The first lesson

2nd March, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Even in the dark I was feeling his look getting through the barrels of the body, reading everything.

Without being able to control myself, wanting to feel the pleasure of the union of our bodies, wanting to know how it is like,

The first lesson


wanting to know if it can make me feel better than I was feeling, taking him by surprise, I took off her lingerie. He was looking at me shocked. “Ela…” “Vlad, please”. He listened to me. Yes, it can be possible to feel better, it was possible to feel that you’re going out of your body for a second. It was possible to feel vulnerable and to try to slip somehow with everything you are in the loved person. There was no barrier between us. I didn’t oppose any resistance. I opened my body and soul and I received him. At first, that hurt me a bit. It hurts to feel just a half from a whole. And he was so generous, he was showing me how much he loves me. He started to move faster in me, pushing himself fast, and I, without opposing resistance, I was moving my hips to easy his work. It was like a love dance. We were dancing the love dance, a dance that was making us becoming for a few moments one single person. I was feeling his pleasure as if it was my own. I was feeling light like a flake, and he just knew what to do to make shake with pleasure. Eventually the dance ended. Maybe too soon, maybe too late. I was exhausted. He kissed my forehead protectively and he covered me with the blanket. He was not getting enough of looking at me. I embraced him tight. It exhausted me to say so many words after one another. Vlad opened slowly the zipper from my pants and then he undressed me from them. It was pretty cold in the room, but who was feeling that?! Now it was different, something much more intimate, to feel him stand so close to me. He began to caress my leg, I closed my eyes. His fingers were going up, I was boiling inside. Finally his hand stopped between my legs. He was kissing me slowly while he was moving hin fingers, up and down, on my panties. It was so good and I didn’t want him to stop , but I whispered: “ It means that I can do that also!” He looked at me shocked. Without waiting for his approval I got on top of him. I was having a weird energy. I was melted and astonished how he could be able to pick me up in his arms. He opened impatiently the bedroom door. He let me stay on my feet. I was dizzy although I didn’t drink anything. I couldn’t stay up, I lay on the bed. He got beside me and began to torture me again, making me feel too good. His tongue was licking my neck, my breasts, my abdomen… The dark around us was getting closer. I wanted to shout: stop it, make me yours now. But I was not having the energi for that. I took off his pants, I didn’t do that with the same grace as him, my hand was shaking. He moaned when I touched his manhood slowly. Before I got the chance to do anything else, he turned back, being on top of me again. “Ah, you, you drive me crazy. “ he whispered full of desire. “Do something about it!” “Ela, you know that I love you!” “I know that from a very long time! Just show me how you love me!” Maybe he heard that though I didn’t say it out loud and that’s why he undressed me completely. I was naked in front of him. But everytime when he was looking at me I was feeling the same, and because I couldn’t wear a mask when I was with him. It wasn’t a new sensation. I was glad that it was dark, not because I was shy, but because our senses were becoming stronger, evolved. It was suitable with the mistery between us.

It was the New Year’s Eve in 1990. We were guys and girls and we were watching a movie. The host was older than me with 4 years. Her name was Gaby. She was not talk but she was having long hair and big breasts. We were staying on the floor and she was staying with her back on my knees. I opened up my legs and so she got in my arms. It was dark, just the TV screen was the only source of light. I began to touch her breasts. They were so nice, it was the first time when I was touching such nice boobs. She was rubbing on my penis. I was so horny, it hurt me. I whispered to her ear to get up because it hurt me. She got up, took my hand and showed me to the bathroom. She waited until I got out and she took me to the nearest room. She began to kiss me… I still feel her sweet, flavoured taste. I let her continue. The nipples became hard. She told me to lick them. So I did, she was very excited. We got in bed and we started to touch each other under the blanket. I heard noise on the corridor and someone entered the room. I put my hand in her pants, but she stopped me saying that it was enough for the start, the next lesson will be another time. The truth is that the next meeting happened after 10 years … but that another time.

After 10 years I met again with Gaby. She was married for 8 years, me for 5. We met in town and we scheduled again another one at her place. I arrived at her, she was living in a bedsit. Her husband was gone in delegation. She opened the door and welcomed me with a short kiss and she got back to the room. I took her in my arms touching her perfect breasts. I began to kiss her neck. Then I bit her ear, while my hands were toching her curves. She responded by kissing me with her soft lips. I responded to the provocation by slowly biting those flavoured lips. Our tongues were meeting with each other , playing. My penis was hard. She saw that and she opened my belt. I remained in my shorts, she took off my pants and shirt. I helped her throwing off her pants and T-shirt. She began caressing my chest, while kissing my nipples. I felt her hands on my penis. Her wet tongue started to lick my penis. I began to breath harder while my penis was losing in her mouth. It was clear that she did that before. She was sucking and licking and she was driving me crazy. I ejaculated in her mouth. She licked and swallowed everything. I kissed her breasts, they were like two melons with their nipples hardened. My hands were playing with her buttocks and they were getting in the wanted area. I wanted to taste her, to feel her flavour. I began to play with my tongue to her clitoris. She was all shaking, she was enjoying it, she was pushing my head as of she wanted to eat me. While I was licking and sucking her, she was moaning with pleasure. I began to suck her clit and finger it. It didn’t take long and her aromated juice invaded my mouth. She was wonderful. Meanwhile I became erect again and she invited me to penetrate her. She began to moan in pain, I didn’t know what to do, to stop or to continue. I started to move slowly while kissing her neck. She grabbed my ass and she was leading me how she liket it. I continued like that until I felt her breathing harder. She was reaching the orgasm. We were exhausted, falling asleep in each others arms.

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