The last love night

22nd February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

College time- the most pleasant period of time, sensational and full suspense of each person who experienced it in life.

Beside the lost nights with books in our hands, but also sleepless nights because of the many adventures, included are also the love affairs whose imprint remain alive for the rest of our lives.

The last love night


In this period I met the first goosebumps of love, which I can qualify it as being true with the whole certitude in the world. I loved him unconditionally, in spite of the protests of my friends. I was still studying, he was finished with college. We stayed in the same college dorm. From there our love story began. He was not from our country. After he graduated he returned to his home land, but after a short period of time he returned. I want to believe that one of the reasons was that he wished to be closer to me. But after the many tryes in order to fiind a job here, and also for other causes, he needed to come back. I was continuing to love at the dorm. He already bought a ticket for the second day. We both knew that it was the last day and night when we could enjoy each other, to be close to one another. The day passed in an interesting way: coffee places, walkings in the park, meeting common friends, etc. But the night eventually arrived. We wanted that day to last forever. Sometimes it is enough to feel someone’s closeness and to just hold his hand , in order to feel intense emotions. Of course that a true satisfaction it is when the bodies are becoming one. So, it was evening already. We both knew that it was the last time spent togheter and of course our bodies were feeling an irresistable attraction to each other. But to make love we needed a space , and we could not have it. The irony: to have a partner, to have a „tool” … but not having the space. He was living at a close relative, and of course we couldn’t barge in. The money was a real issue, so we could not rent anything for a night. Although I have many friends, the unjustified pride couldn’t let me ask them. Finally, I remembered that night I was going to sleep alone in the room, because all the girls were gone at the countryside. So we stayed in the dorm. We went there, it was already dark. But we had another imediment: the foreigners are not allowed to access, especially at such a late hour. Finally we took the extreme option, that the majority who stayed at a dorm know it: getting in through the balcony. It was funny but also dangerous. But in that statement you are not able to think clearly. And an adventure without risks is no adventure at all. We got close to the place. We analyzed the steps that were to be done to be seif, although it was difficult in those conditions. The first one decided to be me because I needed somone to lift me up. The escaladation was not so easy regarding some moments, I was scared toc limb further as well as going down. But I armed myself with courage , the adrenaline was hightened and I managed to get thorugh all the obstacles until I arrived seif. But , I was a little bit not careful and my knee got in an iron bolt, it broke my jeans and it made me bleed a little bit. He climbed with more ability than me, like a feline and arrived fast. We jumped a few horizontal balconyes and we reached my room, the window was opened. He jumped through him and he opened the balcony door. When we saw oursleves there we were the most happy persons alive. I was feeling like a thief that did the robbery of his life without being caught and he was going to receive his prize. We were a little bit tired so we lay in bed to regain our strenghts, but also to enjoy the feeling of having a roof above our heads and a bed to lye on. But again I remembered that it was the last time when I have him close. A tear dropped on my cheek. He turned to me. Probably he was feeling the same, because without saying anything and he kissed my tear. His look was kind and tender, full of love, also combined with sadness, which was making it more profound and intense. Then he began kissing my lips with desperation, as if he wanted to absorb me into his being forever. Step by step it transformed in a delicate kiss , going slowly to the neck. His hands were walking on my body. I started to respond to his moves. At his every touch my back was arching, and I was having goosebumps and plesant shivers down my spine. It doesn’t need sexual perversities or various ways of excitation to be in the seventh heaven. Sometimes it is enough that the loved person to caress you with tender to feel the most happy on this Earth, and to pray that this thing to last forever. What followed next I couldn’t describe each episode. I know that without noticing it we both remained naked, in a wild embrace which ended up with the union of our bodies by his penetration inside me. Everything was going on naturally , the mind was without power in front of the force of passion. The movements were natural, our breaths were at the same time and the way that our bodies were moving were on the same pace. I was feeling step by step how we were becoming a single body. His hand wasn’t his hand anymore, and my hand wasn’t my hand anymore, we became a whole together, wishing to remain like that for eternity. Each pore in our sking was emenating love. The sounds we were making were splashing in the same eco. I was under the impression that from two persons we became one. When you have sex with a person you love, the pleasures are magnified. Because the sould pleasure is in addition to the physical pleasure and together they form an indestructable force of nature, powerful love and true, real feelings. The ecstasy that covered us resisted until the morning showed up, and the night got away. Then we had to finish our union and go back to reality which was cruel: we had to say goodbye. The irony again because he had toc limb down thorugh the balcony again. We both got aut on the balcony to breath the fresh air fo morning. After the last passionate kiss he went to go down. The sweetness of that kiss I believe that I can feel it even now when I remmeber those moments. I grabbed his hnd. He held mine powerfully af if he didn’t want to let me go. I wanted to hug him one more time but he took a step back telling me that it was going to be too much for him and he couldn’t let me go. He climbed down slowly and with the same ability as before. He looked at me once more. I said:
-Can you imagine that this is the last time we see each other?
He said one word:
Then he left. I was powerless. I was having the same sensations as a part from you would break, and without which life would be impossible. I wanted to scream, to cry , to let it all go. And though I remained still, I did not even cry a tear! It was beyond my powers. I have never believed that a break up could be so painful! I don’t know how long it was until I returned to the room and without vim I crushed on the bed, feeling so down!

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