up her shirt and showed me something absolutely beautiful – NIPPLE PIERCING.

‘Are you crazy?? When did you get your nipples pierced?’

‘Two days ago. Aren’t they awesome?’

If only she knew how much I had been wanting to get my nipples pierced too. ‘Yes, they are, butit must have been really painful’

‘You have no idea. It only hurt for two seconds, I swear’She looked so relaxed while talking about her small intervention, that she actually made me believe that it was not so painful after all. I was getting more and more enthusiastic about the idea. Make me a favor and don’t tell anyone about it. I don’t want all our friends to find out’

As if, she was not going to tell everyone and post dozens of pictures with her boobs on different social networks, the next day‘Sure, don’t worry. I will not tell anyone’

That day, after I got home, I had my mind set on getting two small shiny rings: one for my left boob, other for my right one. Having them would make me feel so sexy in bed, I thought out loudly. The craving became so powerful that I could not resist it anymore, so I got up from the bed and opened my computer.

‘Hello? Ralph? My name is Joanna. I called because I want to get my nipples pierced. Tomorrow at seven?Great. I’ll be there’

Why did I call a random piercer I found on the internet and not asked my girlfriend about the one she used instead? Well, you know how girls hate to be copied. My acquisition was going to be discovered by only one precise target: my next sex partners.

Sexy lips


Since I was a little kid, I have been deathly afraid of shots. When I was sick, mom used to take me at the family doctor, an insane old freak who always prescribed me injections. Boy, it was so painful and I hated them so much, that I have never wanted to see a needle in my life, not even for sewing a button.So, you can imagine how much I wanted these piercings since I decided to defeat my terror.

Knowing that the next day I would be facing one of my biggest fears kept me awake all night. In the morning, I was all dizzy and tired from not getting any sleep. Even my crazy libido was death and gone. I put on a red dress, some heels and went directly to piercer’s shop, where he would get my nipples pierced, before starting to regret my crazy decision.

‘Hi. I am looking for Ralph’

‘You just found him’. You tell me now.What are the chances to get a random piercer’s phone number from the internet, and come across ZacEfron’s clone? ‘You must be Joanna’

‘Yes’ I mumbled, all of a sudden less stressed out ‘we talked on the phone’. Damn, is this guy the one who will touch my boobs, I asked myself, right before I remembered the reason I was there. ‘Before we start, I just have to tell you that I am afraid of what you are going to do to me’

‘Believe me; you will be thanking me later’

Despite his great efforts to keep his eyes to himself, I caught him glancing at my breast while I was looking at some nipple rings.

‘I think I’ll take these round golden ones’

‘Are you sure’ he asked, glancing at my braless big boobs hanging freely over the jewelry display case.

‘Would you like to recommend me something else?’

‘I personally like more this gem barbells. What do you think’ he took them outand showed them to me. Maybe I’m saying this because I liked him so much, but there was something about him, which made me think that he was incredibly eager to see my tits.

‘I think you may be right’ I said in a slow voice.

‘Great. All you have to do is fill up these forms and I’ll take care of the rest’

His confidence gave me strength. Now, let me tell you straight. Who the hell thought I would be finding a male hottie specialized in giving women pain? I was ultra-excited (I am a nymphomaniac, remember?) to have my babies touched by him, but still frightened about getting my nipples stung.

After filling out the forms, we went to a different room. Ralph had me lay down on a table. He took out the utensils in a very sanitary manner and looked me into the eyes.

‘Are you ready?’ I was so scared that my hands were as cold as ice. I slowly pulled up my shirt and touched my nipples, so to make them erect. Ralph’s look was highly focused on my breasts. I simply could not say yes, because I felt that I was not. we are going to clean this area, to prevent infection’ he said, running a small cotton swab across my nipples.

Sexy ass


It actually tickled so much that I started laughing hard. As professional as he wanted to seem, he could not help himself from laughing at me; or maybe at my silly laugh.

‘Sorry, it tickles’

‘I like your laugh’ he was not only hot, but also very sweet, and he really seemed to like me. His compliment made my heart beat faster. He slowly marked my boobs and applied a clamp to my nipple, to keep it erect. It felt uncomfortable. That was when I realized things were getting serious.

‘Is it going to hurt a lot?!’

‘Try to relax. It will only hurt a little bit’

As he was about to sting them with the needle, I kept my eyes closed and imagined something nice, something…

‘Ouch! Fuck! GoooshThat is how I got to the point of yelling. The pain was so intense that when that needle went through my left nipples, it went directly to my brain! After complaining like a small child, my hot piercer decided to help me relieve the pain byjerking off in front of me.

I was open-mouthed. His cock was so erect that I started asking myself why he was so turned on by my pain. However, the pain lasted less than ten seconds. Seeing him so aroused, and willing to make me feel better, really put me in the mood.

‘Is this okay’ he got closer and sat on the edge of it, looking at me biting my lips from pain.

My affirmative response came as fast as my hand was already taking control over his cock. How could I let a cute guy like him jerk off, all by himself, when my hand was more than willing to rub my saliva on his dick?

I did not know how I got to that point; if he used to do this with each of his clients or only with me, or if he just felt my special ‘nymphomaniac smell’ – that is a whore signal – which yelled ‘fuck me, ZacEfron’s clone, fuck me’

‘You gave me so much pain…’

‘I’ll make it up to you’ he whispered, enjoying the way my hand was slowly going up and down his wet cock.

My nipple still hurt a little bit, but the idea of fucking my outrageously hot piercer in his studio, was filling me up with adrenaline, making me forget about the pain. My pussy was really wet and impatient to feel his juicy cock moving in and out of it.

It was time to stop giving him a handjob and let his apparently experienced cock do a great job with my cunt, as I did not want him to warm him up too much, and end everything before my pussy got some action.

Once I stopped jerking him off, he realized what I wanted and climbed on top of me, pulled up my dress and took off my already wet panties. He forced himself between my legs and played with me, slowly letting his cock touch the outside of my vagina. I got so turned on by his sexual teasing that my pussy started to hurt. The huge arousal was killing me.

What did I do? I just grabbed his sexy butt cheeks and pulled them towards me, forcing his long cock to slide deep inside my burning pussy. The sensation was exactly like taking a cold shower after having been on fire for a long time.


I knew I could not resist much. Once he was inside of me, he sat on his hands above me and gasped, ‘god, it feels amazing being inside of you’

‘It feels more amazing having you inside me’ I breathed, looking at his cock wet with my fluids going in and out of my pussy. Looking at him while he was giving it to me so good had a strong impact on my arousal, increasing the sexual tension in my body to the point I could not even breathe.

‘There is something about you…’

The more he talked slowly, with that hot voice of his, the more aroused I was getting. Although I usually needed a fast penetration to reach climax, that time it was different. The slow way his dick was going in and out of my cunt on that small table, made my body build a different type orgasm  that I was not used to, a softer one.

‘I am so close to…’,I mumbled.

He furrowed his brow, closed his eyes and moaned,letting me know that he wanted to cum as badly as I did. My nipples got strong, my breathing became impossible and my vaginal muscles started contracting so hard, that he felt his penis squeezed inside of me.

When he saw me gasping loud, with my mouth wide opened, he opened his eyes and contemplated me while letting go of the pleasure I had been keeping inside for so many minutes. His breathing revealed he was struggling so much not to ruin my orgasm and pull out right then.

UhhhI said, as he sped up his movements ‘fill me now, fill me’

My words made him breath harder than ever, his hand squeezing softly my pierced boob, when all of a sudden we heard the doorbell, letting us know that someone had just entered the studio. None of us said anything. We both stopped moaning loudly but continued having sex, although I wanted to scream with pleasure while Ralph fucked me so deep and so fast.

Our bodies got really sweaty. He closed his eyes again, bent over my chest and let his cock fill my cunt with his warm cum, making me bite his arm just to keep my mouth shut. Millions of dirty words were about to come out my mouth, starting with ‘fuck me’, but I had to keep quiet.

After my clitoral and vaginal intense sensations calmed down a little bit, his cock drowned in a wave of cum inside my pussy.Once he shot out massive louds of cum, his magical penis felt like a small doughy jelly inside me.

‘Are you expecting anyone?’

‘No. It’s a studio, anyone can come’ he whispered back Just a second!’ he yelled at the top of his lungs, getting off of me. I lay down, quietly, waiting for my heartbeats to slow down, while he went to talk with his client.

He came back in less than one minute, and found me cleaning the place with some wet wipes I always carry in my bag. Since the situation was so awkward, all I could say was a shy hi again’

He grinned, ‘we still have one more boob to pierce’

‘It might be painful…’

‘I’ll have to make it up to you’ he smiled in delight the studio is officially closed’

I lie down on my back and said ‘go on’, enthusiastic to cross the line between pain and pleasure for the second time.

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