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Edinburgh’s Restaurants

The Witchery by the Castle (Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NF / +44 131 225 5613

Just access and you will find several photos with a luxurious restaurant, where eating is always a pleasure. Situated right next to Edinburgh Castle, in Edinburgh Royal Mile, the Witchery by the Castle can be easily accessed by foot, by car or by any other means of conveyance. The reasons why people love dinning here are the wonderful ambient, along with staff's positive attitude.

• A beautiful location with good British food. I highly recommend it to everyone who looks for a nice place to eat - Daniel
• I really love this British restaurant; besides the British menu they also have a number of choices of drinks and delicious deserts. I was here with my boyfriend and we had the most romantic meal ever. Thank you for your services - Fiona
• A beautiful restaurant with fresh food. I always eat very good when I come here - Sam

The Tower (National Museum Of Scotland, Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF / +44 131 225 3003)

If you are a local inhabitant, you probably already know this restaurant. If you are a tourist in Edinburgh, it's time you find out what is 'The Tower'. Described by many as the finest restaurant in Edinburgh, the Tower stands out by its position, originality and diversified menu. Situated on the roof of a famous tower, this restaurant offers a great panoramic view over Edinburgh's main sights and attractions. The menu is rich and the special offers never miss.

• The best location in Edinburgh, with the most incredible views. All the food is great, always fresh and well-cooked! - Amanda
• I came here with my girlfriend, she ordered some British mixed meal and I couldn't resist it, I tried it too. The food was extraordinary and my girlfriend always wants to eat at this restaurant, she kind of terrorizing me with it haha - John
• One of the few restaurants where I enjoy eating. The services are professional and all the plates are tasty and also have an excellent aspect. Bravo to the stuff who act like professionals and to the owners of this place - George
Maison bleue (36-38 Victoria St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2JW / +44 131 226 1900)

Maison bleue comprises a large palette of cuisines, from the Scottish one to the French and British one. Many people choose this restaurant because it is peaceful, the music plays relaxingly and the ambient is perfect for breakfast, lunch or romantic dinners. You can find this restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh's historic old town, where you will be welcomed by a friendly staff, ready to delight your senses.

• The best chicken wings ever! Every time I eat here I am in heaven. I am an absolute gourmand and I love eating. Not anything, only well-prepared food - Totto
• One of the best restaurants in the area. The French food is my favorite food in the world, and this restaurant is the only place where I can really enjoy myself - Maria
• A nice place to eat - Anonymous

Le Cafe Saint Honore (34 Northwest Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 1EA / +44 131 226 2211)

If you love changes, if you easily get bored and you always seek for something new, in every domain, you should definitely come here. Le Cafe Saint Honore is one of the few restaurants in Edinburgh where the menu changes daily. Therefore, you will have the chance of trying each day a new flavor, even if you order the same plate every day. The staff is fully dedicated to make clients come back, by conquering their culinary tastes from the beginning.

• Nice place, nice decor and friendly stuff! The food is always great, the vegetables are always fresh and the steak is always well-cooked. Absolutely delicious - Samantha
• One of the best Scottish restaurants, probably the best! The French food is extraordinary and the stuff is more than pleasant - Sue
• I was really impressed with this place. The way they prepare the pizza is fantastic, is like they put something special in it - Dereck

Abbotsford (3-5 Rose St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 2PR / +44 131 225 5276)

Abbotsford is a great pub where people come for fun and relaxation. After entertaining themselves with nice music and lively ambient, visitors can go upstairs, at the Above Restaurant, where they can choose between the several plates from the diversified menu. If you like seafood or beef, you should come here and see how easily you can fall in love with the Scottish way of cooking. The Chefs are always ready to offer you a nice experience.

• I was here with my best friend two weeks ago and we were both impressed with the friendly girls working here. The food was good and cheap so I recommend it - Aby
• The green Victorian decor is fascinating, I like this place! - Moe

The Kitchin (78 Commercial St, Leith, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH6 6LX / +44 131 555 1755)

Is there anyone who have not heard about the Kitchin yet? This restaurant received several awards, such as 'best UK restaurant in 2011' and 'best restaurant in Scotland 2012' and it almost became a legend. Opened by Kitchin husbands in 2006, this restaurant has always managed to surprise and conquer all its clients, in such way to make them come back again with the same pleasure and enthusiasm.

• Hmm I can only say that this place is fabulous! The cheap plates and the fresh good food made my day! I love it - Ryan
• I had dinner with my wife and we enjoyed our time, like in the old times. This place has something magic for since I've been here my marriage improved a lot - Samuel
• The lobsters worth every penny! I had the best dinner with my two daughters. They were also pleased with what they ordered. At the end, I was surprised by the cheap bill - Jackie

The Grain Store Restaurant (30 Victoria St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2JW / +44 131 225 7635)

Are you hungry? Are you in Edinburgh? Then your answer is the Grain Store Restaurant. Focused on pleasing each client who steps into the restaurant, the Chefs prepare all the dishes 'a la main'. Beef, lamb, fish or chicken, everything you want to eat can be easily found here, under different aspects but with the same delicious taste. For more details, visit their official page

• A classic place with a classic nice decor. I felt young again. The food and the stuff were both ok - Annette
• The best restaurant with the best services. I highly recommend it - Peter
• Friendly stuff. They served me very fast and the boys were very respectful, unlike other waiters! - Claire

City Restaurant (35 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9BE / +44 131 667 2819)

Whether you want to have breakfast with the boss, lunch with the family or dinner with your wife, at City Restaurant all your wishes will be fulfilled right away. Once you step into the restaurant, you will be friendly welcomed by the staff, which will give their best to serve you correctly and provide you with a good restaurant experience. If you want to find out more information about the menu and the decor, visit

• Great place to eat! - Sam
• Nice restaurant with good food! - Pamela
• So I was here with my friends and I must confess I fell in love with this restaurant. The rich menu combines perfectly with the affordable prices and it simply made my day - Joanne

Amber Restaurant (35/4 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2NE / +44 131 477 8477)

One of the best things about this restaurant is the great position, right in the city center, but also the dozens of delicious plates meant to conquer all the clients, prepared with great care by professional Chefs. Amber restaurant is a traditional Scottish restaurant, offering a great range of fine drinks and plates made up of the best ingredients. The lightning, the atmosphere and the music contribute to Amber's beauty.

• Nice decor, friendly stuff, good food. Could I be rude and ask for more? - Britanny
• Nice food here - Anonymous
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