The girl from the dream

20th December, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Every night I fall asleep, but I rarely dream … yet …

this is one of the three dreams that are repeating themselves … I hope you like it …

The girl from the dream


I’m getting home tired at night, I lye on the bed and starting the TV. As usual, I put on the DVD, put the ambient relaxing music, and when I feel like I’m close to sleep, I put a movie or something less noisy and I program the TV to turn off automatically. I finally fall asleep … just a few moments after the TV goes off … I feel light, I feel weird … I feel like I’m euphoric … I feel my body as hard as load, although I’m light as I could float … Slowly … everything seems to disappear, there is no more noise, there is no longer the coolness of the evening, there is no smoke from the smoked cigarettes … there is nothing except that sublime feeling of calmness, as if it were something impossible that became reality … Still, I open my eyes, I wake up in another place … I do not know where I am, what I’m looking for, I look wondering around, but I feel something like silk, cashmere, just materials that awaken everybody’s senses, however cruel, cold or senseless anyone would have been … I’m in a room that has two wide open doors, huge, wrapped in a fine silk curtain that shines under the moonlight. I get off my bed slowly, I move through the room, I feel a pleasant, warm breeze that leads me into an irresistible state of pleasure … I’m out on wide open doors, I see a fine sandy beach, crystalline water … I take a few steps, and I see a silhouette on the beach as a shadow … I start to walk slowly on the fine sand, feeling lightly from time to time as the water was touching my feet a little, but I go without looking at something other than that gorgeous shadow, which is becoming clearer. I approach to that mysterious shadow, which, as I was getting closer, she became easily visible … under the moonlight … I’m trying to ask something, but I do not know how, I’m trying to move, but I cannot, all I can do is look in vain … She turns to me, she smiles, with her fine and tiny lips, she looks with her two blue eyes, calm, warm, welcoming, she comes to me and takes me in her arms … I felt a tear touching my shoulder, I feel it how suddenly she sighs, then suddenly she looks at me sad, she returns … she runs away … I start to run after her, not knowing what else to do, all of a sudden everything around me is changing. .. as if I had returned to the room … I see her sleeping in the white bed, wrapped around with a semi-transparent curtain in white silk, I sneak slightly, I stretch me beside her and I try to get as close as possible to her. I put my right hand over her, I caress her face and I hold her in my arms, I kiss her on the cheek, when from the sadness, loneliness and all that an angel should not be given … they disappear … slowly … her little lips begin to smile. She is inviting me near her, as she is welcoming me to love and protect her. I’m trying to fall asleep beside her … but when I close my eyes I hear her whispering …
-I love you, I miss you enormously, I miss you too much, what do I do, why did I get like this, how could it happen …
And I hear how she sighs again… I gently touch her face, I touch her fine hair and I hear a sigh. She turns back to me in my arms, kissing me on my forehead and she raises my head to look in my eyes. Like hypnotized, I cannot even blink, I smile, I look, like everything gets suddenly without a care in the world and I hear her saying:
-I love you, for all eternity, not just a moment, an hour, a day, a month, a year or even a life, but for eternity!
I’m trying to talk, but I cannot. I’m letting these feelings capture me, I just forget about everything …Easy, she leaves me without clothes, she’s also naked and she asks:
-You love me?
I look in her eyes, I smile warmly, welcoming, and nod yes with my head. The next moment, she climbs over me, she stretches over my body, making it warmer, kissing me as sublime as before, as if hypnotizing me, and I put my hands on her long hair , which came over her back, I gently grasped it between my hands, I put it lightly to one side, caressing her head, while we were kissing … I feel as she gets hotter, our breathing is getting faster and faster, everything is getting hotter around us, when she rises above me, she caresses my face, she leaves the tips of her fingers to descend from her face, to her neck, reaching her chest … when I feel like she makes me slip easily inside her. We are both in pleasure, she closes her eyes, smiles, get she put her head on her back and slowly starts to moan again. She bends over me, she kisses me, without letting me move or get out of her, she kisses me warmly, her lips slowly drop from lips to my neck, climbs up to my ear and slowly, whispers:
-I am yours, all yours, and that’s how I’ll remain all my life!
I close my eyes, I kiss her forehead, but I feel her getting up and beginning to move her beautiful body … I feel how the pleasure, the ecstasy … it floods me … and I see her as well, she feels my pleasure, but it seems more intense …After a while, we both end up at once, letting her fall in my arms again, telling me that she still wants to make love with me, but she has to go. I feel her let me get out of her, get up easily. She starts running to where I saw her on the beach. I see how everything is getting darker, I see how the clouds cover the moon for a few moments, and when they disappear, the girl is no longer there … I’m trying to run after her, but the traces are wiped off by the water that gets more and more anxious. Sad and disappointed, I feel obliged to take refuge in the room that is parted from heaven. I get up easily in bed, I cover myself by leaving only the head uncovered … and I close my eyes …Like miraculously, I feel something warm on my face! I’m starting to smile! I hope she is there… I open my eyes, and my smile disappears … It’s just a ray of sunshine, I wake up in the room where the TV was going to be on, it’s all cold and lonely around me .. I sigh, closing for the last time my sleepy eyes, hoping I could fall asleep and rejoin that hidden face of heaven … I open my eyes … unfortunately … I came back to reality … Still I feel the bed warm beside me, as if someone would have been around me all the time … and I see a few drops, like tears, on the pillow next to me … a rose flavor and black Chinese tea seems to be getting stronger around me … my tea was ready and the roses in the room had blossomed over night … in the evening they were only picked like little buds, but at dawn, it was a splendor in the whole room.

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