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31st January, 2014 - Posted by Ann Lee in Perth

Escort interview in Perth

We had the pleasure to have a close encounter with one of the top rated escorts in Perth, Julie. Her overwhelming beauty and her appealing personality help her attract more and more clients…

every day. She is a confident woman with a strong character that for sure will grab your attention. Take a few moments and for sure you will be pleased with her natural intelligence and charisma.

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Q: Please tell us a few things about yourself!

I believe my photos tell a lot about me, but if there were more to tell, I would say that I am a provocative woman, with a lot of sex appeal. I love to dance and enjoy my life.

Moreover, I also love to travel, and you might probably take this as something awkward, but I love to drive. I do not know why, but it relaxes me. I also love billiard games and I like to meet new people; this is probably one of the main reasons, which made me like this job. I am definitely a sociable person, with moral principles.

Q: List five qualities

I am an honest person. I prefer the cruel truth rather than a lie. I am also an independent woman, very understanding and supportive. I have a great sense of humor. But most of all, I am affectionate, courageous and highly adaptable to any type of situation or personality. In short, I am the perfect woman!

Q: List five defects

In what concerns my defects I must say that I am an attention-seeker, I always want to be in the center of attention, I am used to this, so nothing can change my mind. I can also sometimes be a little bit depressed or melancholic and I can be disorganized and impulsive too. But, what can I do? I am not perfect!

Q: What motivates you?

Well, my boyfriend motivates me to keep going. He is very supportive with me and he does everything for me to be happy. He is always struggling to calm me down and to give me confidence. He always says to me: ‘Everything will be okay, honey!’ That is why I love him  so much!

Q: What is the thing that you hate the most about this job?

I would not say that I hate this; it is too harsh to say it. But it makes me nervous the fact that you cannot be always sure that you will have enough money for the rest of the month. Why is that? Because clients might need you now, but they might not need you tomorrow. Everything is very variable in this industry, and this makes me say that uncertainty really frustrates me. You always need to be careful with your money, how you spend it so that you have your stock always full for darker days. You can never know how tomorrow is going to be for you.

Q: What attracted you to perform this job?

To be honest, I had a friend who has been an escort for two years. We were always together, and she told me all sorts of stories and got me familiar with this world. I was fascinated with this profession, it appeared to be a fairytale which has come true. Some day I told her I want to do the same and she got me my first date. Since then I have done nothing else but to be an independent escort.

Q: Has this profession changed you?

In a certain way, yes, it has changed me. Let’s say that today I am more confident in bed and also more open-minded. I am not a traditionalist anymore and I like to have fun. I have learned to enjoy life as it is! There is always a solution to any problem, and I will find it no matter what. I have learned a lot about what men like and what they dislike, and I also learned how to behave in all sorts of situations. Any woman must know how to state her point of view and make it be respected by everyone!

Q: Did you change your opinion on men?

Hmm, no I still love them, I haven’t changed my opinion in any other way. Fortunately for me, I know how to handle them more efficiently. But, I have learned more about them, and about all those types of men out there. From another point of view, I believe that nowadays I can easily get into a man’s mind and know exactly what he desires. This makes me  professional in my own job and makes me the best in Perth. As women, there is no doubt that we couldn’t live without them. We need them as much as they need us.

Q: Does this job influence the way you dress?

My job definitely influences me in many ways, especially in the way I am dressed and in the way I behave. As ladies of pleasure we always need to be dressed appropriately and with style and taste. We need to make our clients proud and thrilled with our appearance. This is the reason why we need to know where the date is going to take place, in order to choose the right outfit. It must be chic, classy but also sexy. We need to be the perfect women and attract all views on us!

Q: What was the most awkward thing you did as an escort?

A client of mine wanted me to be his girlfriend for a day and he introduced me to his parents as his future wife. It was funny as hell, but also interesting. His parents were very impressed by me and I acted perfectly. The most interesting fact about this job that I like the most is that we can be whatever we want to be, or whatever our clients need. We can pretend to be famous celebrities, shy persons or provocative women. In a certain way we can be called professional actors.

Q: Have you ever fallen in love with one of your clients?

No, this is one of those totally prohibited things you must not do as an escort. Why? It is simply because the one that is going to suffer the most is you. Fortunately for me this hasn’t happened. I try to avoid it as much as possible and to be as professional as I can. I don’t like to get involved too much.

Q: Have you had any other job?

I was a sales agent for one year, but I didn’t like it. It was too much stress, too much effort and it was not worth my struggle. I would not do it never again. It was definitely a mistake and a waste of time.

Q: Do you advertise a lot?

Yes, I am a very active online person. You have to know where to advertise in order for the advertisement to have the expected outcome. Don’t waste your time if you see that something is not working for you. There are tons of ways you can advertise yourself!

Q: How was your life as a newbie?

At the beginning, it was a little bit strange, but over the years I got accustomed to this profession and to my client’s requirements. Nowadays, it is all easy and natural for me. I don’t find anything too hard or too intriguing. If you have a special desire, call me because as you can see I am very broad-minded.

Q: Do you have any set days off?

No! I really do not have set days off. From my point of view, this is a huge mistake that some escorts do. You should perform your job when your clients need you and for sure you will have your spare time too! Don’t worry!

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