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The complete guide to understanding the opposite gender.

This is perhaps one of the most problematic issues in a relationship. Not being able to understand our partner seems to be the main reason why so many relationships fail, while others succeed.

Nowadays, people do not have enough patience to look for hints hidden behind fake smiles, raised eyebrows or subtle blandishments. Sometimes, what we want is neither what we need, nor what we get, and this is why most misunderstandings and fights appear.

Worry no more because we have decided to come to your aid by creating a full guide to understanding your partner, for both men and women. The first step in understanding the other gender is being aware of the differences between you. Once you become familiar with other gender’s mentality, both your life and your relationship will improve, and your partner will definitely notice the change.

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Guide to understanding women

Women and shopping

Have you ever wondered why most women are crazy about clothes, shopping and anything related to fashion? Well, the truth is that all women want to be seen beautiful, by themselves and by the others. The way a woman likes to dress says many things about her personality, so choosing the right clothes to express their thoughts correctly might suck up some time and energy.
Next time she hangs out at the mall, for more than a couple of hours, remember that shopping is more than a hobby. Don’t call her to ask something like: Are you done already? or When are you going to come home? If you go shopping together, don’t rush her or start making faces! Give her some pieces of advice instead, and watch her while she tries on different outfits. If you manage to follow these simple rules, you will offer her the most wonderful shopping experience.

Bla, bla, bla!

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Eh, you certainly know what we mean. Women just love to talk! They talk when they are upset, when they are angry, and even more when they are happy. The truth is that women do not need a reason to talk; they just do it. Studies have shown that women’s brains have higher levels of Foxp2 than men’s brains, also called ‘language protein’, which is responsible for the high appetite for talking.
If you really want to start understanding your girlfriend, just listen to her. Regardless of how tired you are at 11 o’clock at night, listen carefully to what she has to say because her words might be a way of letting out her emotions. We are sure many times you took it as if she wanted to fight with you or blame you for something, but now you know that women just need to release themselves through talking. So, next time you want to start a fight because of her excessive need for communication, think twice!

Attention seekers

Are you ready to read what a girl wants? Well, besides respect, which is also an important issue for all of them, what they need the most is men’s attention. Yes, women crave for attention, as much as they crave for love! Not providing them with the necessary daily dose of attention not only makes them angry, but also increases their efforts to grab their male’s attention.
Ask her out each time you can, watch her dancing, send her messages just to let her know you think about her, and do anything to make her feel the most important person in your life. Once you do this, you can be guaranteed a perfect relationship.

Claims and more claims

‘Honey, please take out the garbage. Ah, and it’s your turn to wash the dishes. Did I tell you what an incredible pair of shoes I saw the other days? Gosh, I’d really need a massage right now!’
Whether they want money, love, attention or a shoulder to cry on, all women have different claims. While in your opinion, fulfilling their desires means being taken for a fool and turning into their slave, in women’s view, these are called proofs of love. Don’t listen to the carping comments. When a man really loves a woman, he tries to do anything to please her.

Two words, one meaning

Although scientists proved that women enjoy sex as much as men, most of them prefer the term ‘love’ to refer both to the feeling and to the action of having sex. This means that even if women enjoy having wild sex, pushing you against the wall, being pulled by the hair or watching porn, they still want you to use the expression ‘making love’, rather than having sex, getting laid or fucking.

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Making your girlfriend feel the only person in your life will increase both her confidence in you and in your relationship.

‘Tell me you are only mine, baby!’

Whenever she asks you this, don’t just start questioning and fighting, thinking that she is jealous or doubtful. As men simply ask: “are we ok?”, this is a woman’s way of requesting a confirmation that your relationship is going well and you are being faithful to her.
So, what a girl wants from you? Easy! Earn her trust, build her self-confidence, make her feel loved and appreciated, and she will give you the key to her heart. As simple as that!

Top 5 things men do that drive women away

  • Being mamma’s boy
  • Talking about their sexual conquests
  • Acting superior
  • Ejaculating first and letting their partner sexually unsatisfied
  • Cheating

Guide to understanding men

Men and football

Now, isn’t he sweet? He just came late from work (again), sat on his comfortable armchair, and turned on the TV to watch football. What?! Well, as long as he doesn’t yell at you or demands you to bring him the beer, you should consider that option. Let him enjoy his passion for sports or join the club and keep him company. Don’t try to talk to him about bills, problems or households while he relaxes in front of the TV, or the only reaction you will have, maybe not aloud but definitely in his mind:
Move your fat ass out of the way! I can’t see the TV!
Sure you also need his time, attention and affection, but let him decide when he wants to give you all that, without being too pushy.

Men need space!

The first thing you should learn about men’s needs is that they need space. Every man needs some alone time, to forget about everything bad, to unplug himself from the stress and the responsibilities, and to be able to sit comfortable on a couch without having to see or hear anybody else; and that includes you! Most guys don’t tell this to their partner, to avoid infinite questions like: But why, baby? Don’t you love me anymore? Does this mean you want a relationship break?
He does love you, he doesn’t want a break, but all he needs is a little time to himself. So, stop being so over possessive and give your man some space! You could take advantage of it and get some time to yourself.

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Steak, not salad

So nice of you to cook for me, honey! What’s on the menu? Salad?! Oh…no…I like it.
Ah, hearing the ugly truth is going to be hard for you, but here we go! Feeding your man with two strands of grass and a baby carrot is not quite every man’s dream. Of course, it’s healthy and it has many benefits but men don’t think as much as you about these things. When they are hungry, the best thing they could possibly see in their plate is a thick cut of juicy steak. Besides, recent surveys reveal that steak, burgers and junk food make them feel manly.

Being a bitch

The last thing a man wants is a girlfriend who is being a bitch with his family and friends. Not allowing him to hang out with his friends, acting rudely around them, talking bad about his family and being disrespectful – these are clear signs that you are being a bitch.
Can’t let go of the bitchy attitude? Then, at least put it in practice when you are alone with him in the bedroom. This is the only place where ‘bitches’ are appreciated.

Make him feel like a man!

Jesus, men are so hard to please! Today they may want a bed buddy, tomorrow a faithful wife. But here is something they definitely DON’T like: being criticized. Even if you give constructive criticism, which could help to the improvement of your relationship, you will make him feel shitty; especially if you have created a lifestyle based on daily criticism. Try being more tolerant and accept him with his qualities and defects, because persistent criticism will only make him distance himself from you.

Feel like a man

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Top 5 things women do that drive men away

  • Having ridiculous or too high expectations
  • Making a drama out of everything – being a crybaby
  • Not being direct in what they say
  • Trying to manipulate and control their partner
  • Threatening to break up or divorce

5 things that bother both men and women

  • Talking about the ex
  • Choosing friends over their partner
  • Yelling like a fishwife
  • Comparing their partner with other people
  • Acting sweet at the beginning of the relationship and then changing completely

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