Top 10 types of irresistible men!

9th October, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

You should meet these types of guys at least once in a lifetime!

If we recently have debunked all the myths concerning the types of men women should avoid dating, today let us take a glimpse of how does it look like the portrait of the perfect men.


We here present you our ‘Top 10 types of men you should meet at least once in a lifetime‘.

Having luck with women include several tips men should know about, that is why will give you a complete list of the types of personalities women find irresistible.

Have you ever wondered why some men just take over the room with their presence? Now we have all the answers! There is more than being physically attractive; studies clearly show that the personality is what counts much more.

There is no doubt that certain traits make men be some sort of magnet for women, but what is that something that never fails to be infallible? Well, now you will find it to be not that hard to spot. Details, certain traits or a confident behavior definitely counts in making women fall for a certain man.

Today we debunk the mystery concerning the types of men women find appealing, together with reasons and characteristics. Knowing how to properly read their behavior will help you better understand them!

Girls, here is a list of those types of men you should have a date with at least once in a lifetime. You will have no regrets!

Types of men women can’t resist

The Passionate Guy

Let’s see the moonlight together. I love you baby!

He is just that type of men women cannot resist from various reasons, but the most important is because he gives women that feeling of being honest and transparent with them!

Romantic guy



  • He never fails to make you feel special
  • He makes every woman feel appreciated
  • He often offers all sorts of gifts and spoils his lover
  • Love poems are his ultimate conquering weapon
  • You feel spoiled when he is around
  • He often makes idyllic surprises and love declarations

The Bold Guy

Bold guy


Let me introduce myself, I’m your future boyfriend!

His general aura of power and security is what gets your attention. When he opens his mouth you are totally overwhelmed by his wisdom.


  • He is never jealous of other men
  • He is sure about himself and about his qualities
  • He is the alpha male in his group
  • He commands and gives orders to others
  • He impresses through both his appearance and his intellect

The Positive Guy

Positive guy


Everything will be all right my love as long as we are together!

His modesty and his good intentions flatter you. Any women would like to have a serious relationship with this kind of man who is perfect for a family relationship.


  • For him the reciprocal respect is utterly important
  • He will never forget your anniversary date
  • He is very caring with your needs
  • He will be your source of happiness
  • He offers his unconditional support
  • He will be there when you’ll need him

The foreign guy



‘I don’t know how to say this properly, but we have different customs! I’m not from around!

Maybe the color of his skin, the way he talks or his view of life is what fascinates you. You will never know, but there is something linked to this type of guy that makes the difference.


  • Women are attracted by everything which is new and also unique
  • He is like that particular prize, no one or few women, have won
  • He sticks out of the crowd easily
  • He is a gentleman who wants to make a good impression
  • He is self-confident and he easily reinvents himself

The dull guy

The dull guy


I can’t stay long, I have exactly 3 hours and 15 minutes until I have to be home!

Even though at a first glance he might not appear that attractive, but he definitely has something special that seduces you. With his vast culture and with the right words he conquers your soul. Do you want a down-to-earth man, then this is the one!


  • He maybe a little bit shy at the beginning, but he will forever be respectful
  • He appreciates you at your true value
  • He is more into intense feelings than partying
  • He enjoys spending time with you
  • The chances that this guy will cheat on you are insignificant

The athletic guy

Let’s go hiking this weekend! We’ll catch together a wonderful sunset! Promise!

Either that women are attracted by athletic men, by their well-shaped bodies or by their healthy look, they definitely make women turn their head.

Athletic man



  • He does a lot of sports and physical activities
  • He is adventurous and always seeks new challenges
  • He has a competitive nature
  • He is willing to take calculated risks
  • He takes care of his eating habits and he is willing to learn you too

The Social Guy

I‘m having a terrible headache due to last night’s party!

Partying, having many friends and relations gives you the security every woman dreams of. Even though he is a genuine dreamer, you get turned on by his exuberance.

Social Guy



  • He knows how to dress properly
  • He is sophisticated and irresistible
  • He is self-critical and perfectionist
  • He has manners and he is very skilled in dancing
  • He easily makes you laugh and have a good time

The bossy man

Bossy Guy


Haven’t you done that already!? We are in a hurry! Get down to business!’

The power, the authority, the strength and the responsibility are definitely his strongest points. Moreover, the high class and the level of culture arouse you by the minute!


  • He teases you and at the same time impresses you
  • You love the life standard he offers you
  • He loves to have trips all over the world
  • He has a wide general culture
  • Sometimes he can be too selfish

The mature guy

We’ll make it work no matter what! I love you and this is all that counts!

He has a vast experience and has no time to play anymore. This is your opportunity to have a serious relationship. Don’t miss it!

Mature Guy



  • He is sensitive and loving
  • He loves planning and talking about your future together
  • He has high expectations of you
  • When you meet this type of guy you can be confident that when he says ‘I love you!‘ it is for sure
  • He is a good male cook
  • He has a realistic view of life

The artist

What a nice dress you have, not to mention the colors! Impressive!

His endless imagination, together with his courage and desire to discover new things will make you see life through other eyes. Never miss your chance to be happy and dream!


  • He is good looking and fascinated by the everything beautiful around him, including you
  • He has a lot of patience and observes things you have never seen before
  • He loves details and always emphasizes their importance

    The artist


When talking about guys, women have all sorts of preferences and desires. Therefore, in establishing which type of guy better suits your personality, the common advice would be to ‘Try them all and discover what you would really like to have by your side!

As a result we have come up with the above list of types of personalities that women should try at least once in a lifetime.

Erica Rene has come up with a unique approach of the list of men women should not miss dating. Among the best descriptions, ‘The bad boy’, ‘Mr. Personality’ and ‘The younger guy’ definitely worths some of your attention.

Trying to date different types of guys will help you enlarge your horizon! Statistics say that this is the perfect way to discover the best one for your personality!

‘I intend to live forever, or die trying!’ (Groucho Marx)

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