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23rd October, 2013 - Posted by Ann Lee in From the press

Find the secrets behind the feminine sexual drive!

The common stereotype is that men want more sex in comparison to women. Is that true? Let us find the answer together! It is a proven fact that an important percentage of women around…

…the world have a lower sex drive than men. But does this lead us to an unquestionable conclusion that the majority of women have a lower libido? No! Today we are going to present you some of the problems that several couples have encountered due to a discrepancy between the partners!

Men can also have a low appetite for sex:

My husband and I have been married for only two years now. He is working 10 hour shifts, six days per week and when he gets home he just wants to have some sleep. I am not like that, I’ll want daily sex if possible. I’ve tried all sorts of methods but I’m tired to be the only one who does the entire job all the time!‘ (Karina, 34, Glasgow Scotland)

What men should do?

Source: www.pinterest.com

Source: www.pinterest.com

Well there are several tips that men could follow in order to get to the horizontal dance faster. For instance:

  • Be honest

You do not have to pretend (that much) if you want to have sex with a woman. Just express your thoughts and sex will come along! Share your desires and try to make your dreams come true!

  • Compliment her

A woman, just like a man too, needs to feel special and most importantly she needs to feel that you are attracted to her, to feel that special chemistry between you two. She needs to feel beautiful around you. This is one of your main jobs! So, what are you waiting for? Make her feel she is desired! Make her feel she is the only one for you! Make her compliments!

  • Ask

Always feel free to ask and clarify your inquiries. Nothing should be a taboo for the two of you. However be very careful with your questions on your first date! Do not be so direct! In other words feel free to ask what she likes and what is forbidden to do. Do not hesitate to put essential questions that might save your relationship later on!

  • Initiate sex

Most women prefer men to take the initiative, either that we talk about the fact that they are shyer or that they need to be conquered, most of them appreciate you doing this. So, make your first step and see if she follows you! Initiate the sexual intercourse and she will undoubtedly appreciate it!

  • Do not pressure her

Sex should happen when both partners desire it. Therefore let her react to your challenges and do not insist! Do not push your boundaries further than it is needed! Wait for the perfect moment and only afterwards make your move!

  • Anticipate her movements and surprise her

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Who does not like surprises? Name at least one person you know that hates surprises. I bet no name sounds the bell for you! Why? Because we all love surprises! Do you want to make a good impression? Surprise her! Make her feel special and you will be rewarded for your efforts!

‘I would definitely be attracted by a handsome man rather than by a messy one! The person that succeeds in getting my attention is most likely to get under my sheets as well! It is only up to them to push the right buttons or not!‘ (Clara, 23, Dundee Scotland)


Women want sex as much as men want it!

Let us make it as clear as possible – women want sex as much as men do! This fascinating study about horny women does not do anything but present you the hard evidence against stereotyping! Let us face it – women are no different than men at least in this aspect!

There are three main points that should be clarified!

  1. Women are humans just like men are, so their body functions in the same way
  2. There is no major difference between the way a woman thinks and a man’s way of thinking
  3. The sexual drive is the same, however we manifest it distinctively

So, yes – women want sex more or less than men, depending on each case!

What women want from a man?

  • To look masculine

Biologically speaking he needs to look masculine. Recent studies have revealed that women are more attracted to those guys who possess masculine features – a prominent chin, well shaped muscles they all count… The opposite attraction is normal habit! ]

  • To be mysterious

No surprise, right? Mystery attracts everyone, especially women. At a certain age women are attracted by the so-called ‘bad boys’ and after that, oops… the mentality changes and they get attracted by the ‘family guys’. However, mystery plays a vital role during the initial conquest! Do not reveal everything on the first date immediately!


Source: www.pixoto.com

  • To be funny

Women tend to laugh more when they are around men than when they are around other girls. Why is that? Well, Edinburgh sexologists have got to the conclusion that this is one of women’ secret weapon in their flirting conquest. A smile attracts another smile, right?

  • To smell good

A poll done on over 800 Scottish women showed that the masculine scent is extremely important for them! More than 62% have answered – ‘Perfume is important! It is sexy to date a guy who smells great. You are able to characterize him without actually know so much about him; it is our chance to anticipate his character!‘ The perfume a man uses plays a vital role in catching her attention! It is the personal mark that will remain impregnated deep into her memory!

Secrets that you should know!

Non verbal communication is without a doubt important. Sometimes there is more substance into a sweet and passionate smile than in simple words.  Times have changed and women’s perception has shifted from a conservative one into a more flexible one.

  • Focus on the foreplay!
  • Sometimes ‘No’ means ‘Yes’
  • The G spot is not the only hot spot! Find the rest!
  • Orgasm is not a must!

Do not be so genitally focused! Most men make this mistake. Women want more than this! As you already know most women feel the climax through clitoris stimulation, rather than through vaginal stimulation!

Use the stimuli tricks we have offered to you and your sex life will definitely improve!

Lose your inhibitions while you lose your clothes!

Steamy scenes can happen at any age. As Vivian Adams has pointed out in one of her recent posts, there are several tricks that men should be aware of in order to have more sex.

With all these dramatic changes that affect us on a daily basis, men sometimes avoid stressful situations because they do not know how to manage them properly. Reclaiming control is vital in order to have at least minimum chances to conquer a hot lady.


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The orgasmic discharge that results during the sexual intercourse does not do anything but good to the intimate relationship and communication between the two partners.

Lovers are enslaved one to the other!

All in all, several conclusions need to be drawn:

  • There are countless times when women have a higher sexual drive than men!
  • Being patient with your lover seems to be the perfect key to her panties!
  • Enjoy life and learn from any experience that you come across!

Women have all the power because women have all the vaginas.‘ — Dave Attell

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