The dance of love

18th February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It was a cold, winter night.

We were drinking hot chocolate, staying on the soft carpet and watching a movie that we’ve seen before, a Christmas comedy.

The dance of love


I was feeling super hot. He had never looked at me in that way before, it was like he was undressing me from his looks. “Don’t you think it got hot in here?” I asked. I removed the thick blouse I was wearing, remaining in a T-shirt. Vlad was not dressed so thick, like me. We turned off the tv. It was no way to pay attention to the movie anymore. We were looking at each other without saying a word. It was like we were trying to break the barriers of the body through the looks we were gaving each other. To read what was happening in our souls. To understand something that cannot be understood. His look was like a flame which was melting me slowly. I was admiring his wonderful features, his face lightened by the flames in the chimney, his dark green eyes, his nose and lips, and I knew that he is the love of my life. But maybe I wasn’t thinking about that then. The fact that he was there, so close to me, it was enough for me. I was not thinking about anything else. Nothing mattered, but those moments. He got near me more. He was so close. We kissed, like we didn’t want to separare again. The only light in the room was the one from the flames of the fire in the chimney, flames that were like bursting out from our heart. Our heart full of love. We were trying through that passionate kiss to show the feelings that were in our souls. We stopped that special kiss that tasted different than usually, and we separated a little bit. The fire inside us didn’t stop, on the contrary it grew stronger, comparing to the one in the chimney , which was burning lower. We were looking at each other and we knew that we wanted more. The fire stopped and we remained in the dark. That dark was our friend. He got near me again and and he started to kiss my neck slowly, while he was caressing my breasts with his strong hand. I dared to take off his T-shirt and touch his strong chest and on his worked-out abdomen. I wanted to discover every part of his body. It was so good… I was feeling his passionate kisses, his palm on my breasts, his lust and love… I was feeling him. It was like I drank a whole glass of wine from a sip… he was like a drug, making me feel so good! Like a drug, I needed him more and more… I was walking my hand on his abdomen and I started to thickle him. He was giggling: “Ela, Stop it!” “Hm, No!” I said. Suddenly he got away from me, like he did something forbidden. I made room between his arms. “Ela, maybe it will be better if” “Vlad, why are you doing this? Why are you afraid to open your heart and listen to it, to forget about what is right and to do what you feel?” “ Because I have never had such desires… I mean I could control myself… but now, and I am afraid that I could hurt you! “ “ You know that I can’t be so easily hurt! Vlad, what’s stopping you? I am here next to you, I wish it too… what are you afraid of?” I saw for moment that his eyes shined from something strange and it was enough just a look to make me tremble. But it was a pleasant sensation. He began kissing me more wildly than ever, like that one was our last kiss, like after that he was going to lose me. All I could do was to respond to his kiss, to move my tongue and lips in his rhytm. He was playing with my hair, squeezing it in his hands. At the end, as if he didn’t want to separare from me, he remained with his lips glued to mine. I was feeling his piercing pretty cold on my lips and that was making me tremble even more from pleasure. He exhausted me from a single kiss. He has never kissed me so passional, intimate before, he haa never got so close to me! I put my tongue in his mouth and we kissed again with passion. At the end I whispered to his ear: “ I could get used with that!” “Me too” he replyed. I slowly bit his ear. Then, surprised by my reaction, I put my lips on his chest. I wanted to make him feel my wishes, my love … to see how much I love him. To be hurt by my love. I put my teeth in his flesh. He moaned and pulled mai hair. Then I licked one of his nipples, while he was with his hand under my T-shirt caressing my abdomen. I bit him pretty hard, scratching his chest with my nails. I wanted to be no bounderies between us, to feel his flesh in my hands, to taste him… I was hungry for him! I wasn’t scared by nothing in those moments. Touching my skin, he whispered:” It means that I can do that too!” “Try it!” He kissed my neck pulling up my T-shirt, making me crazy. I put my hands up and he undressed me. He threw it in the room. He looked at me with love. His lips were not getting enough of me. I was shaking due to the pleasure. He opened up my bra, slowly, while I was wondering how a person can endure so much pleasure. He bit my neck slowly, while throwing the bra on the floor. Then he began to lick one of my breasts. He had no retentions: his tongue was on my nipple, his lips and piercing were accentuating my pleasure. I was walking my hand on his back, on his strong arms and shoulders, I was enjoying his ferm skin. He was like a statue that came alive: beautiful, strong, cold and silent. But something inside him was burning, and I was feeling it. That fire was making me boil with pleasure. I was trying to control myself, to be as silent as him, and that’s why the pleasure was bigger. I sighed when he got away from me. I wanted him sticked to me, any distancs between us couldn’t be bared. He understood that and he lay me on the carpet, he being on top of me. We were kissing slowly and I couldn’t get enough of him. We were skin on skin, flesh on flesh, worked-out and hard chest, man on woman, virility on feminity. He lay me in bed again and he got next to me. His hand were going down slowly on my body, from neck to my chest, then on my abdomen. When they got near the navel, I froze for a moment. He whispered: “Ela, if you don’t want this, just tell and I’m going to stop!” “Please do not stop now!” He slipped inside me, deeper and deeper, wanting to become one, I wanted to be united forever, I was putting my nails in his flesh, I was pushing myself more into his body. He was breathing slowly, he was kissing my neck, and I was moaning easy while I was pushing him more in me! As I was receaving more, I was offering him the proof of my love, moving alongside him. “I love you!” He whispered in my ear while he penetrated me slowly.

He remained without moving inside me for a moment, we were looking at each other then he sighed and whispered: “how much I love you!”

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