Things no one told you about sex!

29th October, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Top 15 things you did not know about sex!

The sexiest things about sexual intercourse are generally a taboo subject in public. In order for you to achieve a great orgasm you need first of all to know some things about how it all works…

…in other words have sexual education. Here are some hints on how to achieve your biggest O!

Today we reveal several intimate facts about sex that due to social factors have not been discussed in public. If any of these ones sound familiar to you, do not get worried or embarrassed, it is a normal behavior. But if they affect your life dramatically you should seek professional advice.

Hot and odd stuff!

From the most outrageous, to the most intimate and embarrassing facts about sex, we have them all down below! Time is ticking so go and find the truth behind the things you did not know about sex!

With all the information available nowadays the topic of sex can be more easily understood. Therefore, why not find the spiciest things about it together?

Here is everything you needed to know about sex! Enjoy and leave your comments down bellow!

Either that some of these facts seem unbelievably true, find out that this is the pure truth with evidence!

Curious facts about sex



You might not fit!

For some even this mismatch can happen. How? The answer is simple – the guy might have his penis too large for the woman’s genital area. In order for the sexual intercourse to happen, she needs to control the level of penetration through the sexual position used. For instance, the best in this case is ‘Woman on top’. In order to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right position a bit of struggle in such cases is needed! However, it is worth it!

The left side of the clitoris

Probably now you are wondering why this part is so special? Studies have proven that this is the most erogenous area in the female body! It is the most sensible and consequently women get easier to their peak by stimulating it.

Do you want to know the exact area? The upper left quadrant of the clitoral head!

HINT: Your man does not seem to get on the right path that easily? Give him exact directions! Remember: this is not just ‘a bump on the road’; it is ‘a special bump’!

Bleeding after the sexual intercourse

Several women have reported a sudden bleeding after the sexual intercourse was over. This might be caused by several factors. Even though in the majority of the cases this is not something serious, you should consult your gynecologist to investigate the problem.

For some, the reasons might be a birth wound on the cervix uteri, but for others it might evolve into a severe infection which requires immediate treatment!

Women’s libido is highly influenced by their menstrual cycle

Hormones can do magic for a certain category of women, but unfortunately the other category is highly affected! Why? Because the day of the ovulation has much to do with your appetite for sex. Are you desperate for sex? Then you have the answers right here – it is just a trick of biology!

Unlimited orgasms

Studies have proven that women can actually have an unlimited number of orgasms. Therefore, if you, as a man, do your job properly she will forever be in a hot mood. Unfortunately, we have to point out that on the contrary, a man needs some recovery time. Bust that myth – ‘I had a whole night of sex!’ It is not true! It is not possible!

Wetter is always better

No lubrication mostly means pain and a ‘No-No’ type of sexual intercourse! Wetter does mean a better sexual experience. Therefore if you do not enjoy sex that much, well then probably it hurts you and as a result you try to avoid it. Remember: a healthy life includes constant sex. Do not be afraid to use lube for a higher level of pleasure!

More sex, better look!

Did this ever happen to you: while going to work someone unexpectedly tells you that you look astonishingly beautiful today? Well, it is probably because you have recently had an awesome sex! After having sex, your skin and hair seem to get better and shine more! What is the scientific explanation? An extra level of estrogen!



The pill can have serious effects on your libido

You know that being on the pill does not mean you are living a day dream! Pills have a dramatic effect over our bodies, including a decrease in the desire to have sex for a certain category of women. Dealing with women’s hormones is a risky task, therefore assuming consequences is essential!

The most common fantasy – Being raped!

Do not be ashamed to confess it to your lover and probably you will have the chance to watch your dreams come true. Recent studies made on over 2.000 British women clearly showed that domination seems to be the utmost desire in bed for them. Having the submissive role might put a little bit of salt on your course!

The most common fetishes

Do you have a fetish but you are too afraid to share it with your lover? Well, look at these statistics and you can be fully convinced that it is nothing wrong with you!

Even though the fetish subject appears to be a taboo one, in the perfect environment people get to actually confess their deepest temptations.


The most common fetishes are:

  • Body piercing (Having sex with someone well endowed and who has a piercing on one of his intimate zones will definitely arouse the majority of women. While, men can get horny at the sight of women’s tongues, nipples, lips or genital piercings. Hot, isn’t it?)
  • Leather/latex fetish (The idea of having sex with a bad ass rises interest both in women and in men. Perhaps, it is linked to the animalistic nature of humans)
  • Feet fetish (There is no surprise that men are attracted by well shaped legs, but most importantly by stilettos. The idea of the fatal women wearing nothing but high heels which is often promoted in porn movies has become a common fetish nowadays!)

Sex is not always perfect

Due to the perfect image promoted by mass media, all sex beginners tend to believe that if their sexual intercourse did not go smoothly it is probably because they did something wrong! NO! Sex comes in all sorts of forms and flavors – amusing sex, angry sex, painful sex and even embarrassing sex! It is common, do not worry! Everyone experiments these types of sex either that they want it or not!


Do you feel like crying during the sexual intercourse or after the sexual intercourse is over? Do not worry it is a normal behavior! Strong emotions are released while you do the deed, and as a result there is nothing uncommon if you want to exteriorize your feelings differently. Pay attention guys – this is not because we are sad or anything like that, on the contrary this is caused by strong emotions that simply cannot be controlled!

Nasty or painful memories

Do you have some bad memories closely linked to the idea of having sex? Try to get over them! How? By having more and more sex. A bad memory can only be replaced by a good one! So get back to work and have sex!



No sex?

A long period without sex automatically means fear of having more sex. The pause is not always something good for our bodies and mind. British researchers have proved the fact that people seem to get terrified by the idea of having a new sexual experience after a long period of abstinence! Not to mention the fact that if you only had one single sexual partner until now you are most likely afraid to get under the sheets with someone else, even though it does sound tempting to you!


Yes, that same topic that never seems to end. But do you know what it is even more hilarious? It is the fact that most men lie about this sensitive subject! Recent studies made in the UK clearly showed that the percentage of men who actually buy extra large condoms is only 6%. Where are the rest of you guys?


Thinking about researching more about curious sex stuff? Well, then feel free to take a closer look at this particular article posted on  and you will be impressed by their discoveries.

This article is not about awkward things related to sex, it is about common facts that people avoid saying in public. Not being afraid to share your mind and expose yourself as you really are might be what the opposite sex really seeks today!

Knowing about what is right and what is wrong when speaking about sex might be something important for your sexual life! But always remember, if something bothers your mind or your body, always go and seek a doctor. What might mean normal for some for others might mean trouble!

Sex should be the simplest thing in the world, however it is not!

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