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About Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and one of the most populous cities in Europe, with many beautiful views and interesting tourist attractions. The city is a major economic, political and cultural centre and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also named ‘Athens of the North’, Edinburgh is a complex city where joy meets melancholy, silence meets agitation and romance meets passion. Everyone should visit this city at least once in life. A thing is for sure: once you come here for the first time, there will definitely be a second time. The reasons are quite simple. Although is not the biggest city in Scotland but its size allows the quick access to the most important tourist attractions. The population is estimated to 500,000 people, which means there are as many possibilities of meeting kind hospitable persons. Since Scottish people are famous around the world for their welcoming attitude, for the energy and positivism, each attempt to discover their culture could represent a unique experience. One of city’s main attractions is undoubtedly Edinburgh Castle. People who come to visit and don’t get to see the famous castle should definitely return. Due to its high, the castle is the only place in the city which offers a unique panoramic look on Edinburgh. People who love to have fun have a wide range of options: pubs, bars, clubs and lots of other entertainment places expect for their customers in order to make them have a little taste of the Scottish spirit. The city is the perfect combination between leisure and fun. Lazy people can visit interesting monuments, churches or art galleries while active people can choose to spend their days playing sports and the nights having fun in one of city’s numerous nightclubs. For many people Edinburgh is a dream came true. No other place in the world competes with this city of love and diversity.

Edinburgh never sleeps!

Make the most out of tonight and worry about it all tomorrow. Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old.’ (Common sayings)

Are you in Edinburgh and you do not know what to do during the evenings? The night life here is bustling! Many interesting places to visit, good music and the friendly locals will certainly entertain you and keep your spirits up. The nights here end very late in the morning and start with good drinks and hot babes! The great variety of fine pubs, clubs and bars will keep you connected with everything Edinburgh means.

Pubs –Live a life with no stress!

From traditional Scottish pubs to exotic pubs you can find them all gathered in the same place- Edinburgh! The nightlife in Edinburgh is without doubt intense and vivid. Moreover, the large numbers of students and the foreign investors make out of this place the perfect city for whatever occasion you might have. The unique décors, the multitude of live shows, the variety of food provided and the glowing atmosphere portrays the picturesque nightlife scene in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has the profile and the potential of an outstanding tourist destination. Some of the most striking reasons include iconic pubs, famous all over the world for its professional services and not only. One of the most obvious example would be The Black Cat situated on the Rose Street, which impresses through its overwhelming environment and the flavorsome coffee.

Moreover, The Blue Blazer and The Caley Sample Room are also in Top three pubs you need to visit if you happen to be in Edinburgh. Winners of several prizes and competitions, these two pubs complete a trustworthy list of welcoming and recommended pubs in Edinburgh.

Bars – Watch how the sun rises!

As it is Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh has all sorts of bars, so as to satisfy any type of tastes. A fact is certain though; here you will never get bored. Bars are everywhere; therefore, you just have to stop by somewhere and choose a place. Taking into account the fact that Edinburgh is one of the most visited places in Scotland, and also one of the UK’s largest international cities, most parties end here at the crack of dawn and there is no wonder why!

Some of the most entertaining bars in Edinburgh seem to be The Jazz Bar, which provides live jazz music in a basement environment; Jolly Judge situated in Edinburgh’s Old Town and The Royal Oak a traditional bar with a nice ambiance and an extraordinarily great location.

Nightclubs – Glimpses of earthly heaven

This cosmopolitan city guarantees you fun, a good vibe, relaxing drinks, beautiful girls and most of all a unique experience! When it comes to nightclubs, Edinburgh provides a great variety. Among the most entertaining nightclubs some are definitely worth to be mentioned. For instance, we talk about Cabaret Voltaire, which is a fun and cozy cave-space; The Third Door, a night venue with a large selection of drinks; and last but not least The City Nightclub, a stylish and very popular relaxing place in Edinburgh.

Due to the wide variety of services many tourists choose to come back time and time again. The city’s buzz drives everyone into a fantasy world where innovative ideas and up-to-date technology show glimpses of an earthly heaven blessed with unforgettable environments. Visit Edinburgh and you will have no regrets at all!

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