Us two

14th November, 2018 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

We met on the faculty of Medicine and we have been together for two and a half years.

Like any couple, we have small syncopes, but they are easy to overtake them. When you are young and crazy, you have the impression that the whole world is yours.

Us two


And, indeed, the whole world was ours. I was charmed by his blue-gray eyes and the olive-like skin, like he was a character from a magical story. The sensual and thick lips were imbibing you to bite them. Between us everything was crazy, but monotony seemed to make its presence felt. However, we loved us very much and sex was always passionate as the first time, we became addicted to each other.
After the summer session we decided to take a week off. All the way was pleasant, our crazy love had turned unimaginable into true love and we enjoyed every moment we spent together, each everyday thing, a melody, speed, football, everything we could share with equal passion . In fact, he was very opposed to my blonde appearance, with two envious airbags and an ass that he told me it inspired him every time.
The road lasted two hours, and I could hardly wait to get out on the beach with the very new outfitted swimsuit, and get Robert to get into the water when the internal thermostat reaches daunting odds. I remember with great pleasure that last summer I was very jealous of all the boxers wearing back the pattern of my bra and the V-string slip. We had sex just at 5 meters from curious eyes.
We stopped the car and we went to a hotel, we are were excited about the beautiful 3-star guesthouse, it was looking so great in my opinion. Unfortunately, I was angry that I left late and lost a day of the beach, and when I arrived, at 16.00, it was cloudy and I could not go out on the beach. The night before we had luggage and I was tired now, I took a quick shower, took a white shirt and a short pair of pants, and I wanted to stretch myself.
But Robert was of another opinion ……. he came to me with his lips lurking and licking me on my throat, and in my ears. He knows that at the moment he touches the ear lobe I am already wet and he does not meet the resistance . He picks up my shirt lightly and he tightens me with the lust onmy breasts, then angry that he can not cover them with one hand, he licks me andhe sucks a nipple. I moisten harder and I want to undress him. So I am done being tired and I got his penis out of his jeans. It was already ready, but I did not want to leave it like this, I already figured that in a few seconds I would scream of pain when itwas going to come all in me. From the beginning I thought that his penis was too big and too thick. During that time, he put his hand under my slips and played with my deliciouspussy. I saw him rising upright with an erection and he went to the refrigerator, I was already wondering what’s going on, he was never leaving an unfinished job.
But he returned quickly, with a few pieces of ice and a ton of bandage … I think he emptied the faculty reserve, and I was intrigued by his purpose, But he approached, still erected and undressed and he tied my each hand to the bed , tight, that I would scream. He climbed on me and cuts my blouse out of a motion, big and hard breasts go out, they are craving for the desire to be suckedagain … ah … so good! !!! He realized it and he did it, I was already very wet and I did not want him to play anymore. I have never seen his eyes so wild before and he was scaring me, I wanted to escape. Robert slipped a cube of ice between my breasts, it rashed me, but it calmed down my torrid soul. Already riding on me, I saw him coming forward and I screamed slowly. He pulled my breasts and pushed his penis among them … it was a strange and pleasant feeling. I could not move, but hr raised my head and toldme to suck it, then to penetrate me better.
I liked it, I licked it around its head, I sucked it around, I bit it a little. He could not resist and he ejaculated in my mouth, I knew he would do that in orderto resistthe second time for more than 15 minutes in the vagina until he let go. He was excited about his work, although I did not like the taste, and he leaned towards me, he smiled and he kissed me passionately. He carressed me lightly on my hair and he told me he adores me . I asked him to release me, I love him and I do not understand why he wants to dominate me so much .

But he had no mercy. Reluctantly, he descended to my swollen labia and he struggled until my legs moved away, because I insisted to untie me. He then gives me tongues on the clit, he sucked it and it was driving me mad. I was already moaning when he came in with the tongue in the vagina and he was twisting it. He get in with his fingers, faster and faster. I tried to stop, but I think I let go in his mouth.
He smiled being so sure on himself, and slowly put his penis in the vagina, after playing around and biting my clitotis. I was wet, but it was still hurting me, I got tears the first time.
I was seeing him as a dream as he was moving between my spread legs and it was exciting me and getting me hornier his strong abdomen, I wanted to move, but the ties did not let me. I told him that I could not resist anymore, but he fucked me deeper and deeper, I felt his penis rotating in the vagina. He pressed my abdomen so I can not move and he waspenetrating me faster and faster, I was very hot although I was completely naked, I had my throat dry and I was not breathing well. I started to shake and I was glad I was bound, it was no longer necessary to control myself. Then I do not remember much, and he later told me that I fainted and he sprinkled me with water. I was really wet but still tied up and when I woke up he moved me to my belly, kneeling my both hands to the head of the bed. He licked me, and he got inside me again from the back. My legs were trembling of pleasure and guy, but it was my turn to play and I squeezed his penis hard inside of me. And he moaned: “Ana, I adore you. He Entered very deep and he remained there inside, moaning with pleasure. I felt like he was over and I smiled. Then he untied me, he huged me to his chest and kissed me. After a shower, we stayed in each others arms until we fell asleep naked under the sheets.

It’s been a year since then and now we love each other even more. At first i was frightened about his look in his eyes , but that day that look united us forever, and now I feel like I am hismore than ever. I hope we will never break up and remain just as passionate.

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