Does the weather forecast influence our erotic blast?

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Do you want to find out some tips for better orgasms? Do you want to know what sex position best suits you? Are you interested in finding out how the weather forecast influences your sexual intercourse? You will find them all down below!

‘Lift your butt and take me slow. Bring the ice and it will snow

It is obvious that weather influences our mood, our attitude and our state of being, so why not our sex life?

Here you will find some of our recommendations and tips regarding sex positions you might use, taking into account the weather conditions outside.



Depression, anxiety or lethargy? No way! Any season can have the perfect conditions for you to experience the utmost sexual intercourse you have never had! Do you feel insecure when you are in bed and you do not know what sex position best fits you? If so, you should consider several confidence tips that will make you stimulate more easily your genital area and increase your satisfaction! So, are you ready?

10 Tips for better orgasms

Irrespective of the weather conditions, here are several tips for getting full satisfaction. Enjoy!

  • Take your time and do not rush! These are your intimate moments therefore do not waste them!
  • Communicate with your partner, tell him the ‘do’s and don’ts
  • Discover and explore your partner’s hot spots
  • Have sex in the morning. It is said to be the best sex, and healthy too.
  • Be creative and playful! Use sex toys!
  • Do not be shy! Take the initiative. Your partner will appreciate it!
  • Relax and enjoy it! Use aphrodisiacs.
  • Make it last forever and delay pleasure.
  • Take good care of your breathing; it is the key for a perfect orgasm.
  • Be gentle, but at the same time dirty. Release your fantasies and fetishes!

What is my best sexual position? Does weather influence it?



Health scientists say that probably the best position that will make you come more easily is the one you have never used before or the one that really intrigues you. Therefore, try to be more open-minded and experience some new stuff each time you have sex.

‘They say that if you think sex is a pain in the ass, try a different position!’

Each season has its advantages. So, find and explore them. Take it like this:

  • Spring – ‘Exploit your Sex appeal’. Spark some candles and the two of you enjoy a romantic dinner together.
  • Summers – ‘Higher temperatures mean fewer clothes!’ It is an excellent season to be wild and spend your time in nature.
  • Autumns – ‘The romantic season’. You can feel the colorful leaves’ spectacle while taking a walk together with your lover.
  • Winter – ‘Cozy atmosphere’. Enjoy a fireside cuddle or a steamy bath together.

Are you an inhibited person? Don’t be! You should feel free and relaxed when having sex. It is your body opportunity to release all the accumulated stress and fill up with energy.

Typically, both men and women have passed through such a feeling – not being confident in bed. However, an intense mind-blowing orgasm guarantees you full relaxation, both in what concerns your body, but also your mind.

Therefore, a universal sex position that appeals to all men and women cannot be set. Each and one of us has its own preferences, body requirements and personal desires, consequently it is up to you to discover yours and we will try to help you in the following lines.

Why does weather influence my sex life?

‘When I think of you thunders strike, when I am with you rivers flood, but when we have sex everything shines’

Weather along many other factors such as stress, lifestyle and outside pressure can influence your state of being, your mood and why not, your sex life. Why is that? It is all about your mind and the way you think.

For some, weather may be the utter solution to explore and intensify pleasure. But, for others weather may increase or decrease their libido. However, health scientists strongly recommend making use of climatic changes to your own benefit. In other words, set some pair rules that will help you get benefits of all the changes that surround you.



Be careful with your partner, love him and caress him irrespective of the season; experiment new things all the time, like sex in nature during summers, sex on the kitchen table during autumns and a long lasting sex in the warmth of your bed during winters.

Make it all seem unique and creative. Neither you, nor your partner will regret it. I can assure you!

The weather-driven-desire

Five ways to spice up your life

Have you ever been influenced by the weather outside? Does your sex life suffer because of that? Here are some kinky ideas you should put into practice, according to the season you are in and the different temperatures your body feels!

‘Just thinking of you makes me really wet. But, just dreaming of you makes me really sweat’

1. The time when clothes come off easier!

If you think deeper penetration is better, you are right. If you think you need an explosive orgasm, you are also right. But, if you think the weather conditions diminish your libido, you are totally wrong.

Warm weather, especially summers and late springs, are thought to be the best period for having sex. Your libido increases as you see naked girls on the beach, at the swimming pool, or even flirty girls with tiny clothes on the streets. Summer is all about sex and relaxation. Each summer has its’ own flavor and should be lived as such!

Either that you are a sex addict, a pro in sex or just a beginner, you have hormones and you need to experience this pleasure feast no matter what is outside.

There is a close relation between a healthy lifestyle and a sexual appetite. You just have to have them both! The pleasant environment, the self-confidence and a suitable lover, are the perfect ingredients for you to get to your climax.

No pool? Do not worry! During summers, you can also go camping. So, why should you not experience a mood boosting while having sex in a tent? It is a vibrant experience, which can certainly enlarge your view regarding sex positions and physical pleasure. Some say it can be a really stimulating experience for the two partners!

You can enjoy your day in nature with the one you love in many ways. This is the ideal place for you to satisfy your hidden fantasies or any other naughty carnal pleasures. As the place in the tent is rather tight, you can use several sex positions, in which the friction will be increased, so the intensity will be at a higher level. Are you curious? You will find an example down below!

Feel free to touch yourself and kiss your partner passionately, to cuddle him and to stimulate his senses. This is an intimate place where you can easily enjoy each other’s body.

Try whispering sweet words and flavor the fresh air together with the liberty of this environment. Are you up to a wild and crazy orgasm? Now you have the opportunity to savor it.

The symphony of crickets and the wind softly blowing the tree branches will increase your sexual appetite.  You should take your time and be comfortable. Take advantage of these moments and caress your lover. Be patient and communicative!

‘The Spoons position’ or the anal sex is appropriate in a tent. Why is that? Because you are limited by space, so you have to be creative in order for the sexual intercourse to go smoothly.  Kiss her neck and hold her boobs while you fuck her from behind. Do not rush! The best sex is the one you enjoy.

The spoon position


The full body contact and the physical intimacy make this position to be perfect for you to touch her G-Spot easily. Therefore, you can assure a continuous stimulation of the clitoris and you can adjust the angle of penetration to make her feel comfortable.

2. ‘It is raining. Let’s watch a movie and have sex!’

Probably these are many of our thoughts when there is a heavy rain outside. What should we do today? In a cozy environment and with a suitable partner, you can really get to enjoy even the gloomiest days.

Studies show that during rainy days our sex life improves. But, have you ever thought why is that? Literally, you can get sweaty with your lover in many ways, only if you could have the proper time and space. And when I say time, I say – weather conditions.

Studies show, that having sex while listening to the sound of the rain increases our erotic desire. During weekends and when bad weather strikes, we have the tendency to spend more time indoors. As a result, there are greater chances to have sex! In order to make our life healthier, better and with some more action into it, take the lead and make your first step.

V for vixen


One of the best sex positions during rainy days is the so-called ‘V for Vixen’. This sex position can be tried on the kitchen table while the curtains are pulled back, or even in the sitting area in front of your window. It will be a little more kinkier and it will require strength, desire and most importantly for women – adaptability and elasticity. The sensation will be intense and extreme. Having in mind that your neighbors might see you in action will transform you and you will definitely enjoy it much more.

Light some candles, and eventually open the windows so you can both hear the raindrops. It will definitely be a romantic and unique sexual intercourse. What is better than having a relaxing day with your spouse?

3. ‘Sex in the rain, the perfect getaway train’

So fun, so entertaining, so crazy! Weather influences our sex life. Either that we think about warming up our lover to enjoy some reciprocal physical pleasure, or that we want to enjoy a rewarding sex experience after a tiring day, our sex drive is affected by several vital factors, among which clime can be mentioned as one of them.

Apart from those who just want to sit inside when it is showering, there is the other category of people who should not be neglected – those who enjoy hot summer rains outside of their normal comfort. Take a walk with your lover, play and giggle in the rain, you are not going to melt, you will just have fun and do something crazy that you will certainly remember. At a first glance, it sounds awkward, but think about how it will look your wife’s white singlet on her, while the rain pours over her hard nipples. You will get harder and harder until you will both have some unforgettable moments.

If you are lucky enough and you have a huge backyard with high fences, you will have some amazing moments. Your fantasy will come true.

The soft touch of the grass and the pure smell of the rain will intensify every feeling you have. Let all naughty thoughts that cross your mind be put into practice. Experience some soft touches and some wet kisses, and they will get you quickly to your climax.

Frisky floor show


It is said, that one of the best sex positions in the rain is ‘The Frisky Floor Show position’. It is incredibly rewarding for both partners. While she stretches till she gets with her hands to touch the grass he has the opportunity to penetrate her deep enough to rock her world. In one quick motion, he can get to her hottest point.

To complete this episode try dancing in the rain, and after that take a steamy bath together. She will definitely appreciate it! It is no wonder if several positions will appeal to you and your sexual experience will boom.

4. ‘My secret escape: Sex while it is snowing’

‘No matter when it snows, I am in for some sex.’ Have you ever heard this line? No??? Well, you should have to!

Imagine yourself in front of the fireplace with your sexy lover and two glasses of wine. As the energy builds inside of you, the magic between the two of you grows. Focus yourself on being naughty and satisfy your partner. Dim the light and let the party begin! Have sex under or on some blankets, and think of the antithesis between how hot are you and how shivering is outside.

The silence of the snow will fill up your soul with a tranquility never seen before. While listening to some good music, make your lover a back massage and kiss her softly. Try ‘The Giddy-Up Orgasm’, the most mind-blowing sex position ever.

‘I once tried this position and it was a thrilling experience. The way I could get to my clitoris while he was in me, felt extraordinary! I could dictate the peace, and therefore be in control! During the sexual act, I turned 180 and I felt his dick in every inch of my pussy. This way we also enjoyed the cowgirl position. It was tight and therefore intense. This pose was ideal for us, as we got to the climax at approximately the same time.’ (Jane)

The Giddy Up


After sex watch as the snow falls, as you both are naked. The taste of your lover’s sweet skin and the smell of her orange perfume will infiltrate deep into your mind.

 5. Sex in autumn? Hell, yeah!

The cold weather is the one that keeps us indoors most of the time. Autumn is thought to be one of the most romantic seasons, due to nature’s colors and due to the many changes that happen in that period of time around you.

Cold weather equals hard nipples for many of us. Exciting? I bet it is! Here is our tip for an unforgettable autumn. As you have just returned from your summer holiday, and you have to go to work, do not be sad. Try to spice up your private life with dirty text messages. Have you ever tried long distance sex? Well, if not, try it. Make her horny, and by the time you will get home, she will be already in bed waiting for your arrival! With a cup of champagne and a strong desire to have sex, you will be over the moon every time.

‘The seated scissors’ position takes the cake when your girlfriend is naughty. In this position, she will have control and adjust the level of penetration. She will be your queen and will put you to some hard work, to satisfy her appetite for you. The girl will have full access to her clitoris and she will get wild with you. Feel free and experiment everything that crosses your mind. This will bring a new dimension to your orgasm. Kiss her neck, caress her hips and play with her butt. Take time and savor every moment of this autumn, it will be the best if you chose to be creative!

the seated scissors


All in all, weather should not represent an obstacle in your way to happiness. Unless it is a visual stimulus and it helps you be creative, weather should not influence your sex life. Try exploring your senses in all circumstances and enjoy what you have. Small actions such as whispering, having back massages and using sex toys may help you acquire full satisfaction.

So, what about you? Does weather influence your sex life? Leave us your comments below!

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