The sea with its romantism

14th February, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

It is evening. The sun was preparing to end its route, without caring.

Two pair of eyes were watching it with sadness, knowimg what was happening, but not wanting it.

The sea with its romantism


The sunset, a day is over… The last one! It started three days ago, he was staying on the sea shore, on a slug morning, breathing the wind which was bringing desolation. His eyes were sad and he was looking the sea agitation. Nothing seemed to stop his motionlessness. He was like a marble statue. He wasn’t seeing anything around him, nothing seemed to exists beside him and the sea on which a storm was going to unleash. So , the volbourous sea was keeping him from seeing her. She was walking on the beach with lost steps, ejoying the soft sand touching her feet. The sea air was not enough for her, she was breathing with lust the breeze with saline emanations , with an instinctive pleasure. She was wearing a white , misty dress and her black hair was carried away by the wind. Her green eyes were drown by the sea, which was unleashed. They were alone on the beach, two of the few who were still apreciating the art. She was the one who observed him. Without realizing why she was heading towards him, attracted by the inertness of the young man. She stopped behind him, looking at the same sea across his shoulder. “She won’t tell you anything, she never reveals her mysteries. You are waiting in vain for her to tell you anything!” The young man trembled and looked at her. His look was like it travelled for centuries, it was lost. “I think you are mistaken, he said, and the he looked again at the sea. Listen! “ “What does she say now?” “She doesn’t say anything, she sings. It is so beautiful, I want it to be silence to listen to her.” The girl looked at him surprised and she looked also to the waves. The first rain drops started to fall and some howling was tresspassing the electrified atmosphere. The girl was a little bit frightened. “The sea it’s so strong. Sometimes she scares me.” “ That’s good, it means that you respect it. I will leave, it is about to start. It is not safe to be here now, so you should do the same.” He took away his look from the waves, and fixed it for a second on the girl’s face. She is beautiful, he thought. And he didn’t even want to talk to her. “ If you want you can come with me. I’m going at the coffee place . You can watch the sea from there too, ita spectacle it’s still fascinating. Something tells me that it will be a first time for you!” Without realizing it, the girl accepted. She couldn’t explain to herself what made her going with him. It was something that normally she wouldn’t have done it. She wouldn’t have going to “a date” with a stranger, but he was different, it was like she knew him since forever! That was the first day, they went to the coffee shop, they talked, they watched the sea show, and the day passed without realizing the time. He accompanied her to the house were she was accomodated since two days, and without looking in her eyes he invited her the second day for a walk on the beach. She accepted. “She seems different, isn’t she? She hid her weapons and now she looks peaceful and clear. Tricky mirage, even for the ones who know her.” “ You are right, she seems to be all serenity!” “Shall we? “ He asks, and they were walking alongside the seashore, on the sand which was still bearing the marks of the storm. They walked in silence all day. The words weren’t necessary. They were watching each other and it was enough to communicate. The second day, the sunset caught them also on the sea shore. They took a seat on a rock. She took her knees in her arms and began to sing a lullaby. She was like a nymph from a forest, with her hair on her white shoulders. He was spelled by her. He was losing himself in her fresh smile and in her cristal eyes. He was feeling drunk in love when he was hearing her laughter. The stars lighted up alongside with the night.” Do you realize that they are not even existing right now? Maybe they are gone from a long time in the huge Universe? “ he said by looking at the sky. “ who?” “ I mean the stars. What we see know is actually the past. What was a million years ago. We see the light…” “The Universe is an immense nebula, figuratively speaking. We will never find out its secrets.” “Maybe this is its charm!” He said. He couldn’t believe that the girl was real. He was used with being alone, motionlessness, knowing that his existance pass in vain. She didn’t imagine that some day she will appear. Being next to her it seemed that the time wasn’t affecting him anymore , he was feeling that the world was beginning and ending and so on, just in her eyes. Nothing mattered anymore but her. She took the sea place in his heart. He was breathing her sweet perfume from her curls, he was feeling her heart beating and it was giving him goosebumps. He was looking at her soft shape of her white arms and the contour of her sweet lips. Then the kiss followed. For him it was the most intense experience. It thought that something like that couldn’t exist, this kind of sensation shouldn’t be allowed for a mortal being, or maybe it should be just his. He didn’t know, he couldn’t know that a single touch can create and destroy in him whole worlds. And that night he tasted her in details, he made love with her like with nobody else. Her body belonged to him entirely, with her big and full breasts. The third day was the happiest in his life. Thinking later about her , she seemed still unreal like a dream. But no, she was there, he could feel her perfume, he tasted her juice from her lips. A perfect and unique day. They were watching the sea again. Her hands were playing in his hair. He grabbed her slowly from her neck, he kissed her and hugged her. He closed her eyes. Two souls became one. Two breathings united, two hearts were beating as one. “I don’t want you to go.” “I must. Thins kind of happiness cannot be for eternity.” “But it can. In my soul it will never go away. Even if I would live a thousand centuries, your trace in my soul won’t be changed!” “Do not talk, kiss me to feel your soft lips again!” The second day she left. Two eyes were burning after her. It lasted a second, he thought. Bit it was not enough. Of course it wasn’t enough, she would expect a sign from her , to come back.
And he will never let her go again, although her life was not his possesion. He madly fall in love with her! And the best part was that she also fell madly in love with him! That it is the best achievement in life, to love and feel loved, to find love and keep it. This is the most rich thing that you can have, not money, but good sex and forever after love!

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