How well do we know ourselves?

4th September, 2016 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Good to Know, Guides

We always ask after a time how well do we know ourselves. How well do we know about people in general, in relationships, family or friends.

When we don’t want a relationship and we just want sex, without any obligations we don’t need to know each other. And it is very good like this, but how many people want that?

How well do we know ourselves


” I’d wish to be permanently next to a man, otherwise I’d go crazy”. And I’ve been single sometimes, but it is good to know that sometimes you have to play the fool card, to pretend you don’t see or hear , in order to keep a man.
What are a man’s habits? Some bad ones, for example to date many women at the same time, to lie and hide things, to go out with his friends, rather than with their own girlfriends, although they didn’t have sex in a while, to hurt their lovers when they are already sad, etc. All these bad habits ruin a relationship between a man and a woman.
What are a woman’s bad habits? They tell men what they want, when they could satisfy their own wishes and buy all their needs, because they talk in vain with them about that. They talk about how much money they spent at a beauty salon, and the men’s reaction woul be:” Why on Earth would you spend so much money, when you will take a bath and ruin everything later?!” But what do they know, they know nothing.
How can we realize that a man wants us? This is simple, because a man can’t hide that. Although there are some of them shy and they are not showing it very fast, the majority is straight to the point.
How can we see if a woman wants a man? Here we have two possible situations: there are women that show it by the way they dress, behave, talk and how they look at men and direct women who don’t hide it. The second category I believe that is for easy women, women who wants a man just for his money or other benefits.
How are girls learning to do sex for money? We also have two types: “smart” women, who do it “nice and clever” and women who just do it.
If we have a man from whom we might learn something and evolve next to him, it is good to apreciate him and thank him.
Men we’ll never leave our side if we are real women, it is not enough to be just a wife or mother, you have to mantain the passion , to be there for them, to be beautiful and a master in bed. Lady on the outside, and the rest of it you know it. Men like horny and naughty women in bed.
The sex with different men, helped me to know myself better, I found my limits and where to stop, or to let them stop.
Why do we find it difficult to get to love when the flowers are born from love,also love stories and kids? We find it difficult to admit that we are in love to not be considered a sucker .
What are a man’s hidden wishes? Usually they are about sex, some hot stories that they heard at a beer with the boys.
How do you realize if you are a desirable and strong woman? When all men want you in their bed. But is that enough? Why not a walk or a shopping session from his money and for nothing in exchange.
“It is my style” you will say sometimes. If you discover that he doesn’t make sex as you want it, it means that you don’t have chemistry.
What can a woman tell you about her? You cand find out a lot at the first date or you cand never find out anything, even though she will tell you. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves. We want that man because he looks good or we want that woman because we heard that she is good in bed, but maybe it will not be with the person that heard that, it’s all about compatibility.
So many questions and answers, we can at least try to know a little something of each situation that appears in life.

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