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About Aberdeen

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Aberdeen is the third most populous city in Scotland, with a population of about 220, 420. The reason why thousands of visitors choose this city as their primary touristic destination is because of the numerous beauties it offers. Aberdeen is famous all over the world for its interesting landmarks and for the many touristic attractions. Huge parks, impressive monuments, theatres, concert halls, big castles and beautiful churches, they all contribute to Aberdeen's splendor and fame all over the world. However, city's fame is also due to its color and its beaches. The city is known as 'the granite city' or 'the silver city' because the buildings are made of grey granite which sparkles like silver. Walking on the street during the day, surrounded by the silver buildings, would make anyone fall in love with the city. The beaches, as well as the city centre, offer a unique feeling to those who come to enjoy seaside. If the city looks like it's made of silver, the sand and the beaches look like gold. This perfect combination contributes to a unique aspect in Europe and to an attractive destination. Thousands of people visit Aberdeen every year. All of them leave with a good impression both on the city and on the habitants. They say no one in Europe can be more hospitable than a Scottish. This seems to be true because Scottish people love tourists and treat them with great respect and hospitability.

Aberdeen is for people who want to have fun! The city has an impressive night-life, defined by the numerous bars, pubs and night-clubs. People who like sports can opt for golf, which is a national sport in Scotland, for swimming in one of the numerous pools in the city or for simply walking on the streets and in the beautiful parks and admire this city of magnificence and splendor. There is no doubt that Scottish people are happier than other European nations. Living in such a beautiful city, with amazing views and kind people would increase anyone's chances of a longer life expectancy.'

Aberdeen nightlife – Turn your dreams into reality!

'A mind blowing experience' are the most common words that tourists often use to describe the nightlife in Aberdeen. The numerous places for you to have fun, the outstanding surroundings, the up-to-date music, the nicely decorated interiors and the large variety of drinks make Aberdeen to be one of the best options in Scotland. Is this not enough for you? Well, be prepared to enter a charming world where there is nothing else but fun, an alluring vibe and an overwhelming feeling of freedom.

Bars – an almost unreal sight of delight

Aberdeen will not let you stay still not just for a moment. There are many things to do here, from partying till dawn to enjoying sophisticated drinks; all is gathered together in Aberdeen. Famous all over the world for its blasting parties, Aberdeen has many things to offer to those who chose it to be their entertaining destination. At any time you wish to party there will be a place for you in Aberdeen. The best bars in town are known to be Soul Bar, Abercrombie Bar and The Grill.All three bars are definitely not to be missed in Aberdeen. Either that you look for a good selection of cocktails, great food or a high level of client services, these three places have them all. Do not take our word for this, go and try them all!

Pubs – the breeze of freedom

Do you look for a good place to go out, that should also meet your expectations? Then you should take a glimpse at the following pubs; they worth your visit! For instance, if you are a beer fan then you might go and have fun at BrewDog Aberdeen; a local pub where people all over Scotland come due to the great variety of craft beers available here. The pub is situated on Gallowgate Street and it has been opened since 2010.

From cheap pubs to a more sophisticated range of traditional pubs, Aberdeen has them all. In order for you to feel the extraordinary atmosphere that perfectly characterizes Aberdeen then you should definitely go and have a drink at Prince of Wales. This pub is one of the oldest in town and therefore one of the most popular among people of all ages. The ideal location and the best selection of traditional British dishes recommend this place as one not to be missed in Aberdeen.

Moreover, if you want to experience a lively environment, a harmonious atmosphere and meet some new acquaintances then do not waste your time anymore and visit Ma Cameron’s. This pub is centrally located and therefore guarantees some unforgettable moments for you and for your friends!

Nightclubs – A life is not enough for you to party in Aberdeen!

Fun will never have an end in Aberdeen. If you want to get away from your daily monotony or if you just want a place to party then here are some suggestions you can take into consideration.

Nox Nightclub is one of the newest nightclubs in Aberdeen opened in 2012. Here you can relax and lay back while you listen to the latest dance hits. Some other options in what concerns the best nightclubs in Aberdeen are Priory, which offers free entry and affordable drinks, but also Espionage, a three level nightclub with unique lighting and fantastic prices.

All things taken into consideration, Aberdeen puts a great value both on money and also on fun and entertainment, therefore you can find some of Scotland’s best nightclubs, pubs and bars in Aberdeen - the perfect place for you to party!

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