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23rd April, 2019 - Posted by Mara Kunich in Erotic Stories, Short sex stories

Early in the morning I have been informed by my wife that I have to got to our friend, Rodica.

I had to stay at her house for a few hours to look after her kid who was having only a few months.



Rodica was a good friend of my wife, they knew each other from some time. We started to visit each other and to help each other with shopping or other stuff. I didnțt know much about Rodica. Only that she is 20 years old, she is married with a 20 years older guy who is left for a long time from the country. She has to deal all by herself with the baby. So, I presented at her door without being aware of what I had to do or for how long I was going to be there. Rodica opened the door smiling, she told me what I have to do and she left to resolve her affairs. The baby did not create any problems for me. After 2 hours Rodica returned, satisfied because she did anything she had to do and especially because the baby was ok.
-You are so sweet for helping me. Your wife is lucky.

To thank me she quickly prepared a coffee and she poured 2 glasses of gin to talk until my wife comes from work to get me home. But we had to wait for 4 more hours… Rodica got up saying that she had to take a shower and to change after going through the heat outside. After ten minutes she came back wearing a pair of short pants and a white T-shirt, a little bit wet because she wiped herself in a hurry after the fresh shower. She has a beautiful body, a little bit fluffy and through the tight and a little bit transparent T-shirt a pair of generous breasts were staring at me, with two big, naughty nipples. The pants were also tight on her buttocks and the shape of her pussy was visible through them also.
-Let me show you some photos with me until I became a mommy!
She said and showed me a photo album.
-Look, here I am at the beach!
She was looking so well, like a godess.
-Ahh, what times!
She was no longer like that, she was even more beautiful, more ripe, more voluptuous, with attractive curves… I told her honestly my opinion, telling her that she is sexy and she does not have to worry.
-You really believe that?
-I do not lie!
-What do you like about me? Be honest!
-You have a beautiful bidy and your breasts are perfect!
In the next second she took off her T-shirt and she remained naked. Her boobs were like to ripe melons which were inviting me to eat them. I was a little embarrassed by my erection, which I could not mask it too well from my position on the sofa.
-Well, what do you say? She asked by caressing her breasts and lifting them towards me.
-They are lovely! I whispered, praying in my mind that my wife would come because I could not control myself anymore.
I look at the clock, there were 3 hours left.
-Do not think they are too soft? Touch them!
And she suddenly takes my hands and stick them on her hard breasts. I began to tremble when I felt her hardened nipples which were vibrating to my every touch. Rodica was staring at me, biting her lower lip, while she was keeping my hands on her tits.
-Can you still do something for me, like a last favour? Can you give me a massage please?
Without waiting for my answer she went to take a cream with strawberry perfume.
-Wait to take my pants off!
She lay down with her face down on the sofa, completely naked. I began to slowly caress her shoulders, on her back, on her firm and round buttocks, on her long legs. With a soft sigh she turned with her face up saying that she wanted on that side also. I was stunned by her beautiful naked body, by her white skin, by her full breasts, by her soft abdomen… Her pussy was completed by some wonderrful tighs… her pussy was baby skin, inviting you to the paradise. Shy, I put some cream on her chest. She trembled, it was cold and her nipples became even harder… she was having her eyes closed. As I was staying up next to the sofa, my erection through my short pants was visible, I should have put some boxers. I was touching slowly each of her boobs, squeezing her nipples with my fingers. Rodica put slowl her hand on her breasts, on her abdomen, grabbing the perfumed cream which to it down to her tighs. She spread her legs masssaging her pussy. Her hand cover her whole pussy with cream, then her fingers passed on her big labia, spreading them easily, letting to be seen her wet lind. She pushed her clitoris a little but, she squeezed it with two fingers, then she put one finger inside, then 2 in the vagina, moaning. Continuing to keep her eyes closed, she moved her other hand towards my leg, climbing from the knee, slowly. She put her hand through my pants, touching my balls with her nails, then she started to rub slowly my hard cock. She began to moan soflty, while her left hand was moving faster into her vagina, her fingers going in and aut so fast. Her right hand was rubbing my penis in the thrytm of her left hand. Her legs were wide opened and suddenly she screamed while a powerful jet came aut from her vagina messing up the couge… she continued to caress herseșf, laying the liquid on her pussy and body. I was in ecstasy. She took aut her hand from my pants, she took them off, the with her hand wet and full of cream she began to rub my penis, pulling it to her breasts so the head of my penis could touch her nipples, from time to time… her wild moves made me ejaculate on her breasts, making her smile… she caressed herself with the sperm, then she tasted her fingers. She opened her eyes slowly, she got up, she took off my T-shirt and she lay me with my face up on the sofa… Then she put herself on top pf me in 69 position. I was now having the ocasion to feel the pleasant smell of her pussy, I could taste it! I walked my tongue on her soft labia then I lciked her in her clitoris and I sucked it too. It was having a lovely taste. My tongue was in her vagina doing fast moves. Our bodies were floating on each other, the cream making the so slippy.her full lips were walking on my testicles, they were tasting the top of my penis, the she took my whole penis into her mouth. My tongue was in her anus, then again into her vagina. I stayed with my tongue inside her pussy, tasting its juice while my big finger was in her anus. A new jet of hot liquid invaded my mouth, my face and my eyes. We did not stop, noe of us! She began to rub her pussy on my face, then she lay on her back, she spread her legs and she took my hard penis pointing it to her anus, which was slippy from the cream. The entrance was ready.
-Penetrate me deeply! Slowly, do not rush!
I penetrated her hot vagina, deep, until I felt the head of my penis on her pussy wall, tickling me easily, I remained deep in her, making circular movements with my dick in her pussy. Faster and faster. We both exploded at the same time! We stayed like that for a few more seconds, then she took my penis in her mouth, sucking the last drop of sperm.
-You were fantastic! We need to make a three some with your wife! I take care of convincing her, do not worry! I say nothing to her about what happened here until we make that three some!

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