What type of love maker is she?

3rd September, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in Sex tips

Find out if she is good in bed…without taking her clothes off!

Have you ever looked at your hot boss and imagined her in bed with you? Have you ever wondered how your best girlfriend is in bed?

Or, have you been dating someone for a while and you would die to find out if she prefers dominating or being dominated in bed? All your questions will be answered soon, as there seem to be many clues that reveal someone’s way of having sex.

Hot couple

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By the end of this article, you will be able to recognize her sex style before you even get her into your bed.

Let’s start with the first three preconceptions men have related to women’s sex style.

‘She’s dressed like a dork, so she’s definitely a submissive’

If you judge women by the dress code, you have all the chances to be confused. If she dresses nice in everyday life, this does not mean she is ‘nice’ in the bedroom as well. You will probably be surprised to find out that the naughtiest girls in bed dress more than normally in their daily life. Vice versa, many girls who dress extremely provocative and quite indecent might lie like lizards in the bedroom.

So, this means things are not so bad when you meet a girl dressed like a nun and even if you meet a girl dressed like a hooker, this does not necessarily imply you will get something from her at the end of the day.

Woman in men's clothes

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‘She’s dressed like a man, so she likes dominating in bed as well!’

Dominating in real-life can be quite exhausting sometimes. Women who wear menswear – inspired outfits, don’t necessarily like being extreme dominators in bed, preferring to let their partner take the lead. Women who usually wear masculine clothes love to inspire power and independence, but this is not related to a dominating sexual behavior. Underneath her clothes, you will most probably discover a sensitive woman who likes being taken care off in the bedroom.

            ‘She is so kind! I bet she is an angel in bed…’

Be careful what you bet on because people are not what they seem. Nice girls also explode, so if you are going to get things to the next level with the ‘too nice’ type of girl, you might be surprised! A nice girl with a good behavior in everyday life, who seems shy and obedient, can hide a real tigress hard to control in the bedroom. Didn’t you know women are a complete mystery?

Guessing her love making style is not difficult, as long as you pay attention to some details.

  • Accessories and romance

Take a close look at her accessories. Does she wear many accessories, which perfectly suit her outfit? Does she also pay attention to other little details? This means you are dealing with an incurable romantic love maker. It is not hard to figure out if the girl you are interested in is a romantic love maker. They usually like talking about love, plans and strong feelings. They believe in love at first sight and dream about finding true love, getting married and living happily ever after. They are quite submissive in bed and are not fans of blowjobs and other erotic intercourses.

If you have not run yet, romance is the key to get her into your bed. Avoid dirty tricks and go for romantic ambient, candles, rose petals and some soft music. Only romance will make her fall at your feet.

  • Books and glasses
A glass of wine

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So, you came across an intelligent girl. She is pretty, wears glasses and has a huge passion for books. Not bad! She is definitely smart enough to keep a conversation on different topics, but is she intelligent enough to spice up things in the bedroom? Well, apparently it’s all up to how you make her feel.

Intelligent love makers can be turned on very easily, through their minds. Once you met this type of girl, there is nothing else to do but relying on your sexual intelligence. Be creative and tell her what you would like to do to her in the bedroom. Then talk to her about your sexual phantasies, fetishes and arousal, long before getting there. Once you have her mind set on intelligent sex, she will love to put your erotic story into practice.

  • Untidy girl who eats like a cavewoman

Well, of course decent table manners are important, we could not agree more. But what if we told you that untidy women who leave a mess behind them, and on top of that eat very fast and chew with their mouths opened, are the most passionate love makers in the bedroom?The passionate love maker is the one preferred by most men, because they put great passion in everything they do, seeking to satisfy and to be satisfied. Erotic messages, sensual massages, long intense blowjobs and daring sex positions describe her the best!

If you met this kind of girl, you should probably think twice before being chased away by her manners, as she might be your perfect lover!

  • Paying for the date tab

‘But you don’t have to…’

‘No, let me pay please!’

Even if she earns more than you do, paying for the date tab is still something that makes you feel like a man. Then, why would she deprive you of this pleasure? Well, mostly because she is both too kind, and doesn’t want to leave all the ‘pressure’ on your shoulders, and secondly because she wants to emphasize her independence and free spirit.Women who do that are usually restrictive love makers who never jump headfirst.

Let her pay and follow her rules; don’t rush anything and let her decide if and when she wants to make love with you. However, if passionate adventure is what you’re looking for, forget about it. Restrictive love makers seek for long-term commitments and serious relationships.

Other interesting ways of finding out what kind of love maker she is:

ICE-CREAM. Offer to buy her an ice cream and pay attention to the way she eats it. Enjoy watching her licking it up quickly or slowly enjoying every piece of it, keeping in mind that her way of eating is strongly related to the way she would go down on you.


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Confidence. If she talks freely about anything and has a high self-esteem, she is definitely confident in bed as well. If she has a low self-esteem but you still want to get her into your bed, help her with a couple of nice compliments.

Rules. If she is very conservative, obediently follow rules and doesn’t seem opened to try new things, there is a high probability that she will bring these restrictions in bed as well.

Life-style. Active people who love sports and live a healthy lifestyle are more likely to have great sexual performances than the others are. So asking her a simple question like ‘what do you like to do in your spare time?’ will probably give you the answer to what kind of love maker she is.

Muaaah! The problem is solved if you get to kiss her. If her tongue is so skilled that turns you on just with a kiss, she is certainly extremely skilled at other sexual activities. Pay attention to the way she moves her lips and you will immediately find out how she moves in bed.


Once you found out how she is in bed, it’s time for the second step: make her fall at your feet.

Useful tips to conquer any girl’s heart

  • Give her a gift that will conquer her heart for you

Whether we talk about flowers, chocolates, shoes or a handmade heart-shaped necklace, gifts are the key to every woman’s heart. Whenever you want to conquer a girl, you have to show her how you feel, and surprise her with any kind of gift that crosses your mind. The reason why all women love presents is that they symbolize love, care and affection.It does not have to be something big or expensive; if it is given from the heart, she will definitely appreciate it.

Flowers and chocolate

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  • Make her heart flutter

All women want attention. There is no better way to conquer a girl’s heart than by giving her lots of attention. Invite her to a movie, to a pretty restaurant or to a simple walk in the park and make her feel like she is the only one for you. Don’t let yourself distracted by anything while you are around her; not even if the hottest waitress is serving you or the Sun is turning blue! If you want to make her heart flutter, listen to her carefully and make her feel ‘the most special’ when you are together.

  • Treat her like a baby

‘I think it’s bedtime, miss!’

‘Hey, babies are not allowed to drink alcohol!’

As funny as it seems, women love to be treated like little babies. Be confident and use your sense of humor to make her laugh and feel like a spoiled little baby. The reason why women like being treated so is that they feel protected. You can also rely on playful teases; women love them!

  • The magic of challenge

If you want to keep her interested in you during and after the first date, challenge her! Nobody likes boring guys who can’t come up with anything interesting to get their attention. Dare her, challenge her, tease her and you will have her at your feet in no time! How? Be creative. Invite her on the stage and have a silly dance in front of everyone, ask her to buy you a drink, challenge her to a game of bowling or pool or even to a ‘who-blinks-first’ game. She will not only keep her interest up in you, but also have a good time that she won’t be able to forget too soon.

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