The married woman

1st January, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Florin … A forty-year-old man, divorced, living alone in a cold studio.

Although it did not seem, Florin was a very sentimental man, tender. And sensitive.

The married woman


His wife had left him for another – an anonymous – exhausted by the mediocrity of daily living, by her husband’s indifference. In fact, he, with pain in his heart, had willingly made her leave. He could not offer absolutely anything: money, fulfillment of aspirations, a child …. But he had discovered that his act of altruism had done well to her, but it was very bad for him. The lack of a woman in her life made him feel depressed, powerless and it lasted for years. It passed so long since he loved the last time …
One evening, tired of loneliness, the coldness of the four walls between which he lived, he walked out, through the rain which was falling generously, abundant. He was dreaming with his eyes open to a big, impossible, shaking love. Even if it was for a little time , a month, a week … He needed to regain his confidence in his lost masculinity. He’s thinking of going to a movie, any movie, at a cinema in the city center. He looked at the poster, it was an English production, something with love. Among the people who were, there, he saw a familiar face. A dear girl, a person who he was fond about, in secret. Mihaela was wandering on the streets for about half an hour. She was feeling weird. She was the alone, her husband was gone away, at a seminar – he was a doctor. It was also good for her because she could spare the housework, but it was sad too because the family was meaning everything to her. Now, disoriented, she was strolling down the wet boulevard. She was tiny, with a fragile body, wearing eyeglasses, the woman was barely at first glance emp0ty of that sex appeal that was making men turn their heads on the streets after a representative of the beautiful sex. But she had something special; maybe her reddish hair ? Or maybe the sweet voice and the sickening laughter? For something of her personality was making her attractive for those who knew her closely. Men’s colleagues were treating her with gifts, partly for her softness, partly for her obvious delicacy. She was giving the continuous impression that she needed protection, that she was vulnerable, so the giddy males felt they had to defend her. In spite of this, she was a woman in her place, she did not know another man except her husband, the doctor, and did not even feel the need to taste the guilty pleasures of adultery. That night, she suddenly realized several things: she was already fifty years old, that her husband is now almost old and sexually helpless. She felt a wave of sadness and frustration crossing her. She was after all a woman. The sexual energy accumulated in the small body, between the white thighs, in the slightly bulging crest, in small but strong breasts. What if … She read some books, she saw some movies in which a single woman found herself in the arms of a foreign passerby. Yes, she had long thought about something, she made an idiot plan: to take the train to the neighboring city, to talk to an unknown charmer, to let herself be possessed by him, and then leave him and return to her family. An experience that would make her life less numb, without boredom and without that fog that was covering everything for a long time ….

– What are you doing, Mihaela?
She looked scared. It was Florin, her closest colleague at work.”Florin,” she said softly and gladly, meeting her colleague. Her best friend at work. Always ready to help her with advice, with a good word, Florin was a trustworthy guy. He had never made her sexual innuations. He was warm, serious, thoughtful … she was often asking herself why he was single? He deserves a good girl, that’s for sure.
– How are you, Miha?
– Well, I went out for a walk, I was alone and I was bored.
– Like that, in the rain? he asked, walking alongside his colleague.
And then, Mihaela realized. Why a stranger? Why not this boy? Beautiful, vigorous, strong … What a stupid thing! He was her colleague. And if he was not attracted to her and would reject her?

Florin was starring at her. The woman was gnarled. She was biting her lips. What a cute woman! It was a shame she was married. They both entered in the cold room. Few more viewers followed them and the movie started almost immediately. They had places somewhere in the back. The room was almost empty. The movie was really good. The action showed the tumultuous life of a young woman who could not find the right pair. Always brutal men who were trying to impose their will, wanting to capture her. Many tears, sighs, a sensory melodrama. Mihaela found herself tearing at the heroine and her troubles, and then she woke up crying. And then a hand stretched out a handkerchief. It was Florin. And his hand covered hers. And she remained so, not knowing what to do. He had that big and hot palm! Her heart began to struggle. She decided not to make a move, to encourage him, so she remained inertia without withdrawing her hand. She turned her face to the man. He already looked at her with understanding and compassion. And without telling her when and how and why, the woman found her lips kissed by Florin. She shuddered and pulled her palm out of his hand. The man grabbed her hand again and whispered to her feverishly:
– Since when I saw you, about four years ago, I had a passion for you. Day and night I think of you, I look for any occasion just to be able to look at you. I desire you and I stayed silent and I will keep remain silent. I’m not asking for anything. I just want to be around you. Look, it’s fine now. Let me hold your palm, you’re cold. The woman was speechless with her eyes on the screen. Her thoughts were like a mad whirlwind. And when Florin grabbed her palm again, praying to her not to leave, she stayed in the chair like a statue. And he felt her weakness and vulnerability and something was turning in his heart. He grabbed her shoulders, squeezed her toward him, and kissed her again, gently, shyly. She remained cold, trying to seem indifferent. And he kissed her again and again, with gentleness and passion. And the woman responded to his kiss, her thoughts shaking in her mind like birds in a cage. They kissed for a few minutes, not known by anyone. The movie was playing on the screen, the heroine still suffered, but who would pay attention? Florin and Mihaela were kissing as if the end of the world was coming, as if the world was barely born between their lips. And it was natural for the man to put his hand in the woman’s blouse. And her moan gave him news that he was accepted, and he was doing it well. Mihaela was feeling dizzy. She just knew she was unhappy and he was making her feel like a woman again. The man grabbed her little breasts like two apples, pulling them out of the bra. The woman closed her eyes. She could not get away from the man’s squeeze, he was still holding her neck, kissing her insistently. Mihaela gradually relaxed and left herself in his will. Florin felt that, and his fingers touched her labia. She shuddered and grasped the man’s arms in an instinctive gesture. He felt the right moment. His fingers hummed in Mihaela’s hot pussy. They were now kissing with wide open mouths, biting their lips and sucking each other like madmen. Good that the room was empty.They were in a shadow, no one nearby. And he approached Mihaela’s thighs. And he touched them with the tongue between her labia, pulling her panties with his fingers on one side. And she let herself in his will, holding her cold palm on her thick, strong neck. The woman pulled his trousers. With determined movements, the woman grabbed his erected penis out. The man had been so excited that he was all wet. Florin masturbated looking at Miha. Like crazy, Florin ejaculated on the woman’s thighs.
The woman gasped. She would never have thought she would behave like this, and especially in a public place! He stood up and they went quietly from the room, heading for her home, where they would start the real adventure.

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