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6 useful tips to become a first class escort

Also known under the name of call girls, geisha (in some parts of the world), consorts, courtesans or simply female companions, first class escorts are very different from average escorts. Since more and more girls dream of a luxurious life in which they have castles and they are treated like princesses, it is very useful for them to know how to fulfill these dreams.

1. If Cinderella would not have worn new shoes and luxurious clothes at the prom…

Even Cinderella realized the importance of image when she went to the prom. If she had worn old clothes and dirty shoes, the prince would have probably married another woman and her story would not have been famous anymore. As funny as it seems, the image is increasingly important over the globe because it represents the way other see us. This is why almost everyone is preoccupied by their look nowadays. More and more gyms, spas and beauty salons emerged, due to this preoccupation (sometimes excessive) about the way we look.
If ordinary people care about their looks, escorts should be even more careful to their image. Being a first class escort implies many sacrifices and self-care. Negligence is not an option when you want to become famous in this field. Being pretty does not mean being a skeleton but firstly having a healthy body and healthy skin (noticeable cellulite or stretch marks are a minus). Being beautiful does not even mean having big boobs and long legs or other stereotypes but having a pretty face and an attractive body. If you would like to become an escort but you do not recognize yourself in the features mentioned above, you should probably opt for another job which could suit you more. However, they say the technology nowadays can turn even frogs into princesses so you might also consider beauty treatments and plastic surgeries.



Beauty requires many efforts and sacrifices, as well as much money. In order to be a first class escort, you have to look like one. This means you have to take care of every detail, from the skin and body shape to make-up and clothes. For this reason, even if you do not frequently visit beauty salons and gyms, you should start doing it. Do not rely on your age either because beauty has to be maintained from the early ages. Make sure you eat on time, you go to the gym regularly, you paint your nails, you arrange your hair and you buy new clothes. Afterwards, you just need to put your Cinderella shoes on and you are ready for meeting your princes.

2. Education and manners

A first class escort has to be educated and well-mannered. As they pay more than for average escorts, clients have greater expectations when they meet first class escorts. A courtesan has to be elegant, feminine and classy. When she enters a restaurant, she has to be the center of attention. Then, she has to have very good communicational skills, to be able listen and state her own point of view. Of course nobody will know for sure how many college degrees you have but they will probably guess from the way you’ll speak.
A first class escort has to be smart enough to know when to speak up and when to shut up. Let’s suppose you are in a restaurant and you sit at the same table with 4 intellectual people. If they start a political conversation and you have no political knowledge, the best thing you can do shut up. Just listen to them carefully and adopt an attitude of curiosity. However, it would be great to have a rich general knowledge, to be able to discuss on different topics and to take into account the conversational etiquette.

3. Having an attitude

Forget about what the myth related to boys who want a nice girl next to them. Human statues are not made to be escorts. Most clients date first class escorts who can state their own point of view, with pros and cons, self-confident women who are not afraid of asking questions, honest women who can make compliments and who love to be unique. However, having an attitude does not mean you have to be rude or uncouth. You have to be very careful when you show someone pieces of your personality because men are different and their tastes can also be different.



Having an attitude does not imply being disrespectful. Even if your beliefs are different from your client’s beliefs, it does not mean that you have to punch him in the face to convince him. Remember that having an attitude has to be combined with the art of diplomacy and tact. We recommend you to have a positive attitude and say ‘yes’ whenever he presents his strong beliefs. This will give him the impression that you agree with him and will make the meeting more friendly and comfortable. One other problem you have to take care of is the pitch of your voice. Try not to yell too much; otherwise you will scare him and make him leave.

4. Piercings and tattoos

Although they represent two big trends worldwide, piercings and tattoos are not so ‘cool’ when you date classy guys. Probably you will also have clients who will love tattoos or piercings but the most recommended is to avoid these body decorations, since most of the clients who request FIRST CLASS ESCORTS are influent men. Rich men are not usually attracted by girls with tattoos all overt their bodies, girls with the ears full of big piercings, with dangling earrings and maybe even fake jewelries. You have to remember the difference between a girl and a woman. Would a respectful intellectual gentleman like to be seen with someone who looks like a street girl?

5. The power of seduction

Sexy girl


If you really want to become a first class escort, you have to keep in mind the differences between them and average escorts. While average escorts are only supposed to offer their company (no matter how their company is), first class ones are supposed to be always distinguished, to look and to act like real women.
The power of seduction represents the ability of attracting any man. The best tips to attract any man are:
• Being yourself. All men appreciate honest women who do not fake smiles and personalities and women who naturally have a good behavior. Show what makes you unique and share your dreams and beliefs with him. However, this does not imply a lack of self-control or forgetting about etiquette and manners.
• Confidence. Self-confident women are obviously more attractive than the other women. Trust yourself and be aware of your qualities but do not go to the other extreme and treat your client with arrogance.
• Mystery. A small dose of mystery attracts men more than you have ever imagined. Find the right moment to be mysterious and use eye contact with discretion or act like you have a little secret and you want him to discover it. Do whatever it takes to grab his attention during the entire meeting. This could make him want your company even more.
• Personal hygiene. Nothing will scare a client more than a girl who does not take care of her personal hygiene. It is very important to have frequent showers and brush your teeth every day. You can even chew gum or use other tricks to avoid having a dragon’s breath. Use deodorants and perfumes and do not forget to wear new clean clothes every day.

6. No advertisement = no clients

Now that you know all these tips about beauty and self-care, you are ready to take this business to the next level and become a first class escort. The first thing you need to know now is that advertisement is the key-word for success. Use as many advertisement tips as you can: take beautiful pictures, upload them on different websites and escort directories, advertise on magazines depending on the specific audiences (what would be the idea of advertising in a fashion magazine for women?!) and most of all pay a web developer to make your own website. This way, you can easily be found by clients. You will also be more advantaged since average escorts only use one or two means of advertisement. Remember to advertise all the time. Why? Take the example of Coca-Cola. Even if it does not need advertisement anymore, they keep on doing it. Ask yourself why.
The first thing you must do when you want to advertise is consider yourself a product. If a product is very tasty and but does not have a beautiful packing, clients won’t buy it. However, a cheap product with a very beautiful packing but with a bad taste will make clients buy him once; however, there will never be a twice. This is why if you want to become a first class escort, you must make sure you have both the taste and the packing, in order to attract as much men as possible and determine all men to hire you.

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